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Blog Content, the why and where

Blog Content, the why and where

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Blog Content is King.

The prettiest Theme is second place to

Blog Content
in importance

of successful Blogging

One of the biggest problems people have with blogging has nothing to do with the lack of traffic coming to their site.
It’s a symptom of something more sinister.

Bad Blog Content.

Even worse then poorly written original content is content that is not original at all. This is the death bell for all blogs that want to be taken seriously.

You HAVE to have unique content. It is the lifeblood of blogging. Every other blog is lacking in original content, you have to be different

Blog ContentThe best way to get unique blog content is to write new unique content. This is not very hard, but for some this may be time consuming and they may not want to. The easiest way to get unique content is to combine various free articles and edit them for new articles.

Some great free article directories are:

Some of these Article directories have VERY stringent requirement of no modification and the inclusion of all of the Author’s Info and links. I have found this a plus and used that type of Article as a Guest Blog.

There’s many more, all you need to do is search for Free Articles in Google, you will get a load of articles. You can search for specific articles such as Free Dog Articles. Once you have a few articles about the same topic you just need to combine it and make it unique

Another major consideration is WHO are you Writing for?

Search Engines or People

Seriously consider writing Content For Readers, rather than Original Blog ContentSearch Engines. Sure, keyword stuffed articles that make no sense will probably send traffic your way, but it’s not realistic traffic, and when those people realize that you actually have nothing to say, they’ll be gone as quickly as they arrived…….

You may like to read: Human vs. Search Engines: Striking A Balance

If you are looking for a growing readership that will subscribe and spend time you need to write to them. Be your self and you will attract the type of reader you want.

Because Blog content is so critical to for continued quality Traffic, we are offering a minimum of ONE quality Unique post each week for our Networked Blog Subscribers.

The anti-marketing police, from the FTC, will get after me if I don’t remind you that I will become “extremely wealthy” should you click on any of the Ads found on this blog. If there are any products recommended here, I have used them successfully and enjoy sharing the information. Click and Buy and help this old fossil enjoy his Golden Years

8 Responses to “Blog Content, the why and where”

  1. NinjaPinner says:

    When it comes in blog works, content is always the kind because without that content you cannot generate your blog in search engine so start creating a good content your site or blog.

  2. Dee Price says:

    Great blog Chuck. I’m working on my very first blog and this information is invaluable. Thank you for taking the time to really give value. I will do my best to do the same.

  3. Chuck says:

    Appreciate the comment Brian and Felicia,
    We also promote guest Bloggers and found them to be very productive in developing solid followers.
    Your Meat and food company was interesting.
    I have been in and out of the food production business for over 50years.
    From growing, packing, processing, shipping, distribution, and serving at the table.
    Years ago I realized FOOD was a product that would never loose market share of the Dollar.
    We kept all the profit centers as best we could, limits size but offers good ROI.
    Very similar to Internet Marketing, control of product is key

  4. Brian and Felicia White says:

    Awesome post Chuck! You did a great job of showing your own authenticity and uniqueness. You’re absolutely correct that you have to know your target market and keep the content original.

  5. susie moore says:

    HI Chuck,

    Yes I agree that is a great way, yes I am always open to suggestions.



  6. Chuck says:

    Thanks for your comment, Susie Another way to increase the Content is to gather a group of like minds on topic and exchange Guest Blogs. Even the post will not be “Yours” exclusively it is amazing how much in sync we can be with others. I am encouraging gust Blogging all the time. Care to Try one?

  7. susie moore says:

    Great post Chuck,

    I have always heard this phrase, always speak from your heart what you are posting and be yourself. I hear many people comment by loving to read content coming directly from the heart. I agree writing your own content means so much more and its your original.

    Thanks for the information

    Susie Moore
    skype smsforce

  8. Chuck says:

    Thanks for your response Nancy.
    I enjoy using Surveys on a regular basis.
    On line and direct mail.
    Our market can point us to the right direction if you Listen.
    What is your take on writing for Robots or people

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