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Are Your Headlines Killing Your Sales?

Are Your Headlines Killing Your Sales?

What You Need to Know About Headlines

Have you ever wondered why some marketing tactics just don’t seem to work for your business? You sit and watch a competitor’s website grow and business soar and you’re just not quite sure how they do it.

After all, aren’t all marketing tactics pretty much the same?

The answer is a resounding “NO”!

Marketing tactics that work are not about rocket science. They are often very simple concepts but many online marketers fail to recognize them for the value they can bring to a business. Focusing on a business that brings high conversion rates and plenty of sales is a marketer’s dream.

But it will only materialize when marketing tactics are successfully deployed.

First of all, people want to find a solution to a problem. That’s why they’re searching for a particular product or benefit to begin with. So what do you have to offer?

Headlines say it all

Don’t wait to tell them what’s in it for them. Tell them right away with your headline. Headlines can be one of the most effective marketing tactics you have to offer. The headline should always include valuable benefits for the customer. With recent studies indicating that users decide whether or not to stay or leave a site within 8 seconds or less, well-written headlines are critical.

Using a headline to grab attention is one of the simplest, yet most effective marketing tactics available. People have a chance to quickly understand why they need to read further than the headline. Instead of clicking away from your site, they’ll be clicking through your information to find out more.

Always follow-up a headline with some other compelling fact or value-added benefit of the product or service. Keep website visitors moving through your content by including one bit of important information after another in every sentence. Don’t use teasers that make them feel they have to keep searching for what’s important but be up-front and direct about the product’s value and benefits with each sentence.

Market the benefits and value

The headline is the best place to start marketing the benefits of the product. It’s also the best way to attract search engines that are seeking websites based on keywords used by online users. When the headline includes the words that potential customers are most likely to search for, the search engines will reward you by bringing more visitors to your website.

Facts, statistics, and data that substantiate your claims of value are also important ways to increase the effectiveness of headlines. “48% reduction in costs with X product….” can be a real attention grabber. Don’t hesitate to use data to support your benefit claims.

Advanced marketing tactics

Headlines are just the beginning with marketing tactics. There are many more advanced marketing tactics that can make a substantial difference in conversion rates and sales. Knowing and integrating advanced marketing tactics into the overall marketing plan for your website and business can make a huge difference in your profits.

Evaluate your current marketing tactics and make necessary adjustments by utilizing advanced tactics to support and grow your business. Time spent preparing effective marketing goals and strategies, supported with effective tactics, is time that will result in higher profits and a thriving business.

And always remember – success starts with your headline!

One Response to “Are Your Headlines Killing Your Sales?”

  1. Chuck says:

    Thanks for discussing the Headline, Mark
    Here is another good point top consider in crafting a Powerful headline

    The most effective headlines have been proven to be those that have logical sentence structures, active voice and strong present tense verb.
    It is the good verbs that always drive good headlines.
    Make it a habit of locating the headline of an article flush to the left of the page, unless otherwise mentioned.
    All headlines should use present tense for immediate past information, past tense for past perfect while future tense is used for coming events.
    The punctuation format of headlines is basically normal. Periods should be used for abbreviations only and single quotes should be used where double quotes would be used in copy.
    Make it a point to never split verb pieces in between lines of the headlines or ending lines with prepositions. This makes the headlines look untidy.
    Keep these pointers in mind, and proceed in producing effective headlines for your articles!

    Also a tip that has helped me…

    Find Out what Gary Halbert found about Headlines and copywriting!


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