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A Tool to Stay Informed – Updated

A Tool to Stay Informed – Updated

We all know how easy it is to get sidetracked in our focus, so I finally decided to finish something I said I was going to do last year.

This is just to notify all of the Toolbar users to click on the little black arrow next to the 2GS-MKW icon and select Upgrade to download the latest version of the toolbar. You will find some great new tools as well as some new accounts listed.

I asked the members of Beginners Marketing Class if they would like to have a Custom Toolbar. Some members replied it would be a great help so I finally took a few minutes (quite a few actually 🙂 ) and put together my first pass.

This is not just a junk toolbar that takes up space on your browser window. It contains links to our member’s RSS feeds and Twitter accounts to make it super easy to follow what they are doing.

There is also a Radio player so you can listen to your favorite music or TalkShow while you work and a link directly to UStream to stay informed on the latest Live broadcasts.
Stay Informed of what our Members are doing by downloading our Toolbar here:
To install this all you need to do is click the banner below.
Once you have it installed, you can add or delete the different tools available, but the ones you will want to keep are the News feeds to keep informed of any new items posted here and the other blogs of our members.

3 Responses to “A Tool to Stay Informed – Updated”

  1. Chuck says:

    Sam Camerano and other Fine Commenters..
    Go to
    and post a picture. Be sure to use same Mail Address as here. and then your lovely Mug will show up on this blog and the several hundred others you commented on that have the Gravatar Plugin

  2. Sam Camerano says:

    Thanks Mark,
    I myself am a firm believer in keeping your day organized. If we have a track to follow and keep on it we will have a more productive day and at the end of it have found that we have squeezed an extra hour out of it . Nothing better than to make more time and a fine toolbar created to organize your marketing and or web casting will do that .

  3. Mark "MKWeb" says:

    If you would like your RSS feed added to the News just post the feed link here in a comment and I will add it in, Once I have it added, it will automatically update on your own installation within the hour.
    Same thing goes for sites and Twitter Accounts.


  1. Chuck Bartok - Thanks to @BestScripts A Tool to Stay Informed for Members of our Webinar series....Well designed Tool Bars R Helpful

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