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Top Ways to Build a Profitable List

Top Ways to Build a Profitable List

If you have been considering the opportunity of joining the Internet marketing business, then, most probably you have already encountered the term “profitable list”. Those who have been in the same business for a longer stretch of time surely realize its importance.

For certain, they have also tried their luck in doing so. The catch is that some people succeed while others don’t. Actually, the secret to it is being able to apply an effective style so the potential clients will feel that you value them. After all, you should make building the profitable list your top priority as that is the life and blood of your business. Without such, there can be no business.

Don’t think that building the list is such a pain in the neck because it isn’t. You simply need to get down to it and know the facts involved. You can even search online for those websites that make available the tips on how to start building your list.

And more so, you can come up with your own website with offers that are truly catchy in order to entice potential customers to leave their names, contact numbers, and e-mail addresses.

Other top ways to turn to are included below.

  • Prepare your freebies. Who doesn’t love freebies, after all? One way of attracting potential customers is by means of giving away items of Real value (example: Offer on this Blog, FREE  Audio Think and Grow Rich)
  • You can take advantage of your efforts in building the list by giving away reports or e-books which you have written yourself or you have purchased the rights just so you can have the names and e-mail addresses of your website visitors. Make sure though that your freebies are valuable and that they will help boost your traffic.
  • Make use of surveys. Apart from offering free items to your visitors, another way of letting them feel being valued is by letting them express their personal opinion about some matters. You can come up with a survey right there on your website. Ask them of their opinions. Pose questions and have clickable choices or some text area where they can write their thoughts. Don’t forget to prompt them to leave their names and e-mail addresses because they are basically what you need!
  • Use the contact forms. This is indeed one practical and effective technique to build a list.

Most Bloggers make use of this, but it can likewise be utilized on some static websites. With this, you can allow your web page visitors to ask you a couple of questions which you will of course provide the answers. Require them of course to leave their first names and e-mail addresses. They will be significant for you in creating your own list.

You must let your profitable list grow so that you can earn more profits. These are just among the important steps that you can follow to be able to build and expand your list. Make this a priority and take advantage of all opportunities that will come your way!

P.S. Do you want articles like this for YOUR blog? You can get 100 unique articles every month in different niches so you don’t need to spend hours writing just to post good information on your blog that readers want to find!

6 Responses to “Top Ways to Build a Profitable List”

  1. Chuck says:

    I have found in success in follow up E-mail and direct mail pieces
    by encouraging the recipient to CALL me direct and let’s SHARE ideas.
    Don’t forget to include Surveys and polls in you follow ups, and offer something of VALUE for their Time and Energy.
    There is a New FREE Survey system out there that looks promising.
    I personally use Self-hosted PHP systems from Fantastico
    But check this out

  2. MKWeb says:

    Hello Dr. Jon,
    That is exactly what “IT” is all about! It has more to do with service, relationship and integrity than it does with thousands and thousands of names and email addresses.

    If someone ‘GAVE’ you a list of 200,000 how long do you think you would be able to keep those people if all you did was send them one pitch after another.

    Or, what if the list was built based on Herbal Healing and you started sending them email after email about sailing?

    You NEED to KNOW your list, not just pummel them with ads and information they could care less about!

    That is one of the reasons it is so important for you to give the toolbar away to your readers. So they can keep up with what THEY want to read without having to check back at your site everyday.

    When you do that, you will find they will return to your site more often because the post titles ‘should’ let them know what you are writing about and they can tell if they want to read it or not.

    When they start seeing you providing helpful tips and ideas, they will begin to ‘know’ who you are and feel better about buying from you because they feel they have a connection with you. You share a common interest and that is all you need to begin to form a ‘relationship’.

  3. Dr Jon says:

    Short and to the point!

    Takes some of the mystery and “overwhelming” out of the process.

    Next, though, is the technical part of setting up the forms (autoresponder/aweber) and what to do with the names on your list after you capture them. (That’s why we are part of!)

    It is still all about Relationship, isn’t it??

  4. MKWeb says:

    You are exactly right Sean,
    Focus on two or three and maintain that focus until it becomes a habit (People say doing something consistently for 28 days will make it habitual).
    I have a short list of items I do on a daily basis. Ping three items, write two posts, followup on comments on my blogs and answer emails. All this is usually done while I am drinking my morning coffee.
    Once you get a routine established, it will amaze you that you can get much done in such a short amount of time.
    The key is FOCUS and CONSISTENCY. One without the other will get you part way there, but not nearly as fast as both together.
    Hope everyone here in the US has a safe and happy Memorial Day and remember why we celebrate this Holiday, to honor our fallen heroes.

  5. Chuck says: are right on.

    Building the List is not difficult, just demands a solid Plan of Action and Application of the POA.

    One of our successful Members of Focus Society mastermind has produced some Dynamite Training Videos on List Building.

    Here is the Link, a worthwhile investment.
    John Quanzon’s List Building Video Club

    I must confess, should you you decide to Upgrade your Club Membership and learn even more, I will receive a modest affiliate commission, but you already knew that.

  6. JeffBeeman says:

    As always good info Mark! Building the list online or off comes down to one word…”Prospecting” As mentioned on The Beginner’s Marketing Class Talk Show last week, I have found that many people get hung up with all the hundreds of ways to prospect and build a list. A few of those ideas for Internet marketing you listed in this post. My advise? Find three solutions your comfortable with and know are producing results. Use the others on occasion to hit some other niche markets but, focus on the 2-3. This will help you be more productive plus help you build a higher quality list!

    Stay Focused!

    Jeff Beeman


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