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New Challenges….

New Challenges….

At age 69, I assumed a 90 Day Challenge

this past week.

My business ventures have always presented

exciting Challenges and those Challenges have

been fairly easy to meet and conquer.

But since our change in lifestyle a couple years ago, I have become more sedentary, and I found myself with the

Chuck begins 90 day Challenge

Not very pretty, May 2012

Challenge of getting more FIT. There seems a synergistic relationship between NOT felling well and gaining weight. My arthritis in feet and knees was affecting the comfort of walking and less walking affected by ability to stay slim.

The above statement is not a professional diagnoses, but my Doctor, of 30 years, suggested I try to focus on getting back into reasonable shape, for all of the obvious reasons.

There is another motivation: I have always been an entrepreneur and enjoy the thrill of creating success. It demands Focus and the application of Discipline. As my weight increased, I also was losing some of the Drive and Focus, so needed to complete lofty goals.

The old adage about a Healthy body brings a Healthy Bank account rang true. I was not finishing new projects in a timely manner and the income was flattening…..

Not a healthy occurrence in these time of inflationary prices for fuel and other business expenses.

Enough of the reason WHY I chose to assume the responsibility to myself of a 90 day Challenge. I am going to share it publicly:

  • I will lose 35 pounds within 90 Days of my Challenge
  • I will lose 6 inches form my waist line.
  • I will be back comfortably walking 5 miles daily

This may not seem to be much of a 90 Day Challenge for some, but THESE are My Goals and they are for my edification, no one Else’s.

Just like setting up the battle Plan for a New Business campaign, I wrote my Plan of Action on paper and surrounded myself with a solid group of Mastermind Alliance partners.

And now it MY responsibility to APPLY MASSIVE ACTION to that Plan.

I will keep you posted.

I also want to thank for the 90 Day Logo

14 Responses to “New Challenges….”

  1. David clarke says:

    motivational sharing..

    At this age, you are supposes to stay fit and you do efforts then you are one of the fitness lover person..

  2. What You Can Do in 100 Days says:

    Fitness challenges can be done in any age because everyone can be fit at any age and your blog is very motivating for that person who thinks they can’t take a fitness challenge at their old ages.

  3. Mark Gubuan | The New 90 Day Challenge says:

    Chuck, that is so awesome! This is great that you’re doing the challenge. Best of luck to you. See you on Facebook!

  4. Chuck Bartok says:

    Be sure to visit our blog charting the progress of the Fitness Challenge

  5. Chuck says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Gino. Now in 12th day..lost 13# and increasing stamina slowly but surely

  6. Gino` says:

    Way a go Chuck. I know you can do it. I started taking up running a few years back and now I am hook on it. I run 5 to 10-K four times a week and I complete in local runs. One is never to old or young to start.

  7. Chuck says:

    Thanks Paul,
    I have been so impressed with the support form so many people all working on their personal 90 Day Challenges

  8. Chuck says:

    Glad you found the site, Phil
    I am excited and looking forward to more energized lifestyle and enjoying sharing the 90 Day Challenge with others

  9. Paul Lamon says:

    Chuck I love the goals that you have set for yourself and I applaude the fact that you are doing this for yourself! I have trained a lot of people and helped a lot of people on this challenge and I already know that your going to do very well! Congratulations on the step to being healthy!

  10. Phil Sanko says:

    Awesome to see that you’re taking your health to the next level. Based on some of your recent Facebook comments, it sounds like you’re already off to a great start! Good luck over your 90 day challenge.

    Also, thanks for all of your help in getting my blog up and running!

    Take care,
    Phil Sanko

  11. Chuck says:

    And you are correct, Mark,
    Succeeding on this 90 Day Challenge will have NOTHING to do about LUCK. The results are generated from MY focus and the application of proved methods.
    Appreciate your comment!

  12. Success is more about change of mindset and habit than being born “Lucky”.

  13. Chuck says:

    Making Decisions quickly, after a degree of Research is a Pillar of success, Roy. And be very slow to change to your mind

  14. Roy L Morris says:

    Like anything else in life that we want, you have to make a decision and take action. Chuck, you have decided and have taken action. I respect you for that and I know when you set out to accomplish something it usually gets done. Well done on your decision Chuck. Keep up the good work.
    Your friend,
    Roy L Morris aka rollymoss


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