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Are you Content Marketing?

Are you Content Marketing?

Are you Content Marketing?

Because Content Marketing seem to be

where the action is.

Blogs and social media have dominated the Internet since I arrived 6 years ago and it was through the creation of a lot of Content, I was able to create a positive Marketing environment for my niche products. I believe the Blog Content is King

From a quote:
One SEO boosting technique we’ve found that does make a significant difference in search engine rankings is posting keyword rich, relevant, and recent content.

One company found this to be true by inadvertently testing it on their business. The company already knew that posting this type of content was an important tactic to add to its online marketing arsenal, but until dealing with a sudden and unexpected personnel shift, it didn’t know how much of an impact it really had on search engine rankings.

In August of this year, the company’s SEO report showed them ranking on the first page of Google for the majority of their 20 keywords. However, they dropped to the second and third page of rankings for the month of October. Why?

When looking at what changed, or what they’d done differently, they realized that the only change was the fact that they hadn’t posted the typical 20 – 30 monthly blogs and articles for the month of September because of a lag due to the personnel change.

Well, those of us who manage our own Business Blogs have no excuse really, except a lack of No Content-Sad facePrioritization of the importance of producing Content for our Business Blogs. If you notice the date of this Blog and the most recent behind it you will see this Blogger has been remiss and his traffic and sales reflected a lovely downward spiral!!

If you are having trouble gathering the time and energy to increase your Content Marketing drop me a line, and I will send you a referral to a young lady who helps me, at an affordable price, with Quality Original Content.

Another consideration for optimizing content is to write some White Paper’s and also produce fresh PDF Content, to be posted on such sites as and

Article Marketing, in my opinion, has been overstated as far as gaining Quality Prospects to you Company and capturing a solid reader base and the search engines recently have seemed to discount these sites to some degree. Here is some great advice from Karon Thackston

It’s time to stop following the crowd.  Here’s my advice: instead of spending $300 for two dozen crappy articles, spend that money on one fantastic article. Carefully place that piece with websites that can get you in front of people who want your product or service then watch the magic of a quality article marketing campaign do its stuff!

The importance of Quality Content for marketing is even more pronounced in  Business 2 Businesses circumstances. I suggest you grab this PDF by Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners:

Content Marketing Workbook

Content Marketing Notebook


26 Responses to “Are you Content Marketing?”

  1. Chuck Bartok says:

    Appreciate your comment Filzakhan

  2. filzakhan says:

    yes I agree with you . Content is king of marketing. its really amazing article. I really inspired through this post.
    Thanks for shearing.

  3. Chuck Bartok says:

    Thanks for your comment BookItWise (interesting name). I have never considered effective content a ‘heavy’ investment, no more than buying quality tools,. A business mindset does does not look at “cost”, rather return on the cost.
    Buying cheap or not seeking quality usually yields cheap.
    Thanks again for stopping by

  4. Bookitwise says:

    Hey Chuck, I completely agree that quality content is the key to promote any business. Its importance has increased considerably after all the recent google updates. But would also like to mention that there is a heavy cost involved in generating quality content.

  5. Chuck Bartok says:

    I appreciate your stopping by Venus. But I do not see the relevance of your comment to the topic of this post.
    You blog must be brand new? No posts?

  6. Venus says:

    I see a lot of interesting posts on your blog. You have to spend a lot of time writing, i know how to save you
    a lot of time, there is a tool that creates unique, google friendly articles in couple of minutes, just
    search in google – laranita’s free content source

  7. Frank says:

    Nice article about article marketing.

  8. Julia McCoy says:

    Quality content just got that much more important – the unleashing of Penguin 2.0 for google’s algorithms is placing more and more emphasis on how people relate to your content. Are they sharing it in their network? Revisiting it?
    Content marketing is the new link building and I would recommend doing everything you can to build that repertoire.

  9. Chuck says:

    We and our clients have not found much expense involved in our getting our sites in top position.
    Some of key words in a few of our manufacturing Companies dominate first few search pages and that action was generated through BLOGS and Social Media activity

  10. abhishek says:

    Chuck, I completely agree that quality content is the key. Its importance has increased considerably after all the recent google updates. But would also like to mention that there is a heavy cost involved in generating quality content. Further, in addition to generating quality content, one needs to market it well which also involves a lot of costs. At times, I find the overall process very expensive.

  11. Chuck says:

    Thanks again for stopping by, Joy
    Cognitive psychologist Jonah Butler, who says that a fact wrapped in a story is 22 times more memorable than a pronouncement of a fact. This should reinforce a statement that’s been pronounced to death by marketers, content is king. Content tells stories. Content is memorable.
    And STORIES work

  12. Joy says:

    Absolutely agree on the “Content is King” part. And I also agree that in order to be effective, content must be relevant, useful, and informative to the users. It doesn’t matter whether the content is professionally written and “flawless” when it comes to grammar, sentence construction, etc.. The readers’ needs must be addressed first. This will certainly catch their attention and gain their loyalty.

  13. Chuck says:

    Excellent appraisal Banaf. Another new twist that is impacting is the Sharing of Quality content, along with own, is through the various Content Curation sites. There is also a WP THEME set up just for building YOUR own Curation sites

  14. banaf3 says:

    I personally believe that quality content, especially after Panda update, makes a difference, in SEO, link building, engagement with user. The more that content gives the best user experience to user, the better in rankings and the more your content is sharable the more of success you achieve.

  15. Chuck says:

    Thanks again James,
    Looking forward to hearing more about your idea.
    Another iteration of is we can now CREATE our own series of VERY branding Curation sites with this outstanding WP THEME
    I am setting up a major site about particular niches of my passions Niche and then create sub sites sharing articles on the specific areas of the nich.
    Example: Garden Curations site with article from the Rose Curation Page, vegetables, Organic etc
    Also thanks for the recognition of the Conservative Page

  16. James says:

    Yeah, I’ve started building articles that are a mix between advice and content curation. I’m testing an idea I have about building authority (email me and I’ll let you know what I’m trying although you may already be aware of it).

    Personally, I think that useful posts that contain good content and link out to other resources seem to be one of the best ways to get people to naturally link to a site. A bit of social love can help to spread the word as does an occasional dose of link begging (picked up 5 links from sites with decent authority/PR just by asking).

    I hadn’t heard of until now (great gig you’ve got going on with conservativepolitics – some real food for thought there even for one of your cousins over the pond).

  17. Chuck says:

    Great idea James,
    Have a few articles in the works on that subject including the integration of Content Curation with the Social Sites.
    Are you using Content Curation?
    I am having good results with

  18. James says:

    Hey Chuck,
    Great article that does go some way to validating that article marketing is still effect (even after G Pandarised many sites).

    A good follow on from this would be a how to type post on integrating social networking (G+, FB, etc) into your content marketing strategies (hint, hint :))

  19. Chuck says:

    Appreciate your comment Craig
    Love your reference to Relevance
    It is not difficult to design a blogging strategy to satisfy the Search Engine Robots and provide information that will appeal to YOUR intended Reader.
    I always like to think of the Golden Rule of Blogging”
    Write Unto Others as YOU would like Others to Write Unto You ~~smile~~

  20. Craig Caron says:

    Hey Chuck. Great post dude.

    I would have to say, Content is king but most people don’t realize how important relevant content is and matching up the right keywords are when ranking for your keywords.

    Yhe biggest mistake that most marketers make is they pick keywords based on search volume or competition, not how relevant they are to the particular subject.

    The only keyword that you can pick based on search volume or competition is the primary keyword of your website.

    All other keywords you should pick based on the relevance principle and not traffic, competition or some other metrics.

    So, when you do keyword research, make sure that all the secondary keywords of your website or keywords for link building purposes are relevant to your primary keyword.

    Thanks for the great post Chuck


  21. Chuck says:

    Good point Bob,
    Have you recently been following and/or implementing the surge of Content Curation?
    We just discussed some methods on our weekly Business Development Talks Show.
    Episode 201, You Can Build It Talk Show
    Listen and download any or all of the episodes and JOIN us Live on Wednesdays 9:30 PM Eastern

  22. Bob Lipply says:

    A proven tried and tested way to market any product online is to integrate content with various marketing tactics. It’s a fact that understanding one business model as content marketing is important, but learning how to combine various methods could bring out the best possible result.

  23. Chuck says:

    Great minds think alike, Rich,
    Appreciate your compliment. Need to spend more time here. Clients have been gobbling up the hours, but at least THEY are making Progress.
    Have four blogs that need more attention.
    So the new battle plans have been drawn and are READY for implementation.
    Merry Christmas.
    Appreciate if you would revisit this one
    Seeking Buried Treasure Dec 20, 2009
    Thanks and Merry Christmas 365

  24. Rich OBrien says:

    I absolutely agree. Content is king! BTW, I like that your blog is clean and easy to navigate. Good job Chuck.

  25. Chuck says:

    Thanks for your input Justin,
    Also remember to apply Imagination…..
    We are discussing on the Wednesday the Power of Creative Imagination
    You Can Build It Talk Show
    Join us Live

  26. I also read recently that current and up to date content is really important according to Google.

    I post about three times a week at the moment, but may amp it up to four times.


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