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Coloring – Outside the Lines, Marketing Your Way

Coloring – Outside the Lines, Marketing Your Way

Yes you can (and SHOULD) color outside the lines when it comes to your business.

What does that mean? When we were growing up, we were given our first set of color crayons and a coloring book. Then when we started scribbling all over the pages (and probably walls, if you were like me) we were told that we needed to stay inside the lines on the paper.

That was one of the probably hundreds of times that we were told to ‘conform’. When you color inside the lines, you are conforming to what someone else has determined is ‘best’ for you. you may have your own version of what YOU want to color, but because someone else had predetermined what would look better (for them) when you don’t follow the plan they created, you are ‘going against the grain’.

In marketing and any type of sales, you need to think, think for yourself and think outside the box. In short, Color Outside the Lines. Start with an idea (the predrawn image on the coloring book page), apply your own style to that (use green for the cow and purple for the grass and trees for instance), and then add to that image whatever you want.  Maybe you want your cow to be fatter and the tree to have more branches. Those lines are not predrawn on the page, but does that mean that you CAN’T make them that way? Not at ALL!

Your marketing methods are pretty much the same as that page in the color book. Sure, there are hundreds or thousands of people out there telling you “This Way Works”  or “This Works Better”, but does it? I am talking about marketing YOUR product or service, not theirs.

Your product may not be attuned to marketing the way John does, or it may just need a little modification of his marketing to get an excellent marketing promo going for your product. What I am trying to say is, take what you read, hear and see and build on that. Change it around to fit YOUR methods and way of seeing things. If you don’t have a PhD in language why would you want to make your sales page look like you did?

On the flip side, if you do have a higher level of education and write ‘down’ to your readers, they may take it as offensive if they know (or think they know) you should be using better grammar or a larger vocabulary.

testing-testing-123The main thing to remember when creating a marketing program is to test, test and then test some more. Test your colors, test your headlines, your bullet points, length of sales letter, graphics, graphic placement and content, width of your sales page, the list can go on and on. When you test things, do them in small steps, change just one or two items and then run a promotion. look at the numbers and then change something else and do it again.

As you continue to test, you will find groups of people that react or respond to the different things you do. The idea is to keep those groups separated. If you find a group of people that respond to a sales page with a purple background, make sure that those sales go into a different autoresponder list than the ones that like a long sales letter unless they also respond to long sales letters.

When you do testing, keep each version of your test going to different autoresponder message groups so you can create the sales pages with a purple background to send to the people that like purple. This may seem like overkill, but until you have built a good relationship with your customers you want to give them what they like.

Scribble a little and see where it takes you, if one thing doesn’t work, keep trying until you find what does. Webpages are easy to modify and delete, so don’t worry about coloring outside the lines anymore. You NEED to in order to find what works. For YOU and your customers.

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4 Responses to “Coloring – Outside the Lines, Marketing Your Way”

  1. Very interesting post. One size fits all really doesn’t work but personally I have spent my time trying to make it work. Thanks for the nuggets in your post. I will become a bit more independent now and a bit more creative. All the best.

  2. Diane Stephenson says:


    Great insights! Can you remember how proud we were when we learned to color inside the lines? We thought we had accomplished the ultimate. And those concepts follow us in life if we don’t deliberately choose to make changes.

    I remember my upline director in the first MLM business I was in. He wasn’t just assertive, he was downright aggressive – often obnoxiously so. Problem was, he expected his downline to follow his lead. I finally told him one day that there was more than one way to do this, and that I could never be successful trying to use his way because it was not ‘me’ – not the kind of person I am. He finally had to admit that I was right.

    We all have to find the way that works for us personally, so that means it won’t necessarily conform to any existing method 100%. It’s like cooking or baking. Often I change the recipe to suit my taste or needs or sometimes the ingredients I have on hand, and sometimes I create a completely new recipe. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But it’s the experimenting that helps us perfect the method and improve the outcome.

    So, let’s start really coloring outside the lines and create a new picture of success suitable to our individual needs.

  3. Mark-
    Excellent points and reminders for us all. Especially those of us that work with the MLM business model. When we enter the MLM business model, we tend to look for a cookie cutter approach and the steps to take to “follow” the proven leaders before us. The reality is, if you look at the big earners in the industry, they often started by following, but then went on to color out of the lines and create something different than was present before them. If you really want to take your business to the extra-ordinary level, you need to be willing to color outside the lines.

    Make it a great day!

  4. Great post Mark, as children we are brought up to conform to the rules. It then becomes a habit as adults. We do need to show a little of a rebelllious attitude and dare to look around and think a little more. With so much information coming in it can be difficult to slow down and look at our own business from a distance for a change.


  1. BillBeavers - "Coloring � Outside the Lines, Marketing Your Way " Great reminder post-some answers in your mind-not from Gurus. ~~
  2. BillBeavers - "Coloring Outside the Lines, Marketing Your Way " Great reminder post-some answers in your mind-not from Gurus. ~
  3. BillBeavers - "Coloring Outside the Lines, Marketing Your Way " Great reminder post-some answers in your mind-not from Gurus. ~~
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  5. BillBeavers - "Coloring – Outside the Lines, Marketing Your Way " Great reminder post-some answers in your mind-not from Gurus. ~~
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