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Are You Blogging?

Are You Blogging?

A blog (a contraction of the term “web log“)[1] is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. “Blog” can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. Wikipedia

Sounds pretty easy and straight forward… so why do so many try to make it difficult?

I preach until I am blue in the face to my members that one of the easiest and most successful things that can be done online is to create a blog. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in… from ant farms to zoology, a blog will increase your traffic, increase your brand awareness (personal and business), and increase the number of customers to your product or service… guaranteed!

I own more than 20 domains online, and for each site I try to create and maintain a blog. It provides quality content for my members. Search engines love it when I update them… it fills there search results with more relative content for searchers, and it allows me to market to visitors and viewers. I get tickled when a visitor to one of my blogs joins or buys something from an ad I have placed in the sidebar, or from a review of a site I have recently joined.

You are only limited to your own imagination to what a blog can do for you. Yet, I find that many don’t want to take the time to maintain a blog. Some tell me they don’t know how, or can’t afford to have one… poppycock! I say take the time, learn how, and in 6 months ask yourself how you afforded not to have one!

First lets address the don’t know how issue… WordPress Website Construction Click the link for a pdf ebook on how to build your own blog. Simply download your files directly from WordPress, then follow the install instructions. The e-book utilizes Fantistico to install your blog, but you can just bypass those. If you get the files directly from WordPress, you are ensured of getting the most current version. The e-book also explains changing your theme, widgets, and more. You will be a WordPress pro by the time you finish!

If you want the Detailed Step by Step Video on How To establish your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog, stretch and Join the Weekly Webinar which has 4 Hours currently archived, just addressing the How to Do It Right, for maximum SEO

The second issue is cost… the WordPress download is free. The only expense is the cost of your domain and a server. These days that’s cheap! You can go to and get for less than $10 a year, and server space to host your blog for less than $5 a month. Is $70 a year to much to have the opportunity to be looked up at as the professional in your niche. To have hundreds, maybe thousands of followers who recognize you as that professional?

Then there is this time issue… I try to spend about 30 minutes per week at each one of my blogs… I have several! If your just starting out, that’s nothing to have the opportunity to increase your customer base. To brand yourself as the expert in your field! When you update the content of your blog, add advertisements, or reply to the comments, your setting yourself up for success.

It’s my opinion that you can never have too many blogs. Well, at least enough that you can maintain. I have most of mine connected together through links. So, often a visitor at one will end up at another. I use my blogs to pass information to my members, to rant about industry news, to promote affiliate products and services, to present reviews on other sites and services, the list goes on and on… One of my blogs is the entire site!  A niche dating site, it is constructed entirely from a WordPress blog. It produces an income via affiliate programs and google ads!

As I said earlier, you are only limited to your own imagination when it comes to a blog. Use them… frequently and you will find yourself building success. It’s the First thing I teach my members to do… go build a blog!

Oh, and by the way… don’t be afraid to comment on other people’s blogs! You may be surprised at the amount of traffic you create by commenting. Why? Branding… if you post intelligent comments, visitors look at you in a professional manner. This creates a curiosity into what you do and promote… it’s a win win for everybody since the blog owner gets new content without doing any work!

Go now and set up your blog!

David(DA) Riley

Owner of 2 traffic exchanges, a website rotator site, and several niche sites. I’m no expert, but enjoy sharing what works!

PS: If all this is still overwhelming for you, I allow upgraded members of one of my traffic exchanges to create their own blog. I host it; install it; stock it with multiple themes, widgets, everything you need. All you need is your name, and the desire to succeed!

I am an affiliate for Godaddy. I have hosting there, and its also where all my domains are registered. If you click the link in the above post to Godaddy and purchase a domain or hosting, I will earn a commission. Also the link to the Weekly Webinar is my affiliate Link and I will earn a Commission when you join…heck, that is why we are in business

5 Responses to “Are You Blogging?”

  1. Jae Churan says:

    Thank you for this entry. I’m positive it may help us out. Thanks again!

  2. drjon, Renegade Doc says:

    Thanks for the great info!
    I personally have 4 blogs going, each on a different “passion” including general comments “outside the box”, health, backyard gardening (urban farmer), and unique books. Thanks to Brad Parler and the webinar series it has become much easier and a whole lot more fun!

  3. Chuck says:

    Thanks to Tony and Chris for the great Comments.
    Be sure to direct your friends to the Webinar Series. Chris, you have a commission generating referral link in your FSMM back room.
    We have about 5 powerful Videos in the Archive on HOW TO effectively Create and Market YOUR Self-hosted Word Press System..
    Blogs, memberships and Sales and Lead Capture Pages

  4. Blogging is a great way to get your name, branding and thoughts out there. Blogging is perhaps the one thing that has had a profound impact on internet marketing as it allows anyone a space to become an expert. Great article with great concise thoughts.

  5. Tony Logue says:

    Concise and to the point. I have several blogs as well.

    Not hard to maintain, as you say, but that’s the hard part for some. Bring consistent on the easy stuff.

    Tony “The Turtle” Logue


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