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BOOK REVIEW: Love And Marriage, The Love Story of Nancy and Frank

BOOK REVIEW: Love And Marriage, The Love Story of Nancy and Frank

BOOK REVIEW: Love And Marriage, The Love Story of Nancy and Frank

For the past decade, You Can Build It has focused on Building a Business,
regardless of the venue.

One of the skill sets needed is the ability to build a “relationship” with your customer base for continued sales. And that skill set is centered around the ability to deliver as promised. Very similar to being committed to marriage vows and being truly in Love with another person.

Through the world of Facebook, I met a young lady from Texas, a year ago, who found 140+ letters from her husband during the Vietnam War. Nancy Lou Henderson shared a few of those and I was convinced they needed to be shared.

The reason.
Her husband, Frank Henderson knew how to unabashedly express his LOVE and commitment to his bride and have a strong belief of the sanctity of marriage and importance of delivering on a promise. His ability to write those expressions, without hesitation or concern about pseudo-masculinity, was fantastic.

The story unfolds as these two “kids” meet marry and grow into a powerful relationship that withstood so many adversities. Book One is now available, autographed and personalized. The rest of the story will follow in three more volumes very soon.

A Couple Testimonials Below

For about a year now, I have been a devoted reader of Nancy Blakely Henderson’s blog where she enticed me immediately into the love story between her husband, Frank, and herself.
Her writing is straightforward,  honest, and endearing. Her depiction of the love between her husband and herself affects my emotions with joy and sorrow, and I find myself laughing and crying in every chapter she writes.
Hers is the love story every woman dreams of—with a man entirely devoted to her as she is to him, a love which transcends life and still lives on after death.
Frank may be gone, but he lives on in Nancy’s memories, in her words, and in her emotions. And now, both she and he are a part of my life, too.

Carmen Baca

Award-winning author of "El Hermano", Carmen Baca

Miles of separation couldn’t sever the love from the hearts of two young people in love. Letters kept their love alive and growing while married but apart. The Vietnam War whisked Frank away for a year leaving Nancy home alone. Frank shares his raw feelings of serving his country but never wavering in his love for Nancy. These letters are intimate portrayals of eternal true love between man and woman. Share their joys and sorrows through the journey of hearts opened and exposed as you read each page torn between staying in the warm glow of words just read or turning the page to read more. Nancy envelopes Frank’s letters in the cocoon of love she felt for him, telling her personal journey as well as Frank’s in this heart wrenching but heartwarming love story. By the end, you will have fallen in love with both of them, waiting in longing anticipation for the second book to come out.

–      Mary Rae Rush, author of the upcoming book, INTENTivity.

MaryRae Rush

MaryRae Studios

Order Your Autographed Copy of Book One,
Love and Marriage, The Love Story of Nancy and Frank

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2 Responses to “BOOK REVIEW: Love And Marriage, The Love Story of Nancy and Frank”

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing my book, Chuck. You have been such an inspiration in helping me learn so much about my website and marketing.
    It is so Awesome that you you realize that the promoting and marketing of a book is not unlike that of any business. Your Monday evening talk shows on TalkShoe are so informative and you are such a graceful host. I have met so many people from all over the country who have shared so much wonderful knowledge.
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    God Bless You.

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