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Customer Service congratulated….

Customer Service congratulated….

There have been several posts

on this Journey of Building

a Business regarding Customer Service.

Customer Service, in my opinion,

encompasses many aspects of the business cycle.

And one of those aspects is building a warm and friendly communication base with the INITIAL  Conversation.

That was evidenced yesterday while shopping on line for an accommodation on our upcoming trip to visit son.

He mentioned there were two Motels nearby and close in price. Using the Search Engine I found the websites for both and read information and looked at the virtual tours, then picked up my FAVORITE communicator the telephone…

Best Customer Service Comfort Suites Mineral WellsFirst call was answered by a FRIENDLY voice and I explained I was looking at the choice of two for a 5 night stay…
HER ability to engage in warm friendly and sincere dialog sold me on the spot. Even though the rate a slightly higher than the “other Place”.

If you are building your business and answer your own phone, consider how you answer and also how your answering machine message sounds.

(Sure hope you do not have Automated Phone Tree)


  • Are you Friendly?
  • Is there a smile in your voice
  • Do you announce who you are or your company name clearly and with friendly authority?
  • Do you begin to ask questions as to HOW you can best serve the caller?

These traits may seem old-fashioned in this modern day of automated messaging and “push button” to go here etc.. But it is amazing how many more customers are secured from FRIENDLY and sincere Conversation.

If you ever feel the need to stay in Mineral Wells, Texas, I highly recommend the Comfort Suites, just based on the pleasant experience I had with Sarah, Reservation Clerk Extraordinaire.

I will report back if my enthusiasm is at all dampened during my stay from POOR Customer Service, but somehow I doubt that will happen because if management is sharp enough to hire a young lady like Sarah, they probably have their “Ducks in a row”

10 Responses to “Customer Service congratulated….”

  1. Chuck says:

    Do you have any examples of positive Customer Service engagements form your business, Kirk?

  2. Kirk Edwards says:

    Totally informative article of yours about customer service. I like your excellent topic because your helpful thinking. Thanks for your wonderful sharing.

  3. Chuck says:

    Appreciate your comment, Don
    I am sure you are encouraging your clients to focus on the “personal side” of business, especially in the financial services Industry.
    Many of our clients have found Increased sales and profits by using well-trained “real people”, who know the answers and are empowered to act.
    Just yesterday I was at a Fast Food establishment Taco Bell, ordered a modest amount.
    Just as the clerk rang up the sale I decided to change the order, she said she would have to call the manager, because there would be a .98 refund.
    The line was long beyond me, I said never mind, then saw the manager a bit later. I asked WHY did he hire the employee? He asked what do I mean. I replied “if you can’t trust an employee to make a simple decision on the spot you obviously do not have management ability to HIRE the right people. He then blamed it on Corporate policy, so I simple replied, I will then NOT frequent an Establishment so poorly managed, regarding the customer. ~~smile~~

  4. Don says:

    It’s true that providing excellent customer service is essential to keeping a business afloat and more so successful. I hate having to deal with answering machines and email forms, I don’t find these methods convenient and helpful at all. I still prefer being able to talk to someone and getting the affirmation I need that I’m in good hands. Thanks.

  5. Chuck says:

    And Richa……
    Have those employees master the art Listening. Read this Post and also get a copy of my FREE new book on Listening.
    Thanks again for stopping by

  6. richa says:

    Good customer service can work wonders for any business. Who would not like being attended by a friendly and smiling voice. A company should make some efforts to employ efficient customer service executives who are patient and friendly in dealing with customers.

  7. Chuck says:

    Thanks again Joy!
    I especially like your reference to “paying a bit more” for the solid customer service opportunity.
    A perfect example is our good friend John Brand at Buckaroo Leather
    His quality horse tack is not a price point, but the quality and customer service has provided steady growth for 30 years

  8. Joy says:

    When given the option to select between 2 companies, and all things considered equal (like product quality, warranty, free delivery, pricing), consumers will always choose the one that provides excellent customer service. In fact, I personally would opt for a higher-priced product or service if the other competing company gives a lousy service. Every business owner should be aware of this and include quality service as one of the more important aspects that should be focused on during their planning sessions.

  9. Chuck says:

    Thanks for stopping by again Aayna,
    Customer service seems to slip out of the MAIN Mission of so many businesses.
    Could this be a reason they do NOT fare well during economic slumps?

  10. Aayna says:

    This is a nice share. I completely agree with you that a warm friendly tone can work wonders for a business. Sometimes the customer locks in the deal on the face value. A smile in the voice is definitely one of the important prerequisite for a suceesful business.

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