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4 Ways to be asked to leave a Mastermind

4 Ways to be asked to leave a Mastermind

For those of you who have no clue,  a majority of the You Can Build It Crew have all come together through the Focus Society Mastermind.  We are all of like mind, have similar (but not the same ) goals, have read and enjoyed many of same books, and all help each other and learn from each other.

This post was prompted by observations within our community and others of similar make-up and direction.  Some of us have been using the Mastermind Concept, explained clearly in Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill over 70 years ago. (for a FREE audio and text version Click Here)

So What’s the Point?

It’s become very evident to me that a vast majority of people whom I have had the privilege of interacting with really don’t GET the point of what a mastermind alliance is for, why they need one, or what to do with it when they find one.  First, when we are talking about a “Mastermind” typically the person is not talking about everyone just listening to what some guru of some field has to say.  A mastermind is supposed to be a GROUP, and not a group of groupies!   So why am I going to focus on ways to get you kicked out?  Well, my hope is that you never do the four things I’m about to tell you.

1.) Focus intently on just your needs

I don’t know about you, but I have got to admit that I really have an issue with people who use the word “I” too many times in a conversation.  (Previous statement written purposely to prove the point.)   When you find that you are the center of your universe it’s time to stop and reflect on what’s truly important in life, what are you doing, and start to ask the big questions.  If you are only living to please yourself or to serve self – I’m deeply sorry for your empty shallow existence. Zig Zigler sums it up, “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” It start by helping others get what they want!

2.) Expect the Mastermind to do it for you

Your mastermind is there to tell you how they did it, what worked or didn’t work for them, but by no means is it an outsourcing service.  Please don’t expect, or demand someone to do anything for you.  You may feel that because of the invest that is required in some Mastermind Alliances that you should receive some level of service – unless that is the case, and you also signed up for additional “Done For You” Service – expect nothing but a person to listen and help direct you.

3.) Demand everyone in the Mastermind to give you everything

This may as well be an extension of number two – but if you signed up for just all of the bonus and freebies.  Please do us all a favor, download everything and move on with your life.  I know that may sound really harsh – but the faster you can download all of the carefully planned out resources (that you know that you’ll never use) the faster we can move on to the people who will actually work the systems that we talk about.

Do you think that we just sat around on our time off to dream up more stuff that we can give you?  Because I have something (that I paid for) and you need it – does that mean that you shouldn’t pay for it too?  Please, stop for a moment and really think about that.

4.) Constantly Beg for FREE WORK

Your mastermind is not a source for FREE LABOR!!! This is by far my biggest and most upsetting point.  I’m a Father of Four of the most adorable and wonderful kids in this world.  I cherish my time, I guard it very diligently (I’m getting better about it at least) so every moment of my time is monetized.  If you want a partition of said time – it will cost you.  I have a rate card, if you’d like a copy please email me – as I’d be happy to send it to you.  Here’s the thing – I DON’T WORK FOR FREE.  Ever!  With that said – if you are a part of the Mastermind that I’m a part of,  I’m radically and extremely committed to see you succeed!  While I don’t work for free – I am here to help you choose what path is best for you and your business.  If it means that I spend a few moments passing emails with you – so be it, but don’t expect for me to work for FREE!

I’ll also add here that I don’t do deals with differed payment – unless I have a signed contract, and I don’t do speculation work.  Why am I preaching so very hard about this point?  It’s not because I’ve been burned (I have), it’s because I have a high regard for the one resource that God gave me that I cannot see a refund on – MY TIME!  Time that I’ve spent on free projects have stolen time away from my wife and kids, and I don’t like the way that I feel when that happens.

I know that these cannot be the only things that may or not get you booted from a mastermind group – I don’t want for this to just be a grip session.  (Please call no one out in the comments)

What can we do here – so that you get more out of everyone’s time?

Enjoy the Simple Scroll from
Think and Grow Rich

16 Responses to “4 Ways to be asked to leave a Mastermind”

  1. Chuck says:

    I agree Mark,
    Social Media fits well in small local businesses who have a desire to SERVE.
    Our clients have all benefited in increase sales and profit over the past three years,
    And we do not see anything to slow it down.

  2. Business Blogs says:

    Most small businesses these days need to keep educating themselves about the latest trends etc… though I don’t agree that social media is for every business.

  3. Chuck says:

    Jefferson, Thanks for the comment.
    Virtual Mastermind Groups are a tougher Row to Hoe.
    I prefer face-to-face and have been involved with some for years.
    On the internet, we have had success with “Talk Show” format

    Check out any or all of the 270+ Episodes of
    Focus Society of Overachievers

  4. Jefferson says:

    This was a good article. Several times in the past I have put together MasterMind Groups (usually in a Virtual environment), only to find that members either quickly fall out because they dont want to be help accountable or quickly become selfish and look at the project as a WIIFM without giving much back.

    Even though I am not a fan of Twitter, I plan to tweet this article so more people can see it.

  5. Matt says:

    Sorry Brad:

    I was off topic a bit…

    Yes in a Mastermind(I consider my Marriage to be the Supreme Mastermind I have in this life BTW:-)Both parties must be willing to GIVE of themselves

    Relationships that are Healthy are 2-way IMHO….I have terminated a relationship or two where I Found I was the only GIVER(That is after a time)

    In BUSINESS I agree I would NEVER EVER expect someone To GIVE me their services for FREE…I have always PAID my way

    Having said that I have given of my Professional Services For Free to Others BY MY CHOICE…I maybe over the years was asked 1or 2 x to do something for FREE,,,once by a Relative and another time by a charitable orginization

    I am sorry if you have had people try & take advantage of you in this,,,I must laugh as in my Family I am considered a “Jew at heart” when it comes to business Dealings Because I strive & Dicker for the BEST Deal I can get:-)…which to me is part of the pleasure & enjoyment of being in business,,,,I hope it would not offend you if in a certain dealing you offered a ‘Certain fee’ & I attempted to ‘dicker’ with you…I have gotten many a fine ‘Deal’ on major purchases like cars/trucks due to my persisitence & immportunity.

    Another Venue would be BARTERING ,,,that is I traded my skill for their skill

    Thanks for you Views


  6. MKWeb says:

    WOW Miss one day and look what happens! I wholeheartedly agree with Brad on this.

    First the post was about GIVING to become an integral member of a mastermind, but the giving is of oneself. Experience, knowledge and tips. Not giving your business away (like I had been doing lately).

    My TIME is valuable and there are plenty of people that ARE willing to pay me $65 per hour to provide my services. EVERYONE’s time is valuable. It takes TIME to create products, websites and relationships.

    If you feel you HAVE to BUY that relationship by giving away the farm, you will soon find out that the only people on your list are those that EXPECT everything for NOTHING!

    A business mindset realizes that you must PAY for services. Whether it is through bartered service swaps or cash, there is STILL a Quid Pro Quo. You receive something of value for something of value that you provide.

    I also agree that many of the ‘Big’ names are going about marketing of ALL kinds wrong and there is a reason for doing it, they can force the beginner out quick if they keep giving away something that everyone else is trying to sell.

    It is a long term plan of quite a few ‘Big’ names. Flood the market so the small guy cannot make it and they will eventually give in and quit. Once they do, the market is ripe for picking once again and product prices will go back up and (usually) product quality will go back down [ there will be more and more ads inside the products and less real information.

  7. Chuck says:

    I concur Brad..
    My off-line clients Expect to PAY for quality services rendered.
    They of course are operating with the Mindset of a Business person

    In fact they would think less of the Service if it was not Fairly priced.
    And the interesting note is business usually grows when Price is adjusted upward.

    Your comments are well taken, Matt.

    But Brad’s article had nothing to do with Lists and Follow ups.

    He was focusing on the expectations on NON-business minded persons who assume that information
    should be freely shared. If that is true, Doctors Teachers, etc. should not Charge for their services.

    I agree that the E-mail marketing system is mismanaged
    by many (even some Big Names). There are proved E-mail marketing strategies that
    do yield an acceptable ROI. A recent campaign of mine has generated a 28% conversion rate,
    over a 60 day period, of relationship building E-mails

  8. BradParler says:

    Matt, we are not talking about list building here bro – we are talking about the respect of others time and efforts. I’m constantly asked to be a part of someone’s free product – and I don’t mind provided that they pay for my time. I understand that there needs to be a balance – life is all about balance, but there’s also a mater of respect.

    There’s a growing trend of free content that I’m not too happy about, but may be forced to comply to compete. This does not mean that I’m going to just give everything – nor do I believe that everyone should expect for me to either.

    The subject of the post was about building a powerful mastermind, if it’s only about you, if you want people to do it for you, and if you’re only there to get – and not give, then it’s time for you to go.
    // Chuck – sorry if I’m a bit too forward about this, please feel free to reprimand me here for my convictions //

  9. Matt says:


    I DO Understand what you are saying….HOWEVER I believe there is a Balance to this Process.

    Certainly, no one would expect You or anyone else to Give & Give & Give without some monetary return..I RESPECT That…
    But on the other hand I am finding (at least for starters) the way to BUILD my List & Following is To GIVE AWAY a very good PRODUCT & other information as well…I can not see Just DEMANDING everyone Pay me for all my material…
    even as I become a more EXPERIENCED Marketer, I would not Expect this.

    I for one, am so tired of joining LISTS, getting some ‘cheezy’ report, product, etc & then being ‘BANGED’ with every offer by them under the sun(Sometimes MULTIPLE Times a week!!)…
    To me that shows they do not Truly RESPECT Me or CARE about me …They are after ONLY my $$$

    Matt Geib The Great

  10. Tonya Heathco says:

    Thank you Brad and Chuck.

    As I regain the strength to continue the journey of achievement your friendship and support is appreciated.

    Although I have little desire for my own business at this time, I will be here to offer encouragement,support, and advice to others. As I grow stronger maybe the desire to own my own business will return.

    Thank you all for your patience.

  11. Chuck says:

    Tonya, Good to hear from You!
    Yes input is always welcomed in a serious Mastermind Alliance.

    We all should remember to enter any relationship with
    our Palms DOWN, willing to GIVE

    Unfortunately so many Today have been
    trained to live life with Palms UP

  12. BradParler says:

    Hey Tonya – this wasn’t a post to call anyone out, or ask anyone to leave. We have to remember that a mastermind is a tool that it’s member have to utilize – so if you need help you have to call out. We’re glad to have you here – and I hope all the best for you in the midst of the storm.

  13. Tonya Heathco says:

    Thank you for the wake up call.

    For many months I have been away from the group during a very dark time in my life. Although I am not in any business at this time I do want to be supportive of the mastermind and those in it. Will I be welcomed as a part of this mastermind to support the group and offer my advice/help when needed?

  14. BradParler says:

    Totally agree with a Sean! The issue with bartering is that all time is not created equal, and people have a hard time understanding that.

    In starting up that dream, please remember that you get what you pay for – if you want a cheap result, find cheap labor!

  15. SeanMcNeely says:

    This is a great post, the mastermind group is a place to obtain and share information. To get honest input that you can trust from people that have like minds. The thing is you must do the work yourself or know that if you want to hire a person from the mastermind group that you are getting quality work and from someone you can trust, and in some cases you can barter your services also. The mastermind group is also a good place to find motivation, and to have a group of people that you can be held accountable to if that is what you need.

  16. BradParler says:

    Yes Mark – I fully understand where you are coming from. As a business owner we have to draw a fine line as to helping people (our clients or other non-competing businesses), but we have to be very cautious that we are not enabling others to just habitually taking from us.

    Just like with kids our clients will operate on learned behavior, so if start by giving the world, you best be ready to continue to!


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