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Apprenticeship, Internship or Hands-on Learning

Apprenticeship, Internship or Hands-on Learning

What exactly does it take to ‘teach’ someone? What does it take to ‘learn’ a strategy, process or tactic? While most people get knowledge and skills through their own experiences, there are times when you have to look to people for knowledge. This is where the concept of apprenticeship enters the picture. Let’s dig deeper and get a better understanding.

Apprenticeship is a system of training an up-and-coming batch of practitioners in order for them to acquire necessary skills and information to do a job well. It is well documented that apprentices, also known as prentice, interns,  and proteges, establish their professional life via apprenticeship programs. Most of the actual training is executed within the confines of the usual work setting wherein the employer teaches the apprentice a thing or two about his chosen trade. This is done in exchange for continued labor that is marked by the length of time the apprentice gets the ample amount of skill.

The system of apprenticeship came into being in the late stage of the Middle Ages under the close watch of craft guilds and town governments. A master craftsman had the privilege of employing young blood who is willing to trade an inexpensive form of labor for provisions like lodging, food, and of course training in the specific craft. Even though most of the apprentices during that time were males there were several female greenhorns who took their chance in crafts as a tailor, seamstress, stationer, baker, and codwainer. The apprenticeship opportunity is usually given to individuals who belong in the age bracket of 10 to 15 years and who are willing to live within the comforts of the craftsman’s abode.

At present, the counterpart concept of apprenticeship can be pointed in the direction of an internship. Universities still turn to apprenticeship in order to produce scholars. Bachelors are promoted to master’s level and creation of a thesis under the guidance of a supervisor follows. The corporate body of the university then makes a move to recognize the achievement that would be fitting for the standards of a doctorate.

The professional development programs established for new graduates in the fields of law and accountancy can also be likened to apprenticeship. An example in British circles is the training contracts called articles of clerkship. The learning patterns being observed in professional service firms like law and accountancy firms are similar with that of the conventional master-apprentice method. The greenhorn is designated to a single or several more seasoned colleagues from whom he will start his quest to learn every detail of his chosen craft.

In the US, officials in the education department joined forces with non profit organizations who seek to emulate the apprenticeship system in other nations in order to establish school to work education reforms. This move aims at connecting academic training to professional careers. Job shadowing is an example program which involves watching a real worker for a certain period of time or spending a significant amount of time engaging in a real-life job. This is performed with no or decreased wages instead of putting in time in academic classes or working in locally-based business establishments.

You will find that we here at use this approach partially. We not only allow you to follow us as we build our own site, we also advise you to do the same for Your OWN Business. We are sharing the wealth of knowledge that comes from our members for everyone’s benefit. We don’t have any ‘gurus’ here, just members that have and are using these strategies and procedures to enlarge and grow their own businesses.

4 Responses to “Apprenticeship, Internship or Hands-on Learning”

  1. Angelina says:

    I always recommend he internship jobs and learnerships in the summer season to those students who are free on their vacations. Actually the Internship jobs can boost your expertise and experience, which is necessary to get better job opportunities in near future.

  2. Mike E says:

    What if you are broken and dead broke ? Beg?

  3. drjon says:

    Speaking from experience in the world of medicine, the concept of “apprenticeship” is reproduced in what the learning docs go through called their “residency”.
    The only requirement for a license to practice is graduation from medical school and one year of internship. With that a new doc can go practice general medicine. However, if he wants to do ANY kind of specialty he must put at least two more years, and often 5 or more years, of practice under the tutelage of other/another specialists.

    Similarly, in the academic field, any advanced degree is done under the oversight of a mentor/special professor.

    It makes only perfect sense for a similar process to occur for marketing as well. Perhaps so many “home-based” marketers are unsuccessful because they are really “independent” marketers??

    And there has never been a successful person who attributed their Success to ONLY themselves

    Thanks, for keeping us focused.

  4. SamCamerano says:

    Great post, Mark.
    It is true to the information that this group is sharing with the world. It is like being in the crowd watching a blockbuster movie being made . Being able to talk to the stars and having input on what Will happen before the closing credits run. will be copied all over the Internet before we are done . Just like the information from our over 300 webcasts at Talkshoe when over three years ago we were telling the truth about Masterminding and about network marketing and MLM businesses. How to generate a cash flow like what was talked about in the movie ” The Secret ” however we talk about thoughts being things and reality takes ACTION.
    Now the Internet Gurus are reading our book and singing our song. I have to commend Chuck Bartok for all his hard work and creating the buzz and changing the direction of network marketing . At least it is in my opinion . Napoleon Hill said it best “Think and Grow Rich” take massive action as Charles Hannel says and don’t just think about it and have it manifest as Bob Proctor might lead you to believe. Again all in my opinion.
    Sam Camerano

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