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Is Blogging really a Chore?

Is Blogging really a Chore?

Is Blogging worth the effort?

We get a lot of callers on our Business Development Talk Show who express frustration about setting up and growing successful Blog and feel Blogging is really a chore. There are many sites that offer the Answer to Blogging Problems,  How to Set up a Successful Blog,  Making a Gazillion Dollars Blogging and so on…

BUT, why do so many leave out the Important Information?

Blogging is time intensive and to generate the Traffic, Design and Proper use of Premium Plugins is essential. The serious blogger must have the Mindset that blogging is part of their regular Mundane routine.

However if you are blogging about a Passion, if you have unquestioned FAITH about your business the routine is NOT MUNDANE.

Sounds easy, but many new Internet Marketers are growing their Businesses Part-time and are juggling Family, Outside Work,  spending Time Learning the “Ropes”  and find it difficult to consistently maintain their Blog with quality Content.

Well….. Mark Hultgren (aka MKWeb) and his associates at Best Business Mindset have introduced a simple membership, providing a SEO rich, WordPress Networked Blog System, through the creative  energy found at Gain sales matters.

What are the advantages of a system like this?

They provide you with:

  • Preloaded with Banners and Advertising

  • Free Traffic from our Membership

  • ALL the Setup and Configuration

  • Automatic Posting of the Content

  • Unique Content for Your Blog (minimum One professionally written post a week with Unique Content to your Niche)

  • A Networking System to Help You Build Your Contacts

  • Cutting Edge Plugins to make managing the parts you DO decide you want to do even easier

Make the choice to put some FAITH in yourself that you CAN Build Your Own Business  with a little help from others.

Order Blog System Now

The cost of this system is VERY affordable and offers a real value.  This concept was well presented in Mandee Widrick’s Recent Blog Post

Another key factor in making your decision is knowing  YOU keep all revenue from the Blog,  Adsense, Paid advertising, direct sale of Products.

There are currently 13 domains each with their Network and more being added upon suggestions for exciting niches

OH, OH Here come the Warning!
The author of this Blog is a member of the Joint Venture and should you decide to take advantage of this outstanding product, we stand to make a few dollars after expenses of Hosting and amortized cost of the Premium Pplugins and the time spent in Customer Service

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6 Responses to “Is Blogging really a Chore?”

  1. Dave Riebe says:

    If you care about what you blog about then people will appreciate what you have to say.
    Blogging isn’t a chore, if once you become more comfortable with running your blog.
    Doing something new can be frustrating and takes patience and can seem like a chore
    at first. With time it becomes less of a chore.
    That is why I have found success with 2 Gain Sales Matters’ Networked Blog Association

  2. Greg Cryns says:

    Frankly, I don’t care too much if I get a lot of return visits by people who like my blog.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m like everyone else in that I like my ego stroked. But I am a business pragmatist.

    I could spend thousands of hours writing and honing my blog content. However, I tend to whip it up and post it. See, I know I will probably never make money AS a blogger.

    But I may improve my bottom line by posting my new posts on a couple of good social networks like Twitter and Facebook. I do know that I get a few visits that way for each post, but some successful bloggers get more visits on a single post that I get in a week or even a month.

    There is another reason I blog. Once in a while I make a post that grabs the attention of the search engines. Most of my blog visits come through Google. And a few posts get a large percentage of all visits derived there.

    So, I encourage you to make a lot of posts and put your heart into them (if not your soul). Every once in a while you will strike gold and that might make all the difference.

  3. Sam Camerano says:

    What I feel has happened to the blogging community, as in ADVERTISING, it has created a burden of doing things right or wasting your time writing.

    Seems that the first intention on blogging was to share with others what you enjoy and hopefully help them understand different ways they to could enjoy a common interest.

    Today it seems that, as in most things that start as with good intentions, the blogging community has been tarnished by over advertisements and ways to generate wealth. In doing so the greed factor has set in and now we have another great way to share tuned into a confusing way to waste time and not get the information over to people that are truthfully looking for good words of advice.

    “Yes those people are still out there” We need to reach into our heart and blog from our heart and not our pocketbooks . Stay on the top of your passion and work on being generous to your fellow bloggers . Share information to help them in their life even if it has no monetary gain for you .

    This is my opinion on what should be done and I can only Hope and pray that our community of bloggers will do the same . My hand is always and I do mean ALWAYS out to help my fellow members of the human race . We are all to be held accountable for what we share so PLEASE do you research before posting and share in the wealth of knowledge .

  4. DA Riley says:

    Many times blogging becomes a “chore” because it is not included in your business routine. It is an add on, gotta do because they say it’s important extra task I have to do thing…

    Change your mindset to it’s a fun, informative thing I do because it benefits my members and readers thing. Blog because you want to, not because you have to!

    You will find that writing and commenting on blogs becomes much easier, and your words create a “buzz” that instills a confidence and provokes an action in those that read them.


  5. drjon, Renegade Doc says:

    My problem is I am passionate about too many things!
    Health from the Renegade perspective (,

    Gardening/Outdoor meditation from the orgainc perspective (,

    Renegade Comments – life/philosophy/sexuality/whatever (

    all on the writing side
    and an “Audio Blog” ( which can combine all of them.

    That doesn’t leave much time for the truly mundane things in life like a JOB. So one of these days the blogging/teaching passion will spill over and replace the JOB. Passion does that, I believe.

    Thanks to Chuck and Mark (above) for all their help and Mastermind encouragement and direction!

  6. I’ve tried it both ways first blogging about something in which I had NO passion and now something that I am passionate about. You are totally correct. If you’re not passionate about your subject blogging is gruesome. If you ARE passionate about it it’s easy and fun.

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