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James Strauss Writes Gripping Non-Fiction

James Strauss Writes Gripping Non-Fiction

I had the privilege of meeting
James Strauss 46 years ago
as he left the Marine Corps.

James had a story to share that kept me on edge
regarding his experiences in Vietnam

He then has since written many short stories and several novels, The Mastodon Series, Vol 1, The Boy was a a sellout first edition
The Boy, The Mastodons, Book IThe Boy, The Mastodons, Book I by James Strauss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Boy offers a unique insight into social impact, discrimination and superstition through the eyes of a young boy in pre-history times. Being banished from his tribe allows him to mature with the help of relationships with animals.
This book is the first of a series of 5.

Looking forward to reading the others.

I enjoy reading the many short stories published by author James Strauss

He has recently started a new non-fiction accounting of his harrowing experiences in Vietnam
30 Days has September

Publishing  first 10 Days of 30 Days Has September on Amazon soon

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