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Money Making Power of the Blog

Money Making Power of the Blog

Blogging Effort offers Power

Did you know that people of all walks of  life are generating an online income in their blog postings ?

We did the research, We tested the system and in less than 3 weeks we put this blog on the front page of Google and within 4 weeks created an Alexa ranking of less than 1/2 million!

Incredible numbers and we want to share it with you

Knowledge is powerful and we have  proof of that knowledge.

Yes, it is important to take your niche on blogging to heart and keep it as not just your passion, but use it as a tool; that will deliver products and services that makes your readers want to come back for more . You can use it as a business without having to get a bank loan for start-up costs.

Remember that everyone on this planet is in need of something,  and whatever your passion is, you are not the only one that has it.   Also remember that people buy from people .  Example of that in my mind is when I bought my first home. I danced with many Realtors, After a few weeks I narrowed it down to one,  then we went to work finding my home.  After owning my house for 25 years, the first person I called to sell it was my original Realtor.


Because we had the same likes. We had similar dislikes and the most important thing is we connected and Humans beings not as dollar signs.

Blogging is the vehicle to establish relationships with Like minded people, interested in the same Niche, enjoying the same Hobby, Sport or Business Practice

That’s what you will do with your Blogging. Talk about you and your likes and dislikes . IT IS A REFLECTION OF YOU !!!

Placing relevant to topic monetizing links on your blog giving your readers the benefits of getting all they need from you .

Also one of the great thing about talking about your passion and delivering the information your readers are looking for is that you can make a living at it no matter what it is .

People make money selling manure , and make money selling paper, some make money selling information on how to grow plants in a small location and others just delivering the information on their passion of riding horses did you ever think that someone would write a blog on cutting Grass ? Rick the Grass Man does.

The importance of blogging for profit is that you have unique content added on a regular basis and people look at that as being drudgery therefore they have ended their success before it began.

We don’t believe in failure or wasted time, and therefore created the network blog system that will add content to your blog, weekly or daily depending on your needs .

We do this because we know that everyone deserves time to think and do research on their personal blog and sometimes adding to you blog every week can become a challenge especially when the challenges of life get in the way, or as I call it “The Mud of Life ” as in the kids need something, the car has a flat, maybe you need to spend time with a sick friend, nevertheless it takes away from your passion.

We want you to have the best advantage of building your success story . so we hire professional writers to add content for you, BUT THAT DOES NOT ABSOLVE YOU FROM ADDING POSTS (to assure your success).

In doing this your blog never goes dormant and you have the time to get the information needed to make MONEY in your posting. Searching for products to add to your blog page that your readers are looking for.

Just think about it . You have your special monthly newsletter that you better have on your blog for surfers to sign-up for

After 1 year your potential subscription base is 300 people that like what you have to say. You find a product that can better their live and 20 of them buy it from you. you earn  $3.00 per sale that’s $180.00 for just adding to your interests and supplying your readers with what THEY are looking for .

Now lets grow our Blog business with an attraction rate of 30% annually that means that in 3 years you now have 507  members and in 5 years you have 856 members to sell to . If your doing things correctly we will have made over 260 posts for you,keeping your blog active and you will be making posts maybe You will have added  over 700 products to you blog and could potential earn a nice living for doing what you love .

Get involved in life. Talk to like minded people about your passion and deliver information that can better their life .

Serious About Improving Your Blog

Drop us a note and we can talk One-on-One

    2 Responses to “Money Making Power of the Blog”

    1. Dave Riebe says:

      One nice thing about a blog is that you can update it as much as you want,which allows you to communicate with your readers instantly.

    2. RenegadeDoc says:

      You sum it up well:

      Get involved in life!

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