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Making Friends Affirmations

Making Friends Affirmations

Do you have a difficult time building friendships? It occasionally can be difficult, but this isn’t a skill that we can’t improve. As a matter of fact, once you begin making friends, it in reality is addictive and a lot of fun. The key thing to making friends is being a friend yourself and being real. Remember, the more practice you get, the better you get to be.

Making new friends is always a big concern when moving to a fresh city or state, starting a fresh school or even switching to a fresh job. Change, itself, is difficult enough. However, it can be even more difficult if friends seem hard to come by. Well, don’t fret it! With a positive outlook and a little technique, you’ll have your very own group of friends in no time!

  • Smile. It’s catching!
  • Address the individual you’d like to make friends with by his or her name. This demonstrates that you are interested in getting to know them.
  • Be true. Individuals are by nature attracted to somebody who is earnest and truly interested in them.
  • Loosen up and relax. Be yourself.
  • Ask questions that will help them to begin talking. Don’t ask queries that are too personal in nature.
  • Be a beneficial listener.
  • Build upon common ground, such as pastimes or hobbies.
  • Abide by differences of opinion; that’s what makes friendships stimulating. Be nonsubjective and open-minded.
  • Present compliments when required. People always appreciate positive feedback.
  • Keep in touch by calling on them to do something amusing with you.
  • Follow through with them later on.

One Response to “Making Friends Affirmations”

  1. Chuck says:

    Great article Mark,

    Isn’t it amazing that the simple HOW TO steps to making successful friendships applies to all successful sales endeavors.
    Building positive relationships with prospects and following up with existing customers assures continued success.

    After all, building strong relationships and providing service is truly what sets a Success apart from the Run-of-Mill

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