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Notice the Red Pinterest logo on right sidebar?

Notice the Red Pinterest logo on right sidebar?

Yes, to your right is the Big Red “P”

for Pinterest

A person would have to have blinders not to see the explosion of Pinterest as the darling of the Visual Curation Sites on the Web today.

Pinterest has opened up a whole new venue for those addicted of sharing relevant information, in this case mostly Visuals. Statistics show in the United Sates, women are the predominate users creating boards expressing their “deepest” dreams of kitchens, the perfect getaway and whatever else one longs for.

Interesting side note from

Pinterest users in the U.K. are predominantly well-to-do, professionally-motivated young men between the ages of 25 and 34, according to data visualization startup The company gathered data from Compete and Google DoubleClick Ad Planner Traffic statistics to compare U.S. and U.K. audiences in the infographic you can see below. The average U.K. pinner appreciates venture capital and blogging resources above crafts and has an inkling for web analytics, SEO, marketing, and content management. Fifty-six percent of U.K. users are male and 29 percent fall into the highest income

Click Here for Infographic


Is Pinterest just a Big dream?

Why would a Business Mindset be interested in developing a presence here?

Well, if a good written strategy is implemented and the entrepreneur understands their MARKET demographics, Pinterest can become a VERY powerful Social Media Marketing Tool. There are simple steps to apply for the successful entree into the Visual World of Pinterest.

Lilach Bullock posted a somewhat controversial guest post by Dan Purvis post, regarding Pinterest, on her popular blog, Social-Able. I will let the discussion in the comments speak for themselves.

The bottom line is Pinterest has been GOOD to us and our clients generating traffic and converting some sales.

Click on the RED P in the right sidebar, visit our Board and comment. If anyone needs a an Invite to Join Pinterest, contact me with your e-mail address.

Need an Invite to Pinterest?


11 Responses to “Notice the Red Pinterest logo on right sidebar?”

  1. Chuck Bartok says:

    Pinterest has really produced results for our clients. Thanks for your comment Abell

  2. Abell says:

    Well, what ever it is but I would like to say one things It is a successful way to share products in the targeted market.

  3. ronald says:

    pinterest popularity is amazing.

    my wife loves it to death.

    i truly think she could stay on there all day.

  4. Chuck says:

    You are right on Bill,
    In fact three of our client’s sites are now showing Pinterest the #1 referral site.
    It should be doing very well for you Real Estate Business, with the great Photos available.
    Have you consider uploading video tours?

  5. Bill Leighty says:

    Very true, for the first quarter of 2012, Pinterest showed tremendous record breaking growth in the history of internet, even double if compared to any other popular social media website like Facebook, twitter or YouTube. The new arrival is leading the social media network in terms of growth right now!!

  6. Jaine says:

    That was awesome. Good to hear that Pinterest had a logo, and I LOVE IT.

  7. Troy Christopher says:

    As someone pursuing a culinary arts degree at Kendall College, I can say that Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration for new recipes and trends. Thanks for the great information!

  8. Chuck says:

    Did you visit me boards, Katrine?
    You will notice there is dialog, questions asked and answered and many of the “businesses” I Pinned are enjoying increased sales and traffic to their sites.
    It can be a real time waster for those creatures who enjoy DREAMING and not applying ACTION to their lives

  9. Katrine says:

    I have been doing that a little, but I honestly don’t think it is really the type of site that is too useful for promoting things like that. I think it is more about posting items you really like or products you’d like to buy. It is a cute site, but in my opinion, overrated.

  10. Chuck says:

    Appreciate your concern Laurie,
    But IT is imperative to be knowledgeable and disciplined in using the internet in total.
    Personally I believe mush is being discussed that is unsubstantiated.
    If I PUT any of my CREATIVE on the web I want it distributed, unless access is ONLY through Purchase,
    and redistribution can be controlled.
    Thanks for again for your input

  11. Laurie Higgins says:

    Please be very careful on Pinterest. It encourage people to steal copyrighted material from people, such as professional artists and photographers, and put up as their own or at least not attributed. Be very, very careful.

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