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Is Content really King?

Is Content really King?

Do you believe Content is really the King Pin of Marketing endeavors today?

Or have other methods usurped the once empowered Content King?

Blogging has been the vehicle to which content has been published over the 20 years and using Keywords and some “Black Hat Methods”  may found success with Search Engine effectiveness. I remember spending hours being sure the appropriate  words were chosen to satisfy the SEO robots and direct all that needed traffic. Well it did not take to long for me to realize:

  • I was NOT enjoying the creative process.

  • Much of the traffic was “useless”.

  • I did NOT meet as many new people, with similar interests to share my best products services

I agree producing fresh information on a regular basis is still important, but indications point to the importance on CONTEXT directed to your market, since there is such an overload of CONTENT bombarding the market place daily. Check out this Infographic by Domo.Com. It is a couple years old…. The results are definition larger today

Context is all about understanding the unique interests and needs of each consumer at any given time. Context is especially critical in the discipline of content marketing – to cut through the content chaos and develop meaningful relationships with consumers, brands need to not only make and own original content that is relevant to the consumer and truly worthy of their time but also deliver it precisely at the right point so that the consumer will become curious enough to read it.

 Context is king, actually.

I believe Context is all about understanding the unique interests and needs of each consumer at any given time. Contextual Content MarketingKnowing the motivation of your market base and staying in tuned with that motivation is the key to success in bringing that eager customer to your door and seal the relationship with the Sale of a Product or Service that have to have.

And we are all privileged to have the powerful tools of Social Media to gather the information needed for us to provide an abundance of CONTEXTUAL Content.

Are you:

  • Frequently using Polls and Surveys on your Social Media Posts?
  • Asking for the Reader’s input in almost every Post?
  • Are you  inviting them to share their input, photos, and relevant information.

Image courtesy of Daniel Eizens

So is Content King?

Or is the focus on the Context We should be learning from consumer interactions as they browse through content, which would reveal  current and evolving interests, inclinations and needs — sometimes before the individual knows themselves!

What are your thoughts?

Have you been providing engaging Content to learn the pulse of your market, Right Arrow Downare you adding lots of images Video and audio along witharrow-down-left-blue Polls Surveys and questions calling for Action?

Share your comments below 

10 Responses to “Is Content really King?”

  1. Chuck Bartok

    Sorry I miised your comment, Yasin.
    We are on the same wave length regarding Content and context.
    Thank you for your input

  2. Yasin Rishad

    Hello Chuck,

    So glad to see your clarification of content and context. From my eyes content is king and context is queen. Because content is at the heart of today’s marketing strategies as businesses use websites.

    Thank you for brilliant content.

    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad
    Yasin Rishad recently posted..17 Best Google Adsense Ready WordPress ThemesMy Profile

  3. Chuck Bartok

    Thanks for your comment and glad the article was helpful

  4. Khalilwiggs says:

    Great informations on ….(seed keyword). I needed to get something for my dad/wife/son,…, I guess I found it!
    Khalilwiggs recently posted..Visitors noticeMy Profile

  5. Chuck Bartok

    Thanks for your comment, Catrina. I need to update this site. Have much to share

  6. Hi,
    Content is king do agree with it because content gives quality to your article.It is good to see your post and follow it .It is highly appreciable to learn a lot from it.It is appreciable and learning post .

  7. Chuck Bartok

    Wonderful response Peter,
    There are several articles reggarding the building your TRIBE and that followss your statement

    It comes down to providing an experience to a community of people that is so enlightening, entertaining, educational, inspirational or valuable in some other way that a cult like devotion is formed.
    That is king, establishing a cult or getting people to join a crusade.

    Seth Godin has a classic TED speech:
    He argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes.

    What are your thoughts about creating a Business Building Tribe?

  8. Peter Wright

    Here’s my contrarian view.

    Content, context, distribution, market niche or segment, blog design, and other stuff are all important but not king.

    There are some highly successful blogs with huge numbers of loyal subscribers that fail the test of “good” on one or more of those.

    There are other beautifully designed, vigorously promoted blogs with well written valuable articles that struggle to attract regular visitors let alone subscribers.

    It comes down to providing an experience to a community of people that is so enlightening, entertaining, educational, inspirational or valuable in some other way that a cult like devotion is formed.

    That is king, establishing a cult or getting people to join a crusade.

    Defining that experience and building the right community for our own unique messages is where it gets difficult.

    And where I believe, it becomes more art than science.

    I am still trying to get it right.
    Peter Wright recently posted..Independent thinking and creativity.My Profile

  9. Chuck

    Fantastic comment…
    I agree Diane that “Content” need to be there before the “Context”.
    But regarding distribution we have been focusing for years on Inbound Results. The phones ring and e-mails accumulate from people who are seeking answers to their problems, and they seem to reaching us through the information that was carefully crafted to their Niche.
    We gain that knowledge by focusing and targeting information to selected markets.
    The secret is gathering that market over the past 4-5 decades AND being responsive to circumstances that change.
    Customers we did business with, 20-30 years ago, have different needs, wants and motivations today and they are seeking that information through channels NOT existent in those days.
    I still maintain that the Internet has provided all savvy business person the easiest way to succeed in developing that Solid Profitable Base.
    Of course, we have stayed in a narrow niche for years and are NOT trying to conquer the world, just own a substantial Market Share of our expertise

  10. Diane (Blogneta)

    Some interesting thoughts Chuck and good points made about context and how to find out what your readers are wanting through the different ideas of polls, calls to action to get people to share their thoughts etc.
    I do have to disagree that Context is king,for the simple reason that without the content there is not context, so this is how I view the situation…
    Content is King
    Context is Queen what would you call distribution? Distribution sent to the wrong people will not resonate very well at all.
    I guess what I am trying to say is that you need all three to have your messages do what you want them to do.. educate, get insights so that you can achieve the goal and sell.
    Diane (Blogneta) recently posted..Affiliate Marketing – Is It Right For You?My Profile

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