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What is Value of Internet Products?

What is Value of Internet Products?

Had an interesting conversation

today about Value of Internet


I was discussing a Value Priced
Client-Affiliate-Content Management System,
which of course is not a product for everyone in the first place.

Those possessing the Mindset of a Business person and understand Product Value will grasp the following easily.

Product valueSurfing and searching for products and tool on the internet is frustrating when sees the gamut of prices for what SEEMS to be similar products. unfortunately most focus on PRICE, not cost. A business person rarely focuses on the immediate charge for a TOOL or SYSTEM, rather asks the question, “What can I earn from the product, tool or event?

And..”how soon can expect those earnings?”

Those two question really establish VALUE.

Prices and value many times do not go hand in hand. Buying low cost products, made with cheap material and offering little, if any, Customer Service and Support can prove to be very Expensive.

Getting back to our conversation I was discussing a complete, powerful Client-affiliate-content management system, currently being offered for $87.00 per month subscription. he searched and found the “same product for $47.00 a month and asked the obvious question…WHY?

Well the “lower” priced product comes with Just the Software, nothing set up and a cumbersome, if not impossible to contact  Support system. An experienced script manager could probably be up and running within a matter of several 8-10 hours days, formatting each module.

If you would like to hire their support staff, the set up cost on products could range form $500-$1,500 per

And if questions arose, one would need to send a “support Ticket” and await a response.

The “higher priced product”, comes set up, modules in place, extensive training videos, weekly Teleseminars and Webinars on the HOW TO and more important, Published Phone number of REAL people, available 6 days a week during  Daylight hours.

The question is, What is the value of YOUR TIME in relation to having the ease of applying ACTION quickly and paying $480 per year more and have your Internet Business functioning faster?

What is the Value of Interent products, or any product, tool, system or service  offered anywhere?

Do the research, ask questions of the providers, if you can’t call them that lessens the Value immediately. Find out what is really delivered.

As Wallace Wattles said 100 years ago in the Science of Getting Rich, “Always deliver more Real Value, than received in Cash Value”.

Following that premise, remember to ask the question How much can I benefit, not what does it it Cost.

4 Responses to “What is Value of Internet Products?”

  1. bill beckett says:

    What exactly are internet products? Are you talking about internet network blog services.

    Good point about value for what is paid.

  2. Chuck says:

    Thanks Jeremy…We need to get together real soon

  3. Jeremy Slatton says:

    Great article Chuck!

  4. Jeff Beeman says:

    Great Article CHuck,

    Hope you don’t mind as I cross promoted and used it as part of my weekly Newsletter! I think your on that list so you’ll get it later today! ;o)

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