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How many Blogs do You read weekly?

How many Blogs do You read weekly?

Asking How Many Blogs Read weekly was a question posed on our Facebook Fan Page,

Best Business Mindset Alliance

The survey was prompted by the results of a study by
Hubspot and included in a Power Point Presentation.

Download Presentation Here

and look for graphs regarding Blogging habits

(Need Microsoft PowerPoint or Open Office)

The survey shows these results on How Many Blogs Read Weekly

How many Blogs read Weekly

Our survey at Facebook showed the majority read 5 Blogs or Less Weekly. Ever since reading the statistics from Hubspot and the impact of reading other blogs within my Niche, I have increased my reading regularly about 10-20 Blogs weekly.

This has helped me with Blog content ideas, a deeper understanding of what my Niche Markets are interested in and the opportunity to develop solid relationships with like Minded Business Persons, especially through the comment process.

As mentioned in previous posts, I subscribe to Blogs, usually found through setting up Google Alerts for relevant keywords, and then send them to my Evernote for reading and parsing later


If you want to Grow your Blog, enjoy traffic and engage others in your Passion, I suggest you increase the number of Blogs Read Weekly

And don not forget to Comment on the posts interesting you the most, because You will find more people reading Your Blogs Weekly

10 Responses to “How many Blogs do You read weekly?”

  1. Chuck says:

    Thanks for your input.
    Question for you….
    Do you have a method to track those you RSS subscribe to your sites?

  2. Robert says:

    Hey Chuck! I cannot tell you how many RSS feeds I have within my reader. I try to stay updated with everyone, but there never seems to be enough time during the day…

  3. Chuck says:

    Appreciate your comment, Scott,
    Are you using Google Alerts on a regular basis?
    Also do you comment often?

  4. Scott says:

    Google Alerts for this…wow….never thought of doing this! I normally ready about 5 or more per day.

    Lot’s of great information on the web these days. Never thought we would have come this far from the days of 9600 baud dial up modems…showing my age! Ha!

    Thanks for the advice!

  5. Chuck says:

    We are honored with your input Catherine,
    I have been amazed at the ability to gain so much knowledge so quickly by following these simple steps.
    Be nice if we could make it Mandatory everyone do such and learn to earn and grow as our Creator intended.
    Again, Thanks for you input

  6. Cat Alexandra says:

    Hi Chuck,

    I think I probably need to take a better inventory of how many blogs I’m reading, but I would guesstimate that it’s somewhere between 10-15 per day. I have been in a state of awe at the amount of incredible USE-ABLE info that is transmitted so freely via blog. It’s been an incredible source of inspiration and proper application that I have gleaned from just this source of learning alone.

    Readers are leaders!

    I love your idea to set up Google Alerts for this. I haven’t really done that yet – I mostly just set up RSS and hit that each day, plus I make a habit of going back to read and comment on the blogs of those who take the time to comment on my own blog. CommentLuv is a great tool to reward my readers and keep tabs on who is sharing what. (Glad to see you use it too!)

    +1’d here and tweeting this out to my followers! Thanks for the great article!

    Best regards,
    Cat Alexandra

  7. Chuck says:

    Thank you for the comment Pete,
    I visited your site…pretty awesome also.
    Amazing the statistic regarding “How Many Blogs Read” seems to keep the creative juices flowing, encourages posting more often, which then leads to more subscribers.
    What a great Circle.
    By the way some of your followers would be well served looking at our Networked Blog System
    Looking forward to hearing and sharing more

  8. Pj Zafra says:

    Great post here and interesting topic. As fellow bloggers, it is always a good practice to visit, read and comment on different blogs. Like you said you get content ideas this way. Same goes for me. It’s also a great way to generate backlinks and have people come to your site hence more traffic. I personally visit, read and comment on around 20 blogs daily. I look for some blogs to comment on either from the emails I receive and check out the site of the people who have commented and check out social media sites for some blogs. I’m really committed to make this work the best way possible.

    Thanks for the great insights here! Keep it up! 😀

  9. Teddy says:

    Thanks for the Analytics. It is somewhat useful info.. I personally read about 7-12 and manage more than I ever thought I would. Lol. -TED 09-30-2011

  10. Chuck says:

    Glad you stopped by Teddy,
    I have been helped so much by studying and applying Action to these ideas.
    Our blogs are being ranked quickly and traffic increased dramatically.
    The other thing we have found helpful is being involved with Networked Blogging


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