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Gambling on Your Business, Risk Taking Skills

Gambling on Your Business, Risk Taking Skills

Gambling on YOUR Business is

probably the best odds for success

available, if you have developed

Risk Taking Skills.

Risk Taking Skills was discussed on our Weekly Business Development Podcast,  You Can Build It Talk Show, on November 3, 2010.

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Many people shun the opportunity of engaging in Business Pursuits because of the Fear of Risk, but as we discuss in the Podcast, developing the Risk Taking Skills through reading, experiences and asking questions of others of similar experience can allow a MORE Calculated Risk.

Risk is an inherent facet of LIFE. Our society, however,  seems to have been directed many towards a Safe Haven Utopian concept of Entitlement and “Guaranteed” benefits. I have wondered if this isn’t a Collective Activity to suppress Creativity and Individuality.

The analogy of becoming a better Card Player, Poker Player through Training and Practice, always being aware of the RISK of the Gamble, is valid; since the requirement of increasing your ODDS of Business Success are base on Training and “practice”

I have personally suffered some “Bad Business Hands” and those experiences directed me to gather more Knowledge and increase my Risk Taking Skillset. This increased time and energy invested in gathering more knowledge (training) and practicing good habits, has paid off handsomely.

But all work and no play can make one a Bore, so I have always enjoyed “competing” in various activities and playing cards with skill is an enjoyable Diversion, Our community has regular Card games scheduled with small wagering on a regular basis. Many of us Senior citizens realize the Value of Mental stimulation.

But more important is to keep your options open, research the parameters affecting business decisions and then ACT NOW!

What are your thoughts?

Texas Holdem PokerWARNING: You will be taking the RISK of my possibly earning a modest income if you click on any of the above links and decide to purchase any services or Products. Our friends in Washington D.C. require me to disclose that I might profit form my efforts of sharing Fun and exciting ideas.

9 Responses to “Gambling on Your Business, Risk Taking Skills”

  1. Chuck Bartok says:

    Well you have been busy leaving relevant comments, Erik. I see yoi visited our other site.
    Did you noticed the Audio and Text copies of Think and Grow Rich here at You can Build It?
    Visit this page
    Think and Grow Rich
    Using the word Gambling did pique some curiosity.

  2. Erik Flores says:

    Gambling shouldn’t be the word, I would say that monitoring the business and measuring your KPIS as well as taking proper decisions to change what it’s needed as soon as it is possible will move you forward to success.


  3. Brent64 says:

    Truly nice job. This quotation is really tremendous job. I think it will be helpful for all. keep it up.builder

  4. Shalin says:

    Risk should be taken carefully. i’m not saying that the risk is a bad thing. “Change” , ‘decisions” are critical for a successful business !

  5. Gilbert says:

    I find what you’re saying very true, from my personal experience I was able to stumble on great success opportunities because I do take risk, mostly time investment risk is what I can afford

  6. Chuck says:

    I sharp, clear thinking mind is the MOST powerful asset and the skills of memory
    can be assumed through disciplined habit.
    Join us or download any or all of the, almost 300, live Talk Show episodes discussing this topic.
    Focus Society Of Overachievers

  7. Hints for Remembering Better
    1. Understand thoroughly what is to be remembered and/or memorized
    2. Spot what is to be memorized verbatim. It is a good plan to use a special marking symbol in text and notebook to indicate parts and passages, rules, data, and all other information that is to be memorized instead of just understood and remembered
    3. If verbatim memory is required, go over the material or try to repeat at odd times.
    4. Think about what you are trying to learn. Find an interest in the material if you wish to memorize it with ease.
    5. Study first the items that you want to remember longest.
    6. Learn complete units at one time, as that is the way it will have to be recalled.
    7. Overlearn to make certain.
    8. Analyze material and strive to intensify the impressions the material makes.
    9. Use concrete imagery whenever possible. Close your eyes and get a picture of the explanation and summary answer. Try to see it on the page. See the key words underlined.
    10. Make your own applications, examples, and illustrations.
    11. Reduce the material to be remembered to your own self-made system or series of numbered steps.
    12. Represent the idea graphically by use of pictorial or diagrammatic forms.
    13. Make a list of key words most useful in explaining the idea or content of the lesson.
    14. Form a variety of associations among the points you wish to remember. The richer the associations, the better the memory.
    15. Try making the idea clear to a friend without referring to your book or notes.
    16. Actually write out examination questions on the material you think you might get at the end of the term. Then write the answers to your own questions. Since you now have the chance, consult the text or your notes to improve your answers.
    17. Follow suggestions for reviewing. This is an important part of remembering.

  8. Chuck says:

    That is what I was alluding to Bill. Regardless what we pursue the more
    information assembled,

    I believe, the better our chances for success.

    Much of that information and skill set can be committed to the subconscious
    and become our Nature.

    That is why I believe the Business Mindset can be assimilated.

    See Squidoo Lens, Mindset2

  9. Bill Beckett says:

    I am not sure how betting on a poker hand is like taking business risks. The biggest risk I notice in business for the owner is to decide on the prices.
    You are right that having information reduces risk.
    You mean in cards you get information from remembering the cards played?

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