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Can You Build a Business from Your Home?

Can You Build a Business from Your Home?

OK, OK , before everyone jumps up with a Loud Shout YES, let’s take a moment and find out why the question.

I basically have been in a “Home Based Business” for the past 45 years, even Working From Homethough I have occasionally had away from home offices, I tried to stay away as much as possible.  Always had Great reliable Staff…

Actually if you don’t, there is no reason to have ANY Staff.

I asked the question because I am hearing from many Business aspirants that they have a difficult time “Getting Going”, Organizing and Completing daily Tasks, Because they are Working from Home.

(check out Video on Time, In the FREE Video Section )

Further investigation usually ferrets out the fact they are not operating with the Mindset of a Business Person and start to feel guilty not paying attention to the Family during the Time scheduled for WORK…

Visit Post regarding Balance

Yes,  in spite of the phony Hype about lounging around the house half naked or lolling on the beach because you are  “in a Home based Business”, WORK is required and during the first few years the Time Invested usually goes far beyond the normal Employee Mindset of an 8-9 hour day and 5 days a week, plus the Holidays and of course your prized vacation.

In fact one of the real Joys of my experience has been, NO ONE TELLS me when to quit! I have the privilege of WORKING as long as I want to…

But since I love what I do…I never considered my Time Invested in my Businesses as WORK.

Enough of me…

How can YOU enjoy the Lifestyle of Building a Successful Home based Business without getting caught in the TRAP of poor production.

This is Mundane:

  • Develop the Mindset of a Business Person
  • Use the 21 Day Theory* to Develop Positive Work Ethic habits.
  • Establish Ground Rules ( Hours of Production to not be disturbed) within your Business Plan and share with those you live  and love with.
  • Secure a room that can be closed off,  if possible
  • Be sure you have adequate Tools.  No need to go overboard (I built a comfortable sales organization with a Rolodex, dial Telephone and IBM Selectric Typewriter)
  • Write down your FEW new daily tasks along with the routine…and follow through.
  • Just like in a Normal Work Place..take breaks
  • Get DRESSED, be presentable to Yourself..You are Your Boss, be respectable to yourself ( I found the longer I stayed in Bed Clothes the slower I motivated myself to push forward)
  • You don’t want to stare in the Mirror for end of day review and be frightened with what stares Back!
  • A small “new” project agenda daily will yield success patterns and keep your motivation level High.
  • Reward yourself and Family for these Successes.
  • Communicate often with Your Mastermind Alliance and be sure to have an Accountability Partner.
  • Keep Accurate Records, to assure eligibility for the Generous Tax Breaks offered by most Governments.

It is just some Common sense to apply the same WORK ethic you would working for someone else, but the advantages are so much greater as long as you maintain Focus and operate with a well developed Business Mindset.

To learn How To Increase you Business Mindset,  Join our Webinar Series and help us Build and grow the Business Best Business Mindset Alliance:

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9 Responses to “Can You Build a Business from Your Home?”

  1. Brad says:

    Working in my PJs is a reward for being self motivated, but there are days where I feel less motivated to do what I know I should be doing. On those days I make my self go back to the process of what I would do to make it to the office before 9am. (and remind my mind of what I want in life by reviewing my written down goals.)

    You have to do what works best for you, but don’t fool yourself in the process that by not getting dressed or taking the steps to ready your self for the day properly that you’re more productive.

    RE: the gravatar – make sure you’re using the same email addy that you registered w/ them – it also can take a day to lock in.

  2. John Guanzon says:

    lol I didn’t feel like wearing pants on account I was sitting at my desk writing the better part of both days. Felt like being comfy. 🙂

    Not sure what happened to the gravatar… 🙁

  3. Chuck says:

    But what about your public declaration about two days in PJ’s, John??
    Bet that is a sight!
    By the way what happened to your Gravatar???

  4. John Guanzon says:

    It can be tricky when you work for yourself. Self motivation and focus is the key to success.

    It’s very easy to sit and watch a movie instead of create that new blog or write that email.

    Learning how to create and stick to business minded rituals that you build into good habits is a great place to start.

  5. Chuck says:

    Is it a generational thing?

    Early to Bed, Early to Rise
    Change your underclothes daily?
    Do unto others as you have do Unto you?

    There are habits that some of have had ingrained for Many years,
    but maybe the reason some generations find it difficult to grasp WHAT is required
    to be successful is they were never given the opportunity to be Educated properly?

    I appreciate your comments always

  6. DianeStephenson says:

    Good article, Chuck.

    I agree about getting dressed. I have never been one to hang around in my nightclothes – even in the evening. It creates a feeling either that you are under the weather or that you are not planning to do anything for the day. Makes you feel lazy. I know people who, the moment they get home from being out, get into a housecoat to lounge around. That doesn’t suit me. I may change, but into more comfortable clothes that I can work in and not be worried how I look if someone knocks at my door unexpectedly.

    It’s not as easy as it sounds to build a home-based business. Many people think all you need to do is get a product, have a web site and everyone will come beating your door down to buy from you. This is a deception that will lead to failure.

    With the Business Mindset there are certain “rules” we will follow, habits to develop, agendas to be worked on, strategies to work out in order to get people to know you exist and discover they need what you offer. It does take time. It’s only a pipe dream to think it will happen overnight. Building a business isn’t magic, it’s work, albeit work that should be fun too. If it’s not fun, maybe we should find another income source – like a regular JOB.

    Well, I’ve rambled long enough. So, we’ll work hard together to build our business through the webinar series and we are going to succeed both in developing a business mindset if we don’t already have one and in creating a successful business. We Can Do It!


  7. I work many many long hours. I have on occasion faced ridicule from friends and family members who mock my Facebook and Twitter attempts to get out there in the stream of online business concourse.

    This doesn’t bother me; many people are misunderstood.

    I am self motivated and don’t need to push myself, my motivation is inward and passion fuels me.

    However, just the mere fact about going upstairs, getting into the shower and then getting dressed has helped me to somehow fortify my strategy to keep pursuing and pushing forward.

    If I lolligag in front of the computer without doing the above, often I look up and it is 10:30 and then I shift into panic mode, trying to recoup lost time.

    Better to act like you are getting dressed to face the day. Plus, I think it actually helps to circulate blood flow, wash away tiredness, and renew us.

    Amazing, huh? I always feel revived after a good shower.
    and Follow me On Twitter

  8. Chuck says:

    Remember Paul, being Busy is Good..Doing what you love to do is FUN!
    That is why I could never stomach the word Retirement..
    I tossed your name in the pot for a random Draw for a prize.
    Thanks for your Comment

  9. paul tecson says:

    Thanks! Keep it up. I’m going to start a online business and your showing me what I’m about to face … a busy, busy life. but I think ill enjoy doing it..


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