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Are you Driftwood, on the Sea of Business Building?

Are you Driftwood, on the Sea of Business Building?

Driftwood on the Victoria Beach

Working in a Phone room for 4 years, we used this term, DRIFTWOOD, to describe some of the people we may be talking to.

What does it mean?
Well quite simply a person that “Would” Drift from program to program Pot of Gold at end of Rainbowchasing after the Pot of Gold

Not to say that someone is doing something wrong in their personal search for a great company to partner with, other than they would have done themselves a greater service if they would in fact do the fundamental research on a company before joining up with them.

What is the fundamental research?

1. Who are the people running the company .

2. How long have they been in business?

3. Is the product or service in demand?

4. Does the pay plan have credibility, meaning does it make sense?

Also check the Watchdog Sites, such as MLM Watchdog , Consumer Fraud Reporting . Also familiarize yourself  (join) Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Credibility is essential when it comes to being in business. One of the bad things about changing your direction is that each time you do you loose some of your credibility

Same goes for people that are running a company.

If they left the company to move onto better things and were as they put it ” On top of their game” Then that is great , however if it were because they just lost everything due to mismanagement or just outright greed than think twice about joining forces with them . You don’t want to be another casualty from their bad behavior. And also in some situations you can be held accountable for your actions in bringing in others to the business venture.
So short and sweet,

Hold yourself personally accountable for what you are telling others, even if it means you will be doing a background check on the latest greatest thing to hit the world since sliced bread.

If a company is credible you will always have time to check them out. If they won’t give you the time to check them out than PLEASE Start running in the other direction, this information comes from personal experience.

Your Honor and Credibility
is what your personal and
Business Life should be based on.

Do not let any false smoke and mirror visions cause you to tarnish or
give it away.

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3 Responses to “Are you Driftwood, on the Sea of Business Building?”

  1. DianeStephenson says:


    Good advice. And even when you do your research and determine that the ownership is solid, reliable and ethical, there is always the chance that they will go astray and cause you to lose business. I had that happen a few years ago. The owner had great credibility with many years in business. Then he changed the name of the company, had the distributors sign up under the new name after which they discovered that they had forfeited all commissions coming to them from the original company. Some lost many thousands of dollars. Obviously when this man changed from a traditional business to MLM, he wasn’t sufficiently prepared for the difference in business types.

    So you really do need to keep up-to-date with any info out there about the company, product and the owners. Far too many innocent people have been burned because they haven’t done their homework, and it is up to us to help keep them informed and collect information that can help others avoid these pitfalls.

    Keep these informative articles coming!

  2. Tom Bennett says:


    A great article. Business today is becoming more accountable to it’s customers/clients. Failure to do so will simply mean they’ll buy or associate with your competitor. Your credibility in today’s business world is the most important aspect of running any business, regardless of product/service! The perfect example today is BP!!!

    Again, your wisdom and thoughts are “right-on.”

    Professor Tom

  3. Good article. It’s kind of funny how many aspects of business (and personal) life were taught to us in junior high school shop class. In this instance: “Measure twice, cut once.” By taking the time to follow the advice in this article, one can eliminate as lot of grief down the road.

    All the BEST!

    Have fun … Tony.


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