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MLM is a Solid Business Venue or Scam?

MLM is a Solid Business Venue or Scam?

The MLM (or networking

industry) is a Business Venue to


But the MLM Venue (as others) has several Flaws and those flaws have led business aspirants to think they are Scams.

Yes, MLM Companies have popped up all over the globe, recruiting  MLM Business Venueunsuspecting people with  HYPE, and leading recruits to  believe this Business Venue is a real Business opportunity.

However, so often MLM Business “leaders” often FAIL to disclose the need for a Business Mindset and possessing Credibility and Authority in any Market place because they sound so good, but so many leave out the necessity of operating with a Business Mindset

You see and hear   all the Time!





Remember all rainbows disappear when the sun dries up the water drops that are in the air. And what is left is reality.

I am not saying that the MLM Venue doesn’t work. For the past several years I have enjoyed an income from a  MLM companythat manufactures a Vitamin &  supplement I believe strongly has benefited my physical condition. I have shared my results with others and those interested tried the Product. If they were satisfied they would continue to Use It and a handful were Interested in HOW Generate Income for SELLING to others.

There are Great companies out there and there are great life changing products out there. I am saying read all the fine print.

The MLM Venue is successful for those who choose an appropriate Company, are willing to Invest TIME and Energy and understand the Basics of Business

Because as you know if you have ever played the grapevine game, things change in telling the story from one person to the next.

Would Donald Trump or Robert Kiyosaki go into a business venture without the facts?
Would they read all the fine print before signing on the dotted line?

Of course they would. And you should as well. Know what is needed to get in business. Know how much the proper tools will cost.

Can you imagine opening a shipping store without a scale?

Or a burger place without a grill?

Keep in mind that any type of money generating company will take TIME and ENERGY and one needs to possess the Mindset of a Business person. These skills are enhance by investing Time and Energy into  in some Great Books, such as Think and Grow Rich, The Master Key and The Miracle of Right Thought

And it will be your time and energy, no Up-line will provide your Success. The responsibility of Success rests on your Shoulders

I know of no Business man or women that ever made it big who didn’t know their product inside and out or know how they were going to get paid, and created a Business Plan, Budget and track to follow.

Do the research. Don’t ever be pushed into something. If you don’t have the time to research it, wait until you do.

Did you know that new things come along daily? And that if your mind is open to reviewing them with an educated business mindset you will always make the right choice for you.

That’s the only person that you are in charge of.

If you thought differently than you better recheck your Mindset.

5 Responses to “MLM is a Solid Business Venue or Scam?”

  1. Chuck says:

    Brilliant Response Greg!
    I think we are seeing a “better” trained population looking at MLM.
    Those who have a grasp of COMMON SENSE and The Golden rule.

    By the way. Go to sign in with the above e-mail you used and add your Mug Shot. Then everyone can see You on most WordPress Posts

  2. Greg Cryns says:

    I work with a company that says it is “customer oriented.” In fact, it is.

    I’ve listened to audios presented by successful MLM folks in this company and they all stress how the most important success ingredient is to like and use and your products.

    Until now I never fully believed that statement. That’s the problem. I was stubborn. I would not accept the wisdom of successful people.

    And what can be more obvious? If you join a company simply to make money, what’s to stop you from quitting when you hit those inevitable bumps on the business road? It’s like getting married and poo-pooing the marriage vows from the get-go.

    It may seem corny, but think about it. A fellow emailed me that he was thinking of joining my team. I emailed back the above idea. I have a feeling I won’t be hearing from him again. So, I lose a guy who would probably leave my team anyway. End result? I save a lot of precious time and effort.

  3. Chuck says:

    Excellent points, Hugh!
    Regarding one point however I may be in slight disagreement.

    “Until MLMs start doing some real sales and marketing training, it is likely that their abysmal 98% failure rate will continue (that’s people who don’t even generate enough money in MLM to recover their initial investments).”

    I feel any business person., regardless the Venue need to fully understand the basic of TRUE salesmanship. It is programs such as yours that need to be studied by all Business aspirants, but especially MLM’ers

    I posted a video on this Topic a while back…

    Training, Whose responsibility

    I a[[appreciate your sharing of Wisdom!

  4. Hugh says:

    In my experience, the main challenge with the MLM businesses is that most organizations do not offer basic sales training and coaching to their business associates. They have people simply make a list and turn them loose on their friends and relatives. Shortly they are members of the NFL (No Friends Left) club and are blown out of the business. Having a great script, memorization, role playing, knowing what to say, when to say it, how to say it and who to say it to is absolutely vital…and that takes time, effort and a great coach! A related challenge is that many MLM organizations insist on only “counseling upline” and discourage any learning outside of that parameter in any way other than “approved books and tapes” (which the upline sells, by the way). There are programs that can teach MLMers to be very effective and profitable salespeople, both in recruiting and product sales. Until MLMs start doing some real sales and marketing training, it is likely that their abysmal 98% failure rate will continue (that’s people who don’t even generate enough money in MLM to recover their initial investments).

    Hugh Liddle, CEO
    Red Cap Sales Coaching

  5. Tony Logue says:

    Great stuff.

    People forget it’s called net”work” marketing. It takes work. A lot of work in the beginning for little money, and then a little work in the latter stages for lots if money.

    True it is up to you for your success but the systems available out there can help you succeed sooner rather than later.

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