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Is your Blog/Website Elegantly Presented?

Is your Blog/Website Elegantly Presented?

Does an Elegant Themed Website/Blog

really make a difference?

How important is the presentation

in attracting visitors?

Does it need to be “Elegant”?

Well, in reality Content is King and there many very successful sites that follow a plain format…
but when you combine a well designed, easily managed and attractive Elegant Theme to quality Content YOU are assured a winning combination.

As most of you know I am NOT a techie and have needed to learn, trial and error, over the past 7 years; with the exception of fantastic help from Mark Hultgren (AKA MKWeb). Because of the slow learning curve a lot of misdirection occurred and I missed some opportunities by not seriously looking at “premium” themes.

Before I go any further, I want to state that FREE themes, coupled with a serious approach and the dedication to BLOG regularly with quality Content will attract visitors and subscribers, but I noticed a difference in the speed that the growth occurred when I focused on  Premium Themes. It was explained to me that some scripts are built to Optimize better and so on..

Again I am not a techie, but I was pleased with results I have enjoyed using the Elegant Themes.

And most recently the DIVI theme

Elegant Themes

 What you get with Elegant Themes

Each premium WordPress theme comes expertly coded in valid XHTML and CSS, and all are made compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Nick and his staff make sure that each template performs flawlessly in each of the most widely used browsers to ensure maximum functionality (even a plugin Theme to automatically adjust your Site relevant to Mobil access). Furthermore, all sidebars are made widget ready for your convenience
cross browser Cross-browser compatibility guaranteed
options Intuitive theme options page gives you control
support A focus on support and community
updates Frequent theme additions and upgrades


Elegant Themes

Nick and his staff at Elegant Themes provide access to all previous Themes and access to all newly created Themes throughout the year, which seems to be a couple new themes each month. The annual cost of this service would be a Bargain at three times the price but you can lock in your subscription for $69.00 annually.

Before you go any further and jump at this opportunity The Nanny State forces me to WARN you that when you choose to subscribe, Nick will NOT make me a Gazillionaire by paying a Commission for referring you to this site. I have not been incentivized in any other way and PAY my subscription every year.

Here are some example of the different Elegant Themes I have used and those of some of our Clients:

Best Business Mindset

James Strauss

Geneva Shore Report”

Sonja Botanicals

7 Responses to “Is your Blog/Website Elegantly Presented?”

  1. Chuck Bartok says:

    Thank you Marree for your comment. I loved visiting your site, have it bookmarked and will share with clients as need arises.
    If you would like to post a informative article, here on You Can Build It, about the need for businesses to provide clear presentations, let me know.
    By the way I have had great results with Elegant Themes for almost 9 years, a real Value

  2. Marree Barry says:

    I was looking for some inspiration for a new client. Thanks for providing some great ideas.

  3. Richie says:

    You most definitely have to have a visually appealing site which is easy to navigate.

  4. Chuck says:

    I really endorse the quality of the Elegant Themes. All of our sites rank quickly and they are easy to use and updated often.
    $39 annual for 77 themes is a bargain

  5. Asher Elvis says:

    Really elegant themes are very interesting and also enjoyable.So, thanks for sharing.

  6. Chuck says:

    I see you know how to clean it up, Andrew.
    Normally I did not dialog with companies and SPAM such comments.
    We do business with people with faces and names.
    Regarding Elegant IS the best values of Traffic generating and Authority ranking Themes on the internet, but the Individual has to focus on their responsibility.
    Get back to us again and let’s share HOW TO effectively use Elegant Themes

  7. “Elegant” themes really. and for only $39 annually? that seems like a good bargain. I think I definitely will try it. thanks for the information.

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