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You Can Build It is Live!

You Can Build It is Live!

Welcome to the Newest Site of the Communities, Focus Society Mastermind and Beginners Marketing Class.

This site will offer the Public Timely articles about Building a Successful Web Based Business from Scratch and offer the Paid Subscribers access to the Archive of Webinars, Audios, Podcasts and accompanying Text Documents.

The Webinars and Podcast follow the Creation, Implementation and growth of an Actual On-line Web Based Business. The group collectively, through Research, decided on a Niche that holds Promise, then the series introduces and Implements the simple Time-Tested steps necessary to Create the Business.

The concept is following a pattern used by Successful Entrepreneurs for Hundreds of years, and clearly Stated in Napoleon Hill’s famous Book, Think and Grow Rich.

For a detailed Live discussion of the practical application of Hill’s work, Click on the Banner to your Right  “Focus Society of Overachivers”

This Webinar series will be a priceless Asset to anyone with the Burning desire to create and Grow a Successful Web based Business. Visit the Join Now Page above and Have Fun with US.

Here is a simple Video discussing one of the first requirements of Business creation  Establishing the Mindset of an Entrepreneur


2 Responses to “You Can Build It is Live!”

  1. DianeStephenson says:

    I have spent the last few months trying to learn about internet marketing and have put some of it into practice – for instance, my blog site. But I have learned a great deal more since joining Focus Society Mastermind Beginners’ Marketing Class and taking part in the TalkShoe calls and webinars. I am learning not only how to use what I have already learned but am learning new things in an interactive venue where I can ask questions and where my thoughts along with the ideas of each one are important. This project is unique because we aren’t just being told what to do and then left on our own to do it, but we are actually learning and building this business together as a team. I think it’s a super idea that will benefit all who take part. Thanks Chuck and everyone else involved in setting this up and providing a stimulating environment in which to learn.

  2. Renegade Doc says:

    As a heretofore UNsuccessful internet entrepreneur who never had any training in business or entrepreneurship, I have already benefited immensely from following your example (my blog and talk show for example) and the concept of doing this collectively with simple, straightforward, explained and modeled action steps is a brilliant concept and definitely needed. I, for one, am delighted to be a part and looking forward to even greater success. Everyone who has or wants a business online or offline will benefit. Sign up!!

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