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I Believe, therefore I AM, Book review

I Believe, therefore I AM, Book review

Claire McGee I believe therefore I Am

Claire McGee, M.Msc

has just released

a powerful book,

I Believe, Therefore I Am,

through Kallisti Publishing.

There have been many books published promoting the premise of Self Belief and programming your mind for success, but I found Claire’s book, Claire McGee’s I BELIEVE THEREFORE I AM
to be a more personal and easy to follow. In her late twenties, Claire  was diagnosed with with a rare genetic disorder that left her practically an invalid. Going through the normal transition of sense of loss and pity, she eventually made the conscious decision to live rather than exist. By changing her beliefs and taking “baby steps,” Claire retrained herself to walk and overcome that which ailed her.

Claire shares in very clear and concise words how she Conquered

  • shame due to what happened to me as a child;
  • guilt for treating people poorly;
  • anger for my peers isolating me;
  • sadness because I had never made friends on my own;
  • doubt in my ability to succeed;
  • low self-esteem;
  • an undeniable feeling of being unfulfilled;
  • and the iron-clad belief that life was meant to be hard

In the book, I Believe, Claire introduces a style reminiscent of one our shared favorites fromI Believe yesteryear, Charles Hannel, the Father of the LAW OF Attraction, and his book, The Master Key. She makes some bold suggestions and then encourages the reader to close the book and apply the exercises. Some of these VERY effective exercises take a week or so.

Changing habits through the conscious and into the subconscious mind is not an Instant Gratification result. I suggest readers of this book accept the challenge of the exercises and realize some real Progress in becoming more empowered to Unleash your true authentic self.

Claire style projects sincerity and her story is very inspirational. She is currently available for Coaching through her One-on-One coaching program. The details are described on page 156 in I Believe, Therefore I Am

We have discussed many of these concepts on our long running Talk Show Podcast, Focus Society of Overachievers. All past episodes (381 as of August 2, 2011) are available 24/7 for FREE.

I Believe
Direct from Publisher


Stop do not order I believe therefore I am


I am Obligated by the Nanny State (FTC) to inform you, should you buy this book, I will be compensated a small portion of the sale price. I have a working affiliate relationship with the publisher. If you don’t like me and feel my compensation unjustified, please search title and order the book elsewhere. You will not regret Owning this Book

4 Responses to “I Believe, therefore I AM, Book review”

  1. Chuck says:

    Not yet…but let me see what we can do

  2. Cynthia Mello says:

    Is there an audio version of this book?

  3. Chuck says:

    Thank you Jan for your comment,
    There is also the joy of holding a book and referring to it often,
    even if a paperback.
    Did you order Claire’s Book?

  4. Jan Peter Prokes says:

    The best thing about books is that you use your imaginations and not someone else’s.
    50 people can read the same book and come up with 50 different scenarios.
    You just have to love books and the amazingly talented writers.
    Jan Peter Prokes


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