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Is “Duplication” easy for New Business Builders

Is “Duplication” easy for New Business Builders

Can newcomers to the Internet and MLM marketing field really grow a successful Business through the much ballyhooed word DUPLICATION?
The question of easy Internet Marketing Systems Duplication was posed on our Wednesday evening Talk Show by Jeff Beeman, July 14,2010. Listen to complete discussion below.
Network Growth GraphThe chart to the left is a “standard Flow” one is directed to expect to follow in growing their Networking Business. I believe the chart leaves out a couple of CRITICAL ELEMENTS

Affiliating with a Company is an easy Step, but there needs to be a written Plan of Action regarding the ultimate Goal, and not just “make” lots of Money”.  Then do the research to investigate opportunities that SUIT your personality and lifestyle demands.

And before you INVITE people analyze at what level do you possess the Authority and Credibility to have your Idea accept readily.

Because of the economic turmoil today, many are clamoring and running helter-skelter to replace or supplement lost Income and it seems there is a unlimited market for Opportunity.  THERE IS!

But in order for you to show HOW to Duplicate a proved system, it must be presented to a person who also possess the like mind and think with a Business Mindset.

So how do we put ourselves in front of the right prospects with a position of Authority and credibility?

Before You jump in into the foray, in your Written Plan of Action spend time, energy and capital to introduce yourself into the desired demographic. Many VERY successful marketers have spent a year or more building that Brand, that Presence.

Systems are easy to duplicate with the Right Team, so prepare yourself to meet that Team, before you dive into the Pool

Take some of your Time and Listen to the Talk Show Below


5 Responses to “Is “Duplication” easy for New Business Builders”

  1. Shalin says:

    Lot of people doesn’t know what MLM people and how it can assist you. How pyramid marketing can be effective or affiliate marketing can grow you. mainly because they focus too much on sales

  2. Tonya Heathco says:

    When you spoke of follow up I realized why my latest business (Effortless Web Cashflow Formula/spotted blue donkey) never moved forward. I’m not in control of the business in order to have the names/resources to follow up. I was sold the business and the primary takes care of all details, I just promote without follow up to prospects. Following up is one favorite aspect and it’s why my favorite business is mortgage note liquidation.

  3. Jeff Beeman says:

    Is Duplication easy for New Business builders?

    I think it is but we must first get past all the extra “stuff” and get down to the basics of the business. You are here to sell a product or service and make a profit from that. Period! If your not then you are in a social club and you’re paying to be a club member and not a true business owner!

    The plan –
    1) Have a valid product or service to sell
    2) Advertise and Promote (Prospect)
    3) Present the info to those interested
    4) Ask for the business
    5) Follow up

    Way to many are getting a confused messages with all the Internet tools for SEO techniques, Email Campaigns and traffic exchanges.

    Find a simple system, follow it and add in all the “tools” at the right time and for the right reasons.

    IE: When you are prospecting what is your goal??? can help YOU answer that question for your business!

    Thank You Chuck for adding this article! Great info as always!!

    Jeff Beeman

  4. Chuck says:

    Thank you very much for your Comment.
    Just wish all recruiters would be as candid as your friend.
    We know successes in MLM are the result of
    following a Master Plan and applying massive Energy.
    It also helps to constantly improve your Credibility through “non-solicitation” sharing of valuable information,.
    Especially true for those using the Internet

  5. Hi Chuck!

    This is a good article with good information. If I may add a little something, it is some advice that was given to me by a person who was (and still is) a network marketing professional. This person made big money with a few companies many moons ago and today he is the owner of his own MLM company that I heard through the “grapevine” has sales in the $30 million area.

    What he told me so many moons ago and is still true today is this: the goal of any network marketer who wants to make a living in the business is to present the “opportunity” to 1,000 people as quickly as possible. You’re basically putting people through a funnel. Of those 1,000 people to whom you present your “opportunity,” well over half will decline. Let’s say 60% or 600 people. The remaining 400 will become customers of the product. Of that 400, about a quarter will seriously attempt to build a “business.” That’s about 100. 10% — ten people — will succeed to one degree or another, with one of those people being “the one,” the super-star for whom you were looking who will be your “million dollar man.”

    My friend said that this is a three year plan: For three years a person who is serious about “making it” in this business will make a presentation to three different people every day. Three people a day for three years is 1,000 presentations. If a person does that, they will become a success in MLM.

    I hope this helps. All the BEST!

    Have fun … Tony.


  1. Steve - Is duplication easy for a MLM biz @cbartok

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