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Is Everyone Cut out to Build a Business?

Is Everyone Cut out to Build a Business?

When I came on the Internet 13 years ago I was given the impression the whole World Population should be Starting Home Based Businesses. Of course I have spent the past 50 years getting Magazines and Direct Mail promoting the Joys and Freedoms of being an Entrepreneur and Building a Huge Business Empire.

But they were nothing compared to the Ads touting Instant Success, No WORK Needed, We do it for you, No selling required….ad nausea-tum. These ads are even permeating the Social Media, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Is it TRUE? Yes
  • Can Someone create Instant Wealth? Yes, in a short time
  • Let Someone else Do it? No, not likely

Well, I believe the Internet can provide the vehicle for anyone with the proper Entrepreneurial Mindset, ability to apply the effort, possess an open mind and not afraid to Risk Time energy and a little Capital.

And the Road Maps (or Charts) are available.

I just watched a Video today, produced by a nineteen year old Entrepreneur’ who (within 2 years) carved a marketing niche on-line netted over $100,000 a month.


He researched, created a methodology and applied Massive action. I investigated his system and am going to apply some of the methods. They WILL work..It will take dedication and bit more of time commitment and a small initial New Capital Investment.

We have had a boring dull and mundane Road Map available for past few years at Best Business Mindset and You Can Build It for past 11 years. But only a few dedicated marketers have followed the simple plans and they Have and Are enjoying Success, defined by Them.

But…always a But!

So many seem to be frustrated watching their Credit Card charges increase , buying one NEW Gimmick after another. Feeling depressed about lack of SUCCESS.

Everyone does not have the Bent to be an Entrepreneur and that is OK. Watch the quick Video to understand what I feel

So don’t feel bad about realizing that the lifestyle of an Entrepreneur may not be for You.  Keep your money,  apply your your time and energy to a position of Employment…

In fact there must be a sense of security knowing one can receive regular compensation and be afforded benefits etc.

But before you throw in the Towel, before you feel you should leave the Business Building Lifestyle, give me a call and let’s do a Free 1/2 hour evaluation. Could be just a little nudge could propel you on that Enviable Voyage to Abundance.

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5 Responses to “Is Everyone Cut out to Build a Business?”

  1. Roseann Smeck says:

    I’m Chuck Frey, author of the Mind Mapping Software Blog, the leading source of news, trends and best practices in the world of visual mapping. Much has changed since the last edition of this book was published in 2007. In writing this 3rd edition, I looked at the existing content with a critical eye, updating those tips that needed it, eliminating topics that aren’t as relevant today and – most importantly – populated it with a wealth of new, practical and actionable information that is designed with today’s programs, applications and resources in mind.

  2. SeanMcNeely says:

    Hey Chuck,
    That was a great post, I just wish I would have seen this post 5 years ago. You are right that people will buy products, training courses ect and never apply action. I have fallen victim to that myself in the past. This week I am taking a vacation and instead of sitting around doing nothing, I am working on getting my blog up running by the end of the week. I know that I can either work this week on my home business or spend my day’s watching TV. The funny thing is I really enjoy working on my blog and websites it is just fun not really work.
    Sean McNeely

  3. Tony Logue says:

    Hey Chuck,

    Good stuff.

    I’m also back in the saddle building again. Founding Distributor with a new company and trying a great new system with a host of marketing tools. I’ll keep you posted on the results.

  4. Tonya Heathco says:


    Great job with the videos. You have been one of my inspirations to keep going when the going gets tough. Thank you for being a great support in this ole gals time of need.

    Enjoy your success,


  5. DARiley says:

    Hi Chuck,

    You have gotten pretty good with those video’s! Guess you had the mindset to take your marketing and teaching to the next level!

    The key point I got from you, is taking action. Awareness does us no good if we don’t pay attention and do something with the knowledge we gather. You mentioned frustrated marketers watching their credit card bills climb, but see nothing coming in to bring them back down.

    Either the proper awareness wasn’t there, or there was no action. Pretty cut and dry. I tend to think in most cases its a lack of action. I am sure that there are thousands of marketers that have a hard drive full of products and links in their history, just like I do… except I have made money off of most all items stored on my hard drive.

    I have the mindset to create an awareness of a program or product to understand if its possible to At Least make my initial investment back. If I don’t, I won’t take out my credit card.

    Since I own and operate several sites, I get to see first hand the amount of online entrepreneur wanna be’s spend money on a service, then never use it or use it to it’s full potential then wonder why they aren’t having success.

    Keep up the great work, Chuck.


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