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Making Money from a Blog

Making Money from a Blog

Is your Blog making money?

Are you enjoying Making Money from

Your Company’s Blogging efforts

Studies are proving that consistent and well planned  Blogging efforts are making money for individuals and companies, globally.

Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner surveyed 3300 marketers with the goal of understanding how marketers are using social media to grow and promote their businesses. Much of the findings indicate that well designed Social Media Marketing, including relevant Blogs, have increases the money pipeline for many small and large companies.


A copy of the 2014 report can be found
Down Load Here
You Can Build It.

We have emphasized in previous posts that well designed and maintained Blog can be making money and offer a true sense of reward for the blogger. I personally feel the Blog is the HUB of all Internet marketing success.

The words Inbound Marketing have become part of any savvy marketers vocabulary and the results of Inbound Marketing have been close to spectacular for many. San Francisco based HubSpot Inc. has been providing relevant data to prove the effectiveness of Blog in generating Income.

The Charts below indicates that Blogs (and other forms of Social Media) have proved successful in gaining new customers and sales

Blogging Income

Another study shows how important Blogs become in helping a companies acquire new Customers


Of course in order to have your blog be a “Money Magnet” and a Lead Generator there must be traffic, and traffic usually arrives through three sources: Direct referral (e-mail marketing), Search Engines, and Referring sites (pingbacks and backlinks)

I have found my Search Traffic increase after implementing a simple Plugin for WordPress Self  Hosting systems. It guides each post and page through a process of modifying format and text to be Search Engine Optimized.

Following the guidelines have allowed many of blog posts to enjoy 80% + optimization, yielding good traffic and ultimately, conversion to cash (closing the Sale)

SEOPressor is offered in two versions:

  • SEOPressor for single site, One Domain, and lifetime updates for $47.00 one time fee.
  • BRAND NEW  SEOPressor Professional Pro Plan $5.00 monthly
  • SEOPressor UNLIMITED for multi site license, unlimited Domains, priority support and  Free Installation service (although the system is easy to install)

Seems like there are thousands of “get the job done and make a million” software products on the new. My personal opinion is, if you seriously want to Blog to Generate Money, learn to Optimize and this plugin is a valuable tool. I would seriously consider the SEOPressor Unlimited . You know you will have more than one site and Domain.


Order Today


I must, again, disclose that should you wisely decide to buy this useful and affordable Plugin, I will be compensated by the creator. Yes, this is a Money making Blog. Amazing that some inexperienced Bureaucrats felt it necessary for me to disclose I will earn a small commission if you decide positive on this Advertisement. I am successfully using the product and feel compelled to share

18 Responses to “Making Money from a Blog”

  1. ajay singh says:

    This is very Nice and valuable article for all people I think everyone should read this..And thanks for sharing these blog please keep it up..

  2. Chuck Bartok says:

    Some mighty fine suggestions, Douglas. Thanks

  3. Nice post Chuck…

    These days many people are indulge in making money from blogs, so its increasing in trend. Well I am also I the same field.

    I want to share some of the tips which helps in earning money through blogs.

    1. Make money in your blog through affiliate marketing.

    2. Earn money with Google AdSense.

    3. Write eBooks and sell them on your blog.

    4. Sell your crafts and other products.

    5. Paid reviews. Another important thing that you can do to make money by blogging is to write paid or sponsored reviews.

    6. Blog designing. If you are adept in designing blogs, you can also sell your designs in your blog.

    Thanks for the share Chuck….this blog is really useful for the beginners.

  4. shaheryarsam says:

    aha admin you are great and your article is very helpfull

  5. Great suggestions! I really appreciate you taking the time to help out the people who just don’t know where to start! Cheers!

  6. Chuck Bartok says:

    I am not the most savvy as to plugin efficiencies…
    But have no problem with SEOpresser

  7. JP says:

    Chuck, is seopresser still a relevant plugin in your arsenal? I’ve just looked at the version 5 for inclusion in my sites in addition to the yoast plugins we already run for ourselves and clients.

  8. M Shehroz says:

    Great information man.
    Great post!” You are performing a good job.thanks for the nice sharing. Thank you…

  9. Chuck says:

    Found this on Yaro’s Blog, by Mitch Wilson’s article on Why Blogs Fail,…. develop content and market well and you will be successful over time.
    That is probably the Most Important aspect of blogging EVER

  10. Chuck says:

    Thanks Charles,
    Appreciate your visit. Send your GBG friends to get their FREE Audio Think and Grow Rich

  11. CJ says:

    You have a great site here Chuck

  12. Debi Jones says:

    Very informative post, Chuck and I really appreciate the charts you included! WHY would any business not want to utilize a blog in their marketing efforts? Blogs are so much easier to work with and update than a website and there are so many plugins for blogs, like the SEO Pressor you mentioned, that help you get noticed.

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Chuck says:

    Thanks for your Comment.
    Most of my corporate clients who have started Blogs have been
    handsomely rewarded in Increased Sales, a more loyal client/customers base, and the opportunity to engage more.
    Using the SEOPressor plugin has been a Traffic And Authority increasing tool for all of them

  14. Adrienne says:

    I agree, interesting post Chuck..

    Since I’ve been out of the corporate loop for awhile now, I’m not sure where most companies stand with creating a blog. But knowing what I know about the online industry, it’s definitely in their best interests. This service seems like a no brainer for any company who wants to get on the map.

    SEO Processor sounds very interesting and may have to look into that. There are so many really great tools that can benefit us in our business. This sounds like another great one. Thanks for sharing.


  15. Chuck says:

    Thanks Darren,
    I visited your Blog, have some suggestion for increased ranking.
    Give a call 530-798-0245 Days Pacific. If I do not answer I return all calls within the hour

  16. Great post. Interesting to see the stats of the various media in the chart. Thanks so much for sharing. You can find my blog at I welcome your comments.

  17. Chuck says:

    Thanks Mark,
    Blogging should be the HUB of any Marketer looking for financial success On-line.
    The Networked Blog System you have created is an alternative for those wishing a faster track to Authority and Traffic

  18. MKWeb says:

    It still surprises me that more businesses have not created a blog yet. Many will say “Yes we have a website” and when you take a look at it, all you see is some outdated information and maybe a flashy animation. If you take a look at the stats for the site, you may find the page has been online for four or five years, but the Page Rank is still down around 1 or 2 and the Alexa ratings are either in the millions still or not even ranked.
    This is one point that you can use to show the potential client where a blog can increase traffic to the store by connecting to the various Social Networks using some free (and premium) plugins.
    It really surprises them when you let them know that they can actually build their blog as easy as sending an email!


  1. ben - Making Money from a Blog-YOU can Build It, Your own Web Based Business

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