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Cross Promotion, an easy Path to Social Media Success

Cross Promotion, an easy Path to Social Media Success

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Cross Promotion of businesses 

using Social Media has become

a Successful endeavor.

Two of my Favorite Horse Industry companies have just created a

3 day Cross Promotion campaign

on the Social Media site, Facebook.

Buckaroo Leather Products and Silver Steer Boutique have posted on their respective Fan Pages a Cross Promotion “contest” to have their respective members visit each others Website, choose a favorite Product and then post a comment on the Fan page. A random drawing will be held Tuesday, April 12th 6:00 PM EDT.

Check out the example on their Fan Pages Now.

Buckaroo Leather Cross promotionBuckaroo Leather Product Facebook Fan Page


Silver Steer Boutique Facebook Fan Page Silver Steer Boutique Cross Promotion

Not only do campaigns like this increase FANS, it creates excitement and a feeling of Good Will throughout an Industry.

Too many businesses spend too much energy on the proverbial ME and not enough on the Total Pictures and learn to Share audiences.

I will post a follow up on HOW these two fine companies shared successful results.

For more information on HOW TO set up Cross Promotion campaigns, such as this, contact me in the comment section, e-mail or just call direct 530-798-0245

20 Responses to “Cross Promotion, an easy Path to Social Media Success”

  1. Chuck Bartok says:

    Cross promotion in the Non-profit would fit well with two complimentary groups… Tonya
    For instance: the Animal rescues, training facilities and your group. You promote their activities sending people to their links in your blog posts and they write article and reciprocate

  2. Chuck says:

    Thanks for your comment Mike,
    We are finding good results with Companies in the same niche cross promoting.Example Buckaroo Leather cross promoting with Denny Chapman
    Looking forward to more of your comments.

  3. Mike Stewart says:

    Cross promotion are being utilized by most website owners in promoting their services and products that seems to be effective in generating money.

  4. That’s a great idea! I’ll have to try that. It seems to create a win-win scenario. Than you for the post!

  5. Chuck says:

    Thank you Kathy,
    I will post the results this weekend, Probably Sunday

  6. KathyClark says:

    Chuck, you are a master at Cross Promotions. I love the way Our Networked Blogs do that so automatically. Taking this a step or two further is just a great idea. This all creates a Synergy.

    Kathy Clark
    Skype: kathyclark1945

  7. Chuck says:

    Excellent point, Richie
    We experienced that many years ago when no one would loan a group of young restaurant entrepreneurs, who wanted to open 4 different Themed Restaurants on a Corner across form a Southern California Airport.
    Was able to get a major, conservative Insurance company to underwrite the loan and they were paid back very quickly because of the heavy traffic staying around that location..
    The public did not know knew the four restaurants in “fierce competition” with each other were actually owned by the same group

  8. Richie Lloyd says:

    Makes perfect sense. Friend of mine decided to open a shop selling accessories for bikers. Had a choice of a shop on a street full of biker shops or a place on the other side of town. Finally chose the and area of town with no competition. Strangely enough he didn’t last too long. The bikers preferred to visit a single street full of shops selling their kit than make a special trip to his business. Two businesses working together will be more successful than two individual businesses. Imagine what 5, 10, 50, 100+ networkers could achieve together?

  9. SeanMcNeely says:

    This is a great post chuck. Can’t wait to see the results from the promotion. This is what most businesses should do to promote their social media presence and business. Hope you are doing well good friend.

  10. Chuck says:

    I appreciate your Visit, Dave and want our readers to visit your
    Fantastic Garden and Home Web site
    Barnyard Products

  11. Dave Berning says:

    Great Post Chuck

  12. Chuck says:

    Thanks for your Input, Joe,
    The adage, the More we Give, the More we Get is so very true and applies in all aspects of business.

  13. Joe Shaw says:

    I agree cross promotion has a great impact on your link and list building strategies!

    Joe Shaw

  14. Dee Price says:

    What a great idea Chuck and so right on time. I look forward to your follow up!

  15. Chuck says:

    I agree, Mark,
    It is just GOOD Business to edify others.
    The Absolute Real Law of Attraction is based on that principle.
    Our Networked Blog System is successful because of fact bloggers in same niche are automatically sharing with their Colleagues

  16. Chuck says:

    Holy Cow..So happy to hear from Professor Tom Bennett. I have always appreciated your mentoring on the importance of Business Planning. We need to chat again. Our life had been a bit disrupted, but getting back into the groove

  17. A really straightforward concept that has so many applications in an online sense. As ‘bloggers’ we could cross promote each others top 5 posts on related subjects or we can find people with similar products and services to our own. Really interesting concept well worth pursuing

  18. Tom Bennett says:

    Businesses are indeed discovering and using social media to promote their businesses. This is the new marketing of the 21st century. Everyone entrepreneur should be using social media to market themselves first, then their business/service.

    Your thoughts and postings are always very much “right on.”


  19. Chuck says:

    Thanks for the comment, Kevan
    Things will always go right with a solid Plan of Action and Massive Application.
    Sometimes we just need to tweak a bit

  20. Kevan says:

    Hi there my friend,
    Interesting and great post. I like it and that just shows some thing must be going right.


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