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Focus on the New Year, Building Your Business

Focus on the New Year, Building Your Business

I was so inspired to start a post on the the 31st of December..
Sleep got in the way.
Then Inspiration started to flow on the first day of the New Year.
I spent too much time opening E-mail and following many fine Blog posts in my RSS reader that seemed to say what I was brilliantly Thinking, so the muse escaped again. Transparencies were presented, shocking revelations of mistakes some well known people had made (I especially Liked Yaro Starak’s Post) and of course the plethora of revelations of NEW Directions to assure Success in the Decade by experts in every Field.

By the way, here is an affiliate link to my Favorite FREE blogging Report By Yaro Starak, Click here to download the Blog Profits Blueprint

This post was ready to start early Sunday, January 2nd, but my previous schedule called for the creation of a New Free Audio resource for this site and my lack of Internet technology caused me roadblocks in the creation of something seemingly so simple. And being Sunday many of my Techie Experts were doing what they should be, Giving Thanks and being with family; so I struggled through.  Except I do appreciate the time  Mark Hultgren spent in helping “get the Code” correct.

Well enough excuses and here I am with a totally different Topic than originally Planned.

FOCUS for this year for me, and many of my clients, is going to be Revised Planning and Mass Action Focused on what worked to create Growth and Profit in the previous year

Years ago I regularly attended end-of-year Planning Sessions with my business associates and was pleased with the results of simple systems to Achieve your goals that I have kept in my arsenal for the past 55 years. Check out this video. The Video is called Tips on Assuring Success in Building your Business.

So here are some of my Old fashioned Methods to FOCUS on Plans for the New Year

  • Analyze carefully the results of 2009, including the metrics resulting from advertising effectiveness,  follow up methods, and cash conversions.
  • Analyze the Effectiveness of Time Management
  • Study the effectiveness of On-line and off-line Activities

Write down the Positives that worked on the Right side and the Negatives that did not produce expected results on the left side on an  8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. YES..
WRITE it out in Longhand

Spend time reading and then RIP the paper in half, throw away the left side and Focus and Expand Plans of Action for the New Year on the THINGS that worked in previous.

Along with that, Write down 2-3 NEW skills I would like to Learn and Improve in the coming year, analyze what Time requirement they would take, and Include in the Overall Business Plan for the New Year.

No sense in Focusing your eyes on the rear view Mirror. “Yesterday is  Dead and Gone..” I always remember my Horse trainer Son, Jonathan telling his student riders to always KEEP their Eyes Focused Ahead if you want your Horse to Move FORWARD.

I am convinced that the Opportunities presented, via Communication Technology and the effectiveness of Properly executed Social Networking, offer anyone who desires Success in Building a Business a Clear Road Map for that Journey

We will be addressing these Business Building Opportunities, Tools, and Systems in future posts and the exciting Webinar Series, Building a Web-based Business from Scratch

9 Responses to “Focus on the New Year, Building Your Business”

  1. Chuck says:

    Sean, I know you are on a smoother road to Abundance with proper planning. Have you watched the Webinar Video in the Members section, here at You Can Build It?
    Also the 4 part Webinar series on How to Establish a Self Hosted WordPress System, by Brad Parler, is uploaded for your viewing pleasure

  2. SeanMcNeely says:

    This was a great post at the right time. I think most people get all hyped up about the coming year and make their New Years resolutions then by February they die out. I have done this year after year and have met with failure each time. This year is different I found a program that has me setting Big Goals for 2010 (which I must confess I have never done in past years) instead of resolutions that will not make it past February. One of the key things I have learned is you must not lose momentum when you come out of 2009 and enter 2010. I think Newton said it best “A body at rest tend to stay at rest, and a body in motion stay’s in motion” I know this is going to be a year full of prosperity for me. With the knowledge I have now and the wealth of information, tools and training is providing me I am sprinting right out of 2009 and into 2010 without missing a step.
    Sean McNeely

  3. Hi Chuck,

    I left December o9′ a bit discouraged about my online business. Finding you and your information has got me excited about changing things, working harder and bringing in new ideas to succeed in 2010. Appreciate you and what you offer. Thanks so much.

  4. Hey Chuck,

    As much as I don’t like to think about doing it I think I must find a new niche or should I say, an additional niche. At this moment that is the largest objective or goal looming in front of me.

    Thanks so much,


  5. Awesome comments Chuck. My reflections are happenning now and I am trying to focus on the future. But as I start a new job that is so exciting I am keeping my mind blank to allow the opportunities to flow, perhaps I shall be able to narrow my direction within the next month.

    I am a definate fan of Yaro Starak as well. I have met him and he has presented to our Platinum mastermind group. Love his blog posts.


  6. Chuck says:

    Thanks Matt for the Good words. I love your Mantra for “Do It Again in TwentyTen” but we are referring to the Things that WORKED an an open Mind for New Directions

  7. Matt Geib says:


    Your words are timely once again for the opening of a New Year!

    As CF Haanel said it so well almost 100 years ago,”Necessities are DEMANDS & Demands Create ACTION, & Action creates RESULTS.”

    We Must DECIDE TODAY what Course we will choose for 2010 Then formulate the Plan & Be Bold & Brave & Take ACTION Then & only then will we See Results & be able to begin to Sculpt the Lives we desire.

    As you have also said before, Do Not worry about the RESULTS for no matter wha,t we will see Growth & Learn & thus that is the real Joy & Victory in Living a Life of Passion.

    My Mantra “Do It AGAIN in 2010”…In other words Lets Keep Keepin’ on till we reach the Prize!

    God Bless You

    Matt Geib

  8. Devon says:

    My plan for 2010 is for us to join hand physically and figuratively and BUILD IT.

    Let’s continue to brainstorm, we are natural born leaders. Chuck I love those works BUILD IT.

  9. Sam says:

    What Awesome words of wisdom. Reflection on the past is good to see , However FOCUS is defined by Webster’s Dictionary. “A fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration.” And in considering what has past, did it pass with positive results? If so continue on in that direction. If not, let it pass with only the thought that even in it’s lake of results it is still a step forward as what not to do next time ..
    2010 will be as we set out for it to be. Success happens everyday to “ordinary” people. Keep the lines of communication open and just as the line that lays in the water in search of a fish you will find results with the persistence that is required . Let’s keep the thoughts for 2010 moving forward and BUILD IT


  1. Chuck Bartok - Some great comments on this Post Focus 2010, Building Your Business Add your Thoughts very appreciated
  2. Chuck Bartok - Focus 2010, Building Your Business Good Comments..Leave some of your thoughts I appreciate it
  3. Chuck Bartok - Let's talk about 2010.. What are your feelings on The Plans of Action 4 your Journey 2Abundance. Comment this Post…

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