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A Looming Advancement in Artificial Intelligence

A Looming Advancement in Artificial Intelligence

Recursive Self-improvement: a Looming Advancement in Artificial Intelligence

As experts continue to develop ways for human improvements, they have designed an artificial intelligence system that signifies a new stage in evolution. Artificial intelligence is the intelligence of machines—a very high level of advanced technology. Recently, AIs are popular themes for sci-fi films.

The artificial intelligence is based on three fundamental premises. The first one is the current understanding of the functional algorithms of intelligence. The second vital premise is cognitive science experiments. This includes the present knowledge of the brain, which can be acquired through the high-resolution of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). It is the latest technology to date that gives greater contrast between various soft tissues of the body. Also the artificial intelligence is based on the kind of computing available to AI designers.

Still a theory, the artificial intelligence system is impossible with human’s current biological structure and the current technological system. Neuroscientists are yet to construct techniques to genuinely enhance intelligence and apply to more intelligence enhancement techniques.

One popular term in artificial intelligence is the recursive self-improvement program. According to several studies, recursive self-improvement is “the ability of a mind to genuinely improve upon its own intelligence.” Worth noting is that intelligence itself is hard to define. There are several ways to achieve such goal. Examples of these means are hasting up or adding new components to the hardware, redesigning the cognitive architecture, and custom-designing specialized modules for recurring tasks to name a few. This program is fully reprogrammable and really fast.

Apparently, enhancing the hardware components of intelligence is not yet created especially experts have still debated on the exact meaning of intelligence. However, they are positive on such idea because cognitive science and the laws of physics seem to theoretically permit it. A concept of minimum threshold for intelligence has already been raised in the beginning of this academic endeavor. There are several debates put forth against recursive self-improvement. But many experts believe the imminence of this program as many technologies on biotech, medicine, and cognitive science continue to appear.

One expert on artificial intelligence have said such system can be achieved in a virtual environment within 20 to 30 years based on today’s high-resolution brain scanner and high-density storage facilities for recording. This estimation has of course overlooked the possibilities of political and social changes such as political turmoil, repressive governments, upcoming improved technologies, advances in cognitive science and qualitative improvements in scanning facilities to name a few.

The success of recursive self-improvement programs is dependent on sufficiency of an AI’s intelligence. Recursive self-improvement will begin a new era for different aspects of science and life. Many see the looming recursive self-improvement as an era of complexity and flexibility of mind.

But such advancement in science did not escape scrutiny and suffered setbacks. It was even frowned upon the same way the artificial intelligence is. Notable oppositions have already been raised in the debate. But no doubt, such concept is both a challenge and inspiration for philosophy and study of human field.

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4 Responses to “A Looming Advancement in Artificial Intelligence”

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  2. What a wonderful and a very lovely article!

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