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Networking, what is it REALLY…..

Networking, what is it REALLY…..

How many times a day do you hear the word Networking?

If you spend any time on the Internet it is all over, BUT my observation is that it is misunderstood.

The opinion is based on all the specious claims I see associated with Networking and Network Marketing.

For the past 50 years, I have used Networking to provide steady and comfortable Income. But not the way most may think about it. I learned early that sales are easy if you know the answers to the questions people want to be answered. So the next step was to accumulate more than average knowledge about systems and products that I had a passion for.

Not going to bore everyone here with what all of those are. If you want to chat about it Contact me with the form that keeps popping up in the bottom right.

Art of ListeningThe success of any business seems to derive from the business person’s  ability to perceive their Market and work diligently at being in front of huge Listening Ears. It is that skill of listening that develops into easily filing a database of information ABOUT the prospect and recalling when necessary.

If we all learn to SHARE information about others to those who may be able to help them we will find our own businesses growing form that activity.

Do not be afraid to recommend other to help solve problems of the prospect, if you or your products cannot provide the solution.

Some of my strongest referrals have come from Businesses, whose services I had referred to others. Guess the old Law of Attraction does work.


What do you do to hone your Networking Skills?…comment below

Not to be confused with Network Marketing (MLM)

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