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Customer Service, the Foundation of Successful Business

Customer Service, the Foundation of Successful Business

Customer Service, Oh My Gosh is it a lost art?

My brief 67 year history has proved to me that Customer Service is the Cornerstone of any successful Business Building Foundation.

Actually experiments have proved to my clients that increased Customer Service Expense has produced more Sales and Profit , than increased Advertising for “new Customers”. Those who grasp the Business mindset realize the power of the REPEAT customer. Customer acquisition is so costly Today, better invest in creating a Positive Environment to “keep em coming back” than trying to lure New Bodies in the door…..

Don’t misunderstand, New customers are important. People Die, Become Disabled or Move on…or out of the Market.

But I emphasize the ease and low cost of maintaining that strong relationship of a Satisfied Customer.

Three experiences this past weekend prompted this Post about Customer Service. without going into details.

One of my hosting services was Down Big Time, 105 of my active URLS were unavailable on the WEB. But I was able to access their Support (24/7), the problem was described clearly and the solutions were on Target.  BUT they explained everything, followed up with Three other Phone calls.

My other Hosting service offers the same Impeccable service. The thing that resonates well with me is that these are relatively LOW DOLLAR products, but the owners have the Wisdom of OFFERING impeccable Customer Service.

The other two experience had to do with Citrix Corp’s  Go to Webinar and
Aweber.  Both friendly AMERICAN Based Customer Service Representatives patiently guided this Non Techie through some arduous exercises to solve pressing problems.

Again in most cases 24/7 help is offered.   Aweber however is 6 days a week 15+ hours. If  I saw an ad for NEW products to compete with these companies.

The above links are to companies I have an affiliate position with, I recommend their valuable services, based on Personal Experience. Should you choose to use their services with the enclosed links I am eligible for a small commission….I am in Business  to earn Income and use these products and their effectiveness to attain my GOALS

7 Responses to “Customer Service, the Foundation of Successful Business”

  1. I am a HUGE advocate of above-and-beyond customer service. I can typically point out poor customer service at nearly every store I visit these days…I think my area has just gotten apathetic about giving people the proper treatment to keep their business.

    I have had huge issues with places like Best Buy and Walmart, yet I continue to go there due to lack of better options. I think small businesses have the opportunity to put these big guys to shame.

    I think it was Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson that initially taught me that small businesses could truly gain the upper hand just by offering great customer service and taking the time to value their customers. The big corporations could succeed in this as well but they just don’t seem to take the time to train their employees proper etiquette. It’s too bad.

  2. Chuck says:

    An update on Customer Service:
    As mentioned above, I am not a Internet Techie and rely on the service provided by those services I am using.
    I currently use two Providers and am very pleased with the Customer Service.
    But this past weekend I had challenges with e-mail forwarding linked to Google and had no knowledge of What to do.
    I called one of my Providers XE Solutions
    The staff was quick to PHONE back, listen to problem and told me they would solve. When job was finished I asked what I could do next time and was properly told…
    “You do your Thing and we will do ours.”
    No sense in trying to be the Answer to all problems.
    Delegation of is the Key to Success
    I really appreciate quality Customer Service

  3. Great reminder and great post as well. Customer Service can be fun too. I just look at it as making new friends. All the best.

  4. Jeff Beeman says:

    Great thoughts by all.. The detail to customer service wins the race!

  5. Diane Stephenson says:

    Great post Chuck. I’ve always felt that good customer service is imperative in any business whether home-based or store-front. When you have repeat customers you have a paved road to referrals because they obviously like your products enough to keep buying. It stands to reason they will recommend them to family and friends.
    So a little extra TLC could bring a major boost in sales. Without repeat customers it’s awfully difficult to keep the sales coming in. And it’s much harder to ‘recruit’ new customers than to service the current ones to keep them happy.

  6. Hugh Liddle says:

    Part of the challenge is that so many salespeople take the word “close” literally, and whether their sales presentation concludes with a yes or a no from their prospect, that is the CLOSE, it’s over, it’s finished, “this is the end, my friend!”
    I don’t even like to use the word “close” as it relates to sales, because so many salespeople go into the Witness Protection Program the day after the presentation is over. The point at which the prospect tells us yes or no is the BEGINNING of the relationship, not the end of it.
    Perhaps we should change the word “close” to “commencement” because it is at that point that a great salesperson starts the process of furthering and deepening the relationship that has begun between salesperson and prospect/client/customer or patient.
    A Thank You card is the first step (yes, even if the prospect didn’t buy this time). Cards, emails, newsletters, notes, phone calls and even an occasional lunch invitation will insure that our prospect or new client will remember us, talk about us positively, do business with us in the future and refer others to us.
    Chuck Bartok is an absolute master at the followup and follow through, and we need to learn from him and emulate him!

    All the best,
    Hugh Liddle, CEO
    Red Cap Sales Training

  7. SeanMcNeely says:

    This is a great post, your customers should be your main focus. Everyone has experienced bad customer service before, and the first thing you do it tell everyone about your horrible experience. Then you suggest never to do business with them again.
    When you have bad customer service you not only affect just that one customer but everyone they might come in contact with.
    I work in the retail world and I hear about customer service on a daily basics just how important it is to your business.
    No matter what kind of business you own large or small without good customer service you are shooting yourself in the foot.

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