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Are you Dreaming Big Enough?

Are you Dreaming Big Enough?

I posted on a few social networks last week something to the extent, “If your dreams are easy enough that you can do them on your own, then you’re not dreaming big enough”.  The reasoning or logic to only dream to do the things that you KNOW, that YOU can accomplish on YOUR OWN keeps you inside of the warm and fuzzy comfort zone.  The end result of this will be a lack of growth, and the only thing that will grow is your frustration because you’re getting exactly what you want.

Three BIG risks in Dreaming BIG?

1.) You might fail!

Yes, in any adventure there a possibility that you will not achieve the prize that you set out to score, but that does not mean that you don’t try.  That certainly doesn’t mean that you become content with mediocrity.  So what if you fall on your face, you only fail if you don’t get back up!

2.) They’re all going to laugh at me.

In the past I would allow the expectations of others would shape who I am, and what I would do way too often than I’d care to ever admit. I still get nervous before I speak publicly even when I’m not actually in the room with them (doing a web meeting). So I can’t say that I’ve been able to move past this point per say, but I’m caring less about it as I go along.

3.) You get every thing you’ve ever wanted.

When I was in high school I formulated a mental “Before I turn 30” check list of things that I would have accumulated or conquered.  Last year on September 4th I stayed up to watch the clock as I blissfully mourned the total lack of doing 98% of the list.  Yes, some of it was wishful thinking.  No these were not hard and focused goals that I wrote down and with focus spent time on systematical accomplishing, but in the moment that clock hit midnight, and I was officially old, I had the epiphany that life is not about a destination, it’s about the journey to get there – and when you do get there, you can’t just camp out – it’s about the next journey.

How can this effect your business?

As a business owner, we have to look outside of ourselves to see the potential that we create in our businesses to help our communities, the lives of our employees, as well as the lives of our customers. If we are only in business to benefit ourselves or our families I believe that we will see that our ventures will be short lived, and easily forgotten because we could not see beyond our own needs.  When you wake up every day to better the world for someone else you’ll find that your paradigm shifts to one that sees the world in a different light than anyone else and in that light you can discover the next break through that will revolutionize our society and the world as a whole!

So please, don’t just dream big – but dream HUGE!


8 Responses to “Are you Dreaming Big Enough?”

  1. Chuck says:

    Thanks Claire,
    I love #2:

    Is it a priority? I rate this on a scale from 1 – 10. If it is less than a 1 (most important) I tend to procrastinate.
    This is one of roadblocks…have so many exciting Ideas and do not Prioritize

  2. Claire McGee says:

    When I begin to consider my dream I ask myself three important questions.

    1. What is my dream? I have to be precise and focused otherwise being scatter brained tends to develop in my world.
    2. Is it a priority? I rate this on a scale from 1 – 10. If it is less than a 1 (most important) I tend to procrastinate.
    3. What am I doing to get it?! It is important to meet your dream in the middle. Every day, with every focused step I am moving in the right direction to make it a reality. If I sit back and wait, I might become a pro at patience. I would also be someone who thinks “would have been nice.”

    This process works really well for me and for many of my clients. A dream to an individual, if important enough, is always big because it is they who are experiencing it and feeling all the emotions with it. Rather than the size of the dream, ask these questions. By doing so you may surprise yourself and move out of that comfort zone!

    p.s. I loved this post! Definitely food for thought and kept my wheels spinning!

    Kindest of Regards,

    Claire McGee
    Author: I Believe Therefore I Am

  3. Tonya Heathco says:

    For many years my dreams were too big putting much pressure on myself to meet my dreams. I now understand it is better for me to allow the dreams of life to develop and not be “forced” to grow.

    Just as cultivating a garden. One must work daily in order to enjoy the outcome but if one works too hard the garden dies and the dream fades away.

    I encourage those with dreams to take action with baby steps every day or even several times a day. Call out to this Mastermind when you need help and pay attention so your dream flourishes successfully.

  4. I agree with everything you have said in your post. It sounds easy but for various reasons, individual to most of us, it isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Like many other things it takes constant focus and a bit of work. My wife has reminded me for many years that I don’t think big enough. Wish she would do that more often. All the best……….

  5. Hugh Liddle says:

    The new sales model is based largely on a couple of points raised in this article:

    1) We must become outward focused. If our mindsets and our presentations are about our own needs, desires and goals rather than our prospects’ then we have missed the mark.

    2) 70% of a sales presentation is about building rapport and then asking questions to determine what the prospect needs and wants. To present our product or service without laying the groundwork of finding common ground and asking questions is sales malpractice.

    All the best,
    Hugh Liddle, CEO
    Red cap Sales Training

  6. Chuck says:

    Great Question and Answer between Patricia and Brad.

    “The place to start, before you put down ideas would be to become involved in an active mastermind group (like Focus Society Mastermind) and not join to share your dream, but find out how you can help others in their dream!”

    This is one of the most overlooked simple Steps to assure success. Everyone seems to be afraid to ASK and Listen….
    I refer back to the post here

    Using the Right Tools

  7. BradParler says:

    Hey Patricia,
    I’m not sure if I follow or understand the question as to what is more important.

    Finding people to work with is always an issue at first, but if you’re dream is bigger than you – then it’s will be ready to include more people when they show up.

    The place to start, before you put down ideas would be to become involved in an active mastermind group (like Focus Society Mastermind) and not join to share your dream, but find out how you can help others in their dream! I’ve found that you can have anything that you want in live if you make it your goal is to help others get what they want.

  8. Patricia Reszetylo says:

    Two of the biggest stumbling blocks I’ve found is that we have to a), find others to help us, and b), leave things we thought were important behind. Which is more important – the goal or the old way of life?

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