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How my Alexa Ranking Grew and Helped Grow My Business

How my Alexa Ranking Grew and Helped Grow My Business
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How I improved my Alexa ranking

If you’d asked me earlier this year where my Alexa ranking stood for my blog, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. In fact, I probably would’ve looked at you funny and asked, “What’s an Alexa ranking?”

Being the social media fanatic that I am, however, I was hearing enough about Alexa that about four weeks ago I finally took the initiative to find out what it was and what bearing it had on me as an online marketer. Turns out it’s something that’s pretty essential; simply put, Alexa ranks websites based on their traffic. If you are an online marketer, your website should at the least be ranked in the top one million.

As of May 19th, my Alexa ranking was at 4,235,350 for my blog. I immediately started looking for ways to improve this number. I browsed through several online articles for tips that would help me accomplish this. I read one marketer’s blog that said I should post articles to my website at least three times a day for a month to see quick results. Three times a day was a stretch for me, so I started blogging daily instead, whereas I’d previously been blogging only once every two weeks or so. My ranking moved up to 3,678,600 after about ten days.

It was at approximately the 10-day mark when Chuck Bartok told me about a WordPress plugin that would help my ranking improve even faster. I installed the All in One SEO Pack to my blog right away. What a difference this plugin made! If you are a WordPress user as many of us are, you will want to install it and go back to edit all of your previous posts if you want your ranking to improve faster. This only takes a matter of seconds for each one. Add the title, a brief description, and the appropriate keywords.

In addition to blogging daily and adding keywords to the SEO plugin, I also joined a free blog syndication group on Facebook known as the Tribe Syndication Association. By becoming a member of this group, I agreed to comment on (syndicate) other members’ blogs on a given day of each week, and they do the same for me in exchange. It’s a great way to gain new traffic and start getting quality comments on your blog articles from like-minded people.

Now in the second week of June, my Alexa ranking for my main site stands at about 2,300,000. (Increase 1,378,600 in a week) My goal is to be in the top million by the end of this month. By blogging daily, working the plugin, and commenting on other blogs, I feel this is a completely reasonable goal. What are some methods that YOU have used to improve your rankings?

What are you doing to Climb your Blog and Increase Traffic?
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Mandee Widrick

15 Responses to “How my Alexa Ranking Grew and Helped Grow My Business”

  1. Paul says:

    Very interesting article. Alexa ranking is the most important tool that we have to mesure our online achievments.
    thank you so much for posting. I will use some of your article as a text book!

  2. How fantastic is this – my site is down to 761,000! And to think that just a short couple months ago I had NO IDEA what an Alexa ranking was. I’m having a blast seeing the results from all of my hard work!

  3. Chuck says:

    Great suggestion Ed, also the right plugins can help in that department

  4. Ed Cabrera Internet Marketing Sensei says:

    It’s great to comment on other blogs for ranking and to get a great Seo plugin. One thing I just learned is you must also ping your site soon after wards.

  5. Chuck says:

    Update on Mandee Widrick’s Alexa Journey. As of Today her site is a fantastic 826,000.
    Way to go Mandee!

  6. Chuck says:

    Thanks for your comment.
    If you ever need some more ideas about Optimizing your Word Press
    Site, contact me.

  7. Lorri says:

    This is great information Mandee, thank you!! I am new to WordPress, so appreciate all the insight I can get! I’m going to go work on that plugin right now, and in turn, my ranking!

  8. Current ranking stands as of today as 1,962,205…I will hit my goal yet!

  9. Dr. Erica Goodstone says:

    I have written hundreds of articles but I was not keeping up with blog posts. Now I have begun focusing much more on my blogs and I continue to be amazed at the types of comments I receive and the numbr of people that have been sharing my blogs all over the web. Of course, videos and twitter and facebook, etc., etc., also help your Alexa ranking, if linked back to that blog site.

  10. @ Chuck: Thank YOU for allowing me the opportunity to join you here at YouCanBuild.It. I certainly agree that one can become too focused on the wrong thing (watching rankings and visitor stats) instead of focusing on what really matters (growing the business). I think people get caught up in the stats a lot more than they should. While the rankings are important, they mean nothing if we aren’t doing everything else that goes along with owning and operating a business.

  11. @ Bill: You have a great pet blog there. I’m looking forward to seeing more from you. And that’s great that you have an impressive Alexa ranking…I checked it out, not bad!!

    @ Brad: I think you’ll get a lot out of the TSA group on Facebook. If you haven’t joined yet I’ll send you an invite. It takes a little time in the beginning to figure out what’s what, but once you get the hang of things it’s quite fun and easy to follow. Hope to see you there.

    @ Karin: Glad to see you here! I’ll keep you posted on the progress. As long as I keep up with daily blogs at in addition to my other actions, I really think I can make it to the top million by the end of the month.

    @ John: I agree, I think we learn something new practically every minute at the rate things are going these days! It certainly keeps my head spinning. I think I need a filing cabinet in my BRAIN sometimes. Hope things are going well with you!

  12. Buckaroojohn says:

    This is all so interesting!! My grandpa told me to learn something new everyday..
    You can literally learn something new every minute..
    At times overwhelming..
    Thanks Chuck and Mandee for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

  13. Hi Mandee, what a great post. With the action steps you are taking, you will surpass your goal without a problem.
    Following the Alexa ranking is the right thing to do these days. Google page rank used to be the most relevant parameter, but it is not any longer. The reason for that is that there are so many different sources of traffic these days, that Google no longer holds a monopoly.
    Congrats on your results so far. I will follow your progress with interest.

  14. Brad Parler says:

    Hey Mandee! That’s Awesome – being a bit of a WordPress Guy, I love to read about people having an experience such as yours. Sometimes it’s the small tweaks that really lead to explosive experiences. I’m going to have to check out that group on FB – as that sounds like a really great way to get build community around your posts.

    One of the ways that I’ve built up traffic is by using an enhanced commenting system (free) called Intense Debate. ID allows you to have a profile and track comments of your friends (provided they have a profile) and build authority among sites that are using ID. Intense Debate is an Automatic Owned company (you know the WordPress folks themselves) so it has deep integration – allows for people to sign in via Facebook Connect, and other nice features.

  15. Chuck says:

    Thanks for the Post, Mandee.

    I believe Rankings are important especially if one is interested in Building Authority on the Web.
    This is important for those providing consulting Service and marketing Products.

    However, like anything else, one can become obsessed with the concept. Ranking mean little if your established “bottom line” Goals are not being attained.
    Brad Parler had an interesting post about Ranking the Other day on Powered Productions
    Thank you again,Mandee, for your Post


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