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Is Your Law of Attraction factor Schooling or SWARMING?

Is Your Law of Attraction factor Schooling or SWARMING?

Interesting discussion at Focus Society Talkshoe EPISODE 250.
discussing the Book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind**, by Joseph Murphy. It made me think about a Discovery Channel show on Swarming and the negative effects caused by this action.

You may ask:

How does this apply to Networking or MLM.
And I hope you do, think about it for a minute.

New marketers are typically taught to look for family and friends that could enjoy their product or service. And then teach them the same and in so creating a repetition much like the wave at the baseball game does going around the stadium.

It creates a Swarming effect. That is everyone following the leader.
Is that good or bad for a business you just attached your name and credibility to?

Look at a Swarm in nature. (Swarm Theory)

In the insect world they are all about self and or group preservation and will do whatever it takes to sustain life. Just visualize a swarm of Locusts. They will move from field to field devouring everything in its path to perpetuate the progression of the species, the swarm moves as if it is one body.

Is that how you’re running your business?

Take no prisoners?
Or  so focused on the money you could make off the efforts of others?

How do you know if you are running your business that way or not?
It is relatively simple. And I can only Hope and pray that you are NOT?
And I did Say PRAY and not PREY!!

It’s as simple as one letter that can make the difference.

The difference is are you truly aware of your customers and business partners concerns and desires.

As in our discussion at this morning the true path to success includes the service you provide to others. If you provide the attraction factor of a swarm with the intent to devourer everyone and everything in your path you may make a great success at the bank in the beginning, however what will that do to the longevity of your business?

Remember that everything has a beginning and an end. Even Businesses, They evolve and change. Keep you Subconscious Mind open and pure and know who you’re working with.

Before you get into any business PLEASE do your research on the company, who is running it and what their personal work ethics are like. Even Start-up companies have history as to who has started them. Do your best research before you sign on the dotted line. After all you are becoming part of that business, and it part of you.

As this networking world evolves you may be held accountable to who you personally sign up and brought into your business. Make certain you know your product and or service. And that the team you are building has credibility in knowing that you pray for others and not PREY on others.

Become a business of like minded individuals like a school of fish. There to protect each other and not create a path of destruction.

You each have a responsibility each time you sign someone up. Please don’t take that responsibility lightly. Don’t let the vision of dollars falling from the sky misguide you. That is an illusion. Anything of any value takes time to build.

ATTRACT the people to your business as if you are building a skyscraper and need to lay a solid foundation or by the time you get to the top it will fall over because of poor planning and crumbling bricks.

Be true to the person YOU are and in the end your success will be measured by the actions you use to create it.

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4 Responses to “Is Your Law of Attraction factor Schooling or SWARMING?”

  1. Chuck Bartok says:

    The solution to become a Successful MLM marketer, Car salesman, Realtor, Internet Marketer, or anything dealing with public interaction, IS SIMPLE.

    Ask Questions, Sincerely Listen and ASK more questions.

    Then use your knowledge, gained for time spent reading and asking questions, and provide a SOLUTION to their problems.
    You will never suffer the SWARMING SYNDROME

  2. Sam says:

    If we will pull together looking at each of our customers or business partners as people we will be spending the rest of our lifes with we would most certainly treat them different . Or if we were to treat them as if they were someone you greatly admire . See how that would change the way you talk to them or do your presantation .

  3. JeffBeeman says:

    Ahhh..The down side to the Internet. Less personal touch and so much easier to say “next”! In every sales training I have been a part of the warm up, introduction or or 1st impression have always been crucial. Not saying I’m an expert by any means but I recognize now more than ever the need for the personal touch. It may not mean bigger dollars up front but it can mean longevity and quality residuals down the road!


  4. DARiley says:

    Very nicely put, Chuck…

    I find it sometimes difficult to ensure my members that I don’t prey on them. Especially when it comes to product or service recommendation.

    I don’t do it very often, but when I do it is because I have tried or bought the product/service and have found it to be very beneficial.

    Unfortunately in today’s internet marketing world, you become part of the swarm when you recommend something. So many marketers promote much of the same things these days, it is difficult to establish yourself as different.

    This is where relationship building comes in, and why I try to work on it everyday. It’s why I don’t promote every new thing that comes along… praying that members see that I am truly online to succeed through their success.

    I believe I create a positive Law of Attraction with my members, and strive to keep it positive in everything I do… because you are right, there is one thing that will kill your business in a heartbeat… preying on your members for success instead of praying for your members success.


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