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What Social Media IS

What Social Media IS

A number of months ago in a minor fit of justified rage, I published a rant about what social media is not.  It’s finally time to publish the follow up and give you some incite as to why the rage.

So, I guess I should just level with you and help you understand why I can’t stand seeing people butcher their brand by the misuse of Social Media.  By yelling, being irrelevant, and spamming everyone on your list you will ultimately experience the vacuum of social media. If you know this, you can avoid the doom and destruction of your actions.   This can all be achieved by knowing what Social Media means that what is to you as a marketer, business owner, or blogger.

So in a nutshell (not a definitive list) here are things that Social media can be for YOU.

#1 Social media is the best way to

measure the pulse of a niche.

Listening is the greatest part of social media.  It’s ability to be indexed and searched allows you to fully catalog and comment and become a part the landscape….
BUT…  Here’s the one and only caveat, in the process of joining the Social Media Listeningconversation you cannot operate with the intent to close someone!  You have to earn the privilege of closing to try to do such too soon would be like a 13 year old teen aged boy who can’t keep it in his pants.   The point of searching the social web is to LISTEN!!! As you listen, and respond properly you earn the right to close when the time comes, but until then keep it in your pants (so to speak).

We want to thank Becky Carroll for the Photo above. Visit her post on Listening

#2 Social media is your best way

to find leaders.

You have to realized that you are not the only person in the world.  Identifying thought leaders in the niche that you are working following and engaging in meaningful and fruitful conversation is you path to finding ways to find people who will spread your messages further than you yourself ever could.  But this is only achieved after there’s a certain level of trust and having something worth spreading.

#3 Social media is your friend,

and your worst enemy…

I’m sorry to be so melodramatic, but social media can both love and destroy you.  You can release your inner soul and have absolutely no one respond, not that posting on social media for the express purpose of getting a rise out of strangers is fruitful, but to know that people listen.  I still marvel at the fact that people listen to what I have to say, the over 5,000 twitter followers, the more than 1,000 RSS subscribers to my blog, the couple of hundred of friends on Facebook.  I don’t make light of the reach that I’ve been allowed, but at the end of the day their input into my life is minuscule, and that’s the catch.

There was a recent interview on TV that I saw, I don’t recall who it was, but I’ll dig it up and give him a proper quote in the comments (as soon as I find it).  It was a such a profound statement about Social Networking being truly Social.  The speaker said, and I quote loosely “Social Media has as much to being Social, as Reality Television has to Reality”.  The fact that I can interact with people I hold as my hero’s in business doesn’t make them any greater than the gift that God has placed on the inside of me!

Social Media is a wonderful tool, but it’s just that a TOOL.  Use it as you can, but don’t allow it to use you.

5 Responses to “What Social Media IS”

  1. Chuck says:

    Love the word Internet Sharketers. With your permission Arthur I would like to use it in our Talk Show on Business Development. We met every Wednesday at 9:30 PM Eastern.
    1-724-444-7444 #13372
    Beginners Marketing Class Talk Show

    You can rant all you want but while there are self proclaimed gurus out there desperate to exploit everything, social media will continue to be what it became several years ago – a target!
    For the few people advocating responsible use of social media, there are thousands of internet sharketers trying to tell hundreds of thousands of their list members how to abuse the system (and to pay for the information!).

  3. Tony Logue says:

    Excellent info.

    Don’t want to wear it out, but you know the one mouth and two ears thing.

    To truly hear, you have to truly listen, not only to what is being said, but the intent.

    It’s especially easy to misread what is being said in a primarily written means of conversing. None of the other senses come into play, making it more difficult to truly connect and hear.

    Thanks for opening the convo on this.

  4. Chuck says:

    So well put!
    Thank you Mignon. Appreciate a person of your wisdom visiting our site.
    And I love your Choice of Music.

  5. Mignon Fahr says:

    “The point of searching the social web is to LISTEN!!! As you listen, and respond properly you earn the right to close when the time comes, but until then keep it in your pants (so to speak).”
    I do understand. Thank you for furthering the concepts.
    Blessings and keep happy till the “Heavens stop the rain.”(Morrison & the Doors)

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