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Is your Plate Too Full Building Your Business?

Is your Plate Too Full Building Your Business?

I am Overwhelmed!

I don’t have any Time!

A Full PlateThese comments are heard daily from Business Builders expressing frustration of “having Too Full a Plate”.

Why this Phenomena?

I believe this Rapidly changing, information glutted, internet environment has been partly at fault. With the Real Time Postings and Social media tools, one is constantly  informed about the Successes of everyone else and How quickly fortunes are made!

I came across this article (TEN YEARS Old) which presents some worthwhile ideas. It is lengthy…..

You Can Do Anything..But Not Everything!
by David Allen,
presented by Keith H. Hammonds of

Yes. I know you may be too busy.  Bookmark it and do take the time to Read it.  Be sure to take notes

For the past 50 years I have manged to be “poorly productive” in today’s environment. I don’t use PDA’s. Don’t use my cell phone for anything else but Talking to Real People DIRECTLY and along with judicious use of E-mail, I take the time of WRITING letter and MAILING them to prospects, clients and Friends.

These methods take TIME, but I have always organized my day with just a
Few Major Tasks, plus the routine of business management.

This allows a sense of Success on a daily basis and really does add to the Bottom Line and internal Peace. I also believe in Weekly Inventory as mentioned in David Allen’s article….

But don’t forget that daily re-cap, bringing a sense of accomplishment to the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Learn to Eat that Elephant One Bite at a time, chew and enjoy each Morsel,Eating Elephant one Bite at a time and you will be surprised how quickly the Task is accomplishment, without an Upset Stomach.

Grab a copy of Brian Klemmer’s Fun Book on “Eating the Elephant , One Bite at a Time” 52 week Lessons in Leadership
(if you do decide to click on book and Buy it,I stand a chance of making 24 cents from Amazon..Make my day!)

All kidding aside….

It is my humble opinion that True productivity has been Hampered with the Societal emphasis on BEING SO BUSY. Your business can Grow, bills can get paid, especially if we all learn to only spend about 50% of Net for Subsistence, and your LIFESTYLE will  be a bit less Hectic.

Take your “time”, organize and You CAN Build It easier than imagined, and I best mention, I DO NOT EARN Millions per year…

10 Responses to “Is your Plate Too Full Building Your Business?”

  1. Chuck says:

    I appreciate your Comment Anthony. Believe it or not the Book, mentioned earlier in conversation, Claire McGee’s I Believe Therefore I Am has helped me Clear the Plate and Focus

  2. Anthony DePlacido says:

    Hi Chuck…..I thoroughly enjoyed the article…..maybe because it a little close to home…..I have in the past put so many things on my “plate” that I wound up doing justice to none of them…you do have to dispose of the clutter in your life and then prioritize the most important and productive tasks at hand….and eat them one bite at a time.

  3. Jeff Beeman says:

    Always been told that when you are busy you will attract others. People want to do business with people who are on the move.

    AS stated in other comments managing that “busy-ness” is key.

  4. Chuck says:

    Very well put, Linda.
    I love the Part:

    Knowing the difference is vital.
    Time we gave up the notion that “being busy” is some kind of virtue.

  5. Lindy Asimus says:

    “Busy” is a great place to hide. “I’m so busy!” we say.
    Not necessarily productive, busy can be anything at all and very often is busy doing something that doesn’t need to be done first, doesn’t need to be done by you, and sometimes doesn’t need to be done at all! But busy often gets done instead of things that do need to be done first, are only able to be done by us and absolutely need to be done.

    Sometimes it is a sign of poor self-management. No virtue there.

    “I’m so busy” – often code for “Look at me I am so busy I must be doing more than everybody else, so admire me.”

    One can be busy as a bee and end up accomplishing nothing of any practical value. And sometimes accomplishing nothing of any real value, is valuable.

    Knowing the difference is vital.

    Time we gave up the notion that “being busy” is some kind of virtue.

    Being efficient, and being effective, are probably more useful.
    Stop by and Visit
    Our Blog

  6. SeanMcNeely says:

    I have to say that I have just started reading the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. I found out about his book by a mentor of mine who suggested I get the book. My wife already had the book and has used the system since then and has been very successful at getting her work completed and in order. This system seems great and I am in the process of starting to us it. I am very unorganized and this process will help me get things back in order, and it is a great way to set goals also. I found an app that I downloaded to my phone for free that uses this system, so if you do a search for GTD you will find ton’s of applications, software and way’s to use it. This system is a must if you own a business.

    Sean McNeely

  7. DianeStephenson says:

    Great article, Chuck. If we eliminate all the “unhealthy food” we’ll have more time to eat the nutritional stuff. In other words, eliminate all those tasks that just take up time but don’t accomplish anything productive for your business and concentrate on those ‘morsels’ that add true value to your life and business. Get rid of those French fries and tackle the fresh fruit and veggies! That’s what produces life – i.e. positive results.

  8. Hugh Liddle says:

    Maybe it is as simple as finding the tastiest morsels on the plate and chewing them first…basic task management stuff…do the most important things first!

    Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees…or the tasty morsels for the plateful!

    All the best,
    Hugh Liddle, CEO
    Red Cap Sales Training

  9. Sam Camerano says:

    Oh how so true, Most everyone I talk to seems to be so busy running on the treadmill that just as being on the treadmill you stay in one place . It is time to focus on the main objective and leave all the distractions behind .If your in business than make money , Do what is needed to make the money to keep your business running , after all IHOP isn’t in the business of making commercials . They are in the business of selling a service . And that is the companies focus. It should be the same for everyone out there that is in business .

    In reading a book by Rod Hairston , He made a statement of ” You will bring into your life whatever you consistently hold in your thoughts. The thoughts that you send out will show up in your life . ” Does that sound familiar ? Maybe Mr.Hairston read the book Think and Grow Rich ? I think so . Get your copy at

    It’s all about your Mindset and Focus, The words in these pages will make it Crystal Clear .
    To your Success
    Sam Camerano

  10. Brad Parler says:

    First, I love the image used on the featured article – as that’s often how I feel. I’m trying to find a balance between building and running my business. I have to get things done for clients, but there are small things that I know to do that will pay huge dividends in the future. Thanks for the article link – as I’ll be printing and reading that in my non-computer time today. (Yes I regiment myself to take time away from the computer!)

    This search for balance has prompted me to make several lists and really narrow my focus on what’s in front of me, but use my lists to remember what the big picture looks like. (Chuck – I promise, I’ll be writing a post about this soon.)


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