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Network Marketing (MLM) Rainbows Vanish, WHY?

Network Marketing (MLM) Rainbows Vanish, WHY?

Network Marketing (MLM) Rainbows Vanish..Ever wonder WHY?

By: Sam Camerano (Unseen Talents)

Who am I ?

I am you.

The New Network Marketer.
Or new to the MLM world?.

The difference may be that I was new 10 years ago and I have seen fortunes come and go. I was employed as a dialer for six different opportunities .

My job was to get people interested in a program or system and then paint them a Beautiful Rainbow, a pot of Gold , or maybe a new car, maybe even a Big spacious new home.

Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold.

Truth be told it is all possible with the right direction. However after talking to more than 200 people over the last two weeks, I have found a grim fact in this wonderful business place. And yes I called it a BUSINESS PLACE . More failures have happened than successes and let me share with you why I believe this to be so .

So many people jumped into a market that they knew nothing about, nor possess any Business Foundation. Usually what happens is that someone calls them up on the phone and reads them a fairytale story of finding a new car or home at the end of this rainbow that is comprised of beautiful colors that would allure the most intelligent of men and women.

Smooth talk is so cheap and can be done from the boiler room of the local homeless shelter. The truth is that wealth is available to all who wish to have it as long as they will WORK for it.

Fairytale dreams only make money if you wrote the book. And in so many opportunities out there, that is who makes the fortune, the man or women who built the program , and usually it is to build a mass wealth in 6 to 9 months and then change the name to do it over again.

Reality is, that if you are going to go into business for yourself you need to get ready for it, Provision your Ship, so to speak ( sign up for Newsletter at you right and get FREE copy of Provision Your Ship)

In school most of us learned how to set up different types of math equations. Something simple like 3+4=7, very easy; and then we were taught was to memorize it. Well in doing simple tasks like that we can memorize how to build a business.

The equation is Product + Customers = Sales . So simple right? Here comes the work part.

  • Finding a good product that represents you. ( Easiest way to sell a product is if you believe in it )
  • Finding the customers that want your product (Believe it or not if you have a good product people will buy it, after all people bought pet rocks, Remember ?

I truly Believe in the fact that we all have a destiny and that we all will achieve our Dreams, However, just as it takes effort to go to the refrigerator to get something to nourish out bodies, we all need to find the proper information to nourish our mind, so it will allow us to build the wealth we are looking for..

To develop the Ability to THINK and Grow Rich

If your looking for monetary success , surround your thoughts and being with those that have had it , or those that are truthfully building it…

Learn To Mastermind with Like minded Individuals

If you are in search of spiritual success than do the same. Read and listen to the things that will move your growth in a positive direction.

  • Learn to Provision your Ship (Gather Awareness of Business Principles)
  • Recruit the Right Crew of Peers. (Mastermind)
  • Apply Massive Energy ( If You love what you are doing, it is easy)
  • Learn to develop solid relationships. ( People buy from People they know and appreciate

I would encourage you to consider joining in on the You Can Built It Webinar Series…

But before you click on the Link, I must inform you I am an affiliate and would earn $5.00 month from your subscription..

But I would recommend the Series if there was no Affiliate position.

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14 Responses to “Network Marketing (MLM) Rainbows Vanish, WHY?”

  1. Chuck says:

    Also for a long period of time, Paige

  2. Paige Price says:

    Network Marketing is a very good way to promote your products in a short period of time.*”.

  3. DeniseMcNerney says:

    Hi Sam,
    Loved your post. Dream + Dream does not equal success. You made it simple and honest, Dream + Work + Supportive Mastermind Group + Attitude + more work = Success
    I have become a work addict since starting on my dream to success. The only thing is that it doesn’t feel like work because I am doing what I love. I have fun every day.
    I encourage everyone to sign up for the newsletter and follow their principles to success.

  4. Chris Janssen says:

    Great thoughts on a great topic. There are many of the people respresented here that have had similar conversations with me through the years. MLM tends to be a business model where people with little to no background and experience expect quick success. The reality is it doesn’t happen that way. Is it possible to happen that way? YES. Is it likely? NO. Knowledge and training is important. It would be like starting a new job and expecting to be successful and make no mistakes from day one. It doesn’t happen.

  5. MKWeb says:

    Great post Sam,
    Like most of the members of FSMM and, many of us have been down that road of following someone else’s fading star trying to catch up to it without really looking at or paying attention to the path we are taking. Sure, they may be rolling it in, but will their business model really work for us?
    Or better yet, do we really SEE what their business model is completely? Like you said, they may just be re-packaging the same information in a prettier box and only making a few minor edits to the info in it to include some new ‘features’ or services.
    When you become the mountain spring of ideas, instead of trying to be a part of the ocean, people will find you much easier. They are always looking for fresh clean water to drink and not salt brine. When you by resale products (that hundreds or thousands of others have bought) you are part of the ocean of people selling that product. When you CREATE your product, your are the small clear spring of pure clean water that people search for.
    The webcasts held here are for doing just that. Opening your mind to see the new ideas and building a solid business using those ideas. Just like a house built on a sand foundation cannot withstand the storm, a business built on little or no understanding will not stand either.

  6. Darren Utke Aka "The Real Deal" Mentor says:

    Hi Alvin, Andre, Chuck and Annette, thank you all for supporting Sams Great Post and sharing your experiences and insight with your own point of view.

    Merry Christmas to All…

    Have a AWESOME Day on Purpose!

    With Purpose! 🙂

    Darren Utke Aka “The Real Deal” Mentor

  7. Annette Minnich says:

    Great post Sam. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the hype when so many people are looking for jobs and ways to make money. It’s sad that so many sponsors out there use the “hype approach” just to get the sign ups,then move on to the next opportunity leaving their down-line to fend for themselves.

  8. Chuck says:

    Andre and Alvin…
    Two very nice comments, but we sense the possibility of Two-in-One?
    Advertising is what the world is about, and here is a solid forum..
    If your content has relevance.

    A person of your talent would find a subscription to the Webinar series a Handsome
    asset to your vast storehouse of Information

  9. Andre Chandler says:

    Hi Sam. Yes I agree with you 100%. Also .. My experience has shown me that most are willing to put in a lot of effort toward their 9-5… where as.. if they simply put forth just a portion of this effort toward their own business,
    they would see tremendous results. And
    along with that effort has to be a belief that this kind of freedom can be aquired.

    Again speaking from my own experience.. previously .. I didn’t really believe I could pull it off. So I didn’t. This is huge. I call it The Law Of Expectation.
    Sadly .. I expected to fail.

    So if I can share anything at all.. it would be to really ‘Feel’ the whole thing unfolding.. and know it will.

  10. Alvin Lincoln says:

    Thanks for giving me some honesty. I have been bumping my head for a while now trying to get a grasp of this business. I now know that I have to treat this just like a physical business and learn some principles that work.

    I can’t wait to get some more tid bits from you on this crazy business.

    Merry Christmas to every one

  11. Brad Pollina says:

    Well said, Sam! People are tired of being cold called by 15+ individuals as their name is sold over and over again. Building relationships FIRST is key. And you and Chuck know how to do it the RIGHT way! As a founding member of BMC, Lori and I really appreciate all that the both of you do. And for those fence sitters, please join! You’ll be glad that you did!Merry CHRISTmas!

  12. Darren Utke Aka "The Real Deal" Mentor says:

    Thank You for speaking the Truth 🙂
    I have found the same to be true.
    As Many others will…
    (Of course that is If they don’t quit)

    Thanks to your AWESOME Post!!!
    Have a AWESOME Day on Purpose!
    With Purpose!

    Darren Utke Aka “The Real Deal” Mentor

  13. JeffBeeman says:

    It’s not Rocket Science is it Sam? However there is behind the scenes work that has to be done and what I would call a expectation that needs to be set properly for each new “Prospect” that is talked to.

    Keep Rocking and Stay Focused!

  14. Chuck Bartok says:

    Some wonderful observations, Sam.

    It must have been difficult to hear so many “stories” from disillusioned people.

    And IT does not need to be that way, if
    Everyone would take a deep breath and realize that simple Business practices WORK in all business Models, On-line or Off-line..

    I have noticed, lately, a re-direction to Building Relationships and Effecting proper Planning and willingness to be coached by Sincere People.

    Thanks for your Contribution


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