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Offline Life vs. Online Marketing

Offline Life vs. Online Marketing

Hello Valued Reader,

I have been scarce online these past several months.  Chuck Bartok called me the other day to check up on me. It’s just what caring online marketers do… and how bonding relationships are built online.

I have been quite busy offline dealing with life.  It has been a tough year thus far, but every negative I have encountered over the last several months has had a positive silver lining. I simply had to be patient and look.

Life ChangesAs was posted in a previous article here at You Can Build It, it is very easy to become overwhelmed, especially when you add the regular grind of daily life.  Don’t get me wrong, I live for the daily grind, it’s just that sometimes the decisions you make and the curves life throws at you can “interfere” with plans and goals that  you have set.

Early in the year, my mother in law lost a sudden battle with cancer. It was quick, but still painful to experience. My wife hasn’t taken it so well, though time has begun to heal the emptiness. You see, she was but 55 years old… in my wife’s eyes to young to die. Unfortunately, as many have experienced, there is no certainty for the amount of time we are here for this life.

To help in her recovery, my wife decide she needed to get back in to teaching. She is a special education teacher, and its a wonderful opportunity to give back to those less fortunate. She accepted a position outside of Atlanta, GA. which meant we had to move. No problem…

I work only part-time as a over the road truck driver. I do this to supplement my online income which does not produce enough to live the lifestyle to which we are comfortable. Unfortunately, for her to change her career plans, she would need to quit her current job, and I would have to work full time in order for us to get moved, settled and her to prepare for her new position.

Now, as you can imagine this seriously hindered my online goals, and where I had planned to be come end of the year. I had already made arrangements to change servers for my sites and with 26 domains, that would be no easy task from the road. Yet, because I love my wife and want whats best for her… I agreed and decided I would do the best I could to keep my goals and time line intact.

Well, we are now in Atlanta, and getting settled. She starts her new position next week and I have fallen so far behind in my online duties I felt I would never recover. My main websites have been transferred to the new sever, but

Attaining the Goal

Getting to the GOAL

many of the smaller ones still lie in limbo, as I just haven’t had the time or energy to get them working properly. Frustration has set in, and there was a time or two in the last month where I felt like throwing in the towel and giving it all up. Yet, there were my goals still posted in notes on my computer desktop.

You see, I am one of those people who constantly look at the goals that I set. It helps me focus and work hard to make sure they are achieved. Looking over them, I knew there was no way I was going to get where I wanted by the path I had chosen. So I knew I had to look for that silver lining. Something that would still help to achieve some of my end of year goals by going a somewhat different direction than I had originally planned. I think I have found that path and will do what is necessary to get back into the groove. I have simply rewritten the direction of travel to achieve my goal of where I want my online business to be by years end.

Surprisingly, I see opportunity in my online business… offline. What a great opportunity to be a website designer and have the ability to host websites in the Atlanta metro area. So now my short term goals include a little door knocking. A little face to face PR to build my business in a way I never thought possible before. I now have a fantastic opportunity to build, host, and advertise websites for not just online entrepreneurs, which was my previous target. I now see opportunity to expand that to current offline business owners! That. I believe is my silver lining to not only get me back on track, but actually go above and beyond that which I had previously set as goals for my business.

Frustration can lead to inspiration if you open your mind and look for opportunity!

So, what is my point in all this babbling? Don’t give up! When life throws you a curve, learn from it and move on. Don’t let your frustrations get you down, but instead allow them to inspire you on to bigger and better things. Change is always scary, yet it always brings new challenges and opportunities. Meet them head on, and let your conscience be your guide.

Never sacrifice your family for your goals. Goals can be changed and replaced… your loved ones can not! Chances are if you put and keep them first, you will succeed more than if you put yourself and your personal goals first. Always consider your families wants and desires into your goals. There is a happy medium in offline life and online marketing. That silver lining is always there, lurking under those negative circumstances. Don’t be afraid to look for it.

Thanks for reading. I am sure that I am not alone in my frustrations. Hopefully my story will inspire you to continue on your quest as an online entrepreneur. Nobody ever said it would be easy, but the rewards are great if you stick with it, and include it as a part of your life… not make it your life!

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6 Responses to “Offline Life vs. Online Marketing”

  1. drjon, Renegade Doc says:

    I love that you are so real and so open! And it is OK to grieve – do so deeply and completely!
    I’ll for sure check out your site – but not for the upgrade; sounds like a tool I need. The fact that you are real and approachable makes it real as well.

    Thank you for you!

  2. Chuck says:

    We have several members of our community who have been using effective On-line Marketing system
    to direct sell their BOOKS, along with the normal channels.

  3. Hipriestess4u says:

    I stopped by to read your blog. I only blogged to write short stories and Now have authored 3 books. I’m only into online marketing to see if I could use it to sell my novels. here’s my newest novel, stop by and leave a comment,

  4. DianeStephenson says:


    Keep up the good work! I can understand your frustrations and your temptation to give up – they have come to me, too. But I am determined to keep going no matter what. I might slow down sometimes, I might get side-tracked sometimes with a less-than-wise decision or move, I might fail from time to time, but I’m not a failure until I believe that I am, so I continue on this road towards success trusting that things will get better and the dark times will become light. I have had to make some changes that I would never have chosen in other circumstances, but they have also had their silver lining and I’m not sorry I made them.

    I commend you for your flexibility and for putting your family’s needs before your own. I wish you great success in your business and for golden sunshine to follow the silver-lined clouds.

  5. Chuck says:

    So good to hear form you again, David.
    I really appreciate your Candor in presenting this Post.
    It bring the reality of being in business HOME.
    Too many web-o-philes are under the false impression that being “in Business”, especially On-line Business, ids Duck soup!
    Heck just need to pay a lot of money, get a Adsense rich site and the money just flows….
    I understand the time commitment marketers such as yourself must dedicate and when The Reality of Life rears its head, our Plans must be modified.
    I found very exciting to hear that your new schedule opened up the fantastic OFF-LINE opportunities available for ON-LINE mavens.
    Continued success, my friend, to You and Your Lovely Wife

  6. MKWeb says:

    Keep pluggin along DA,
    You have probably heard the old sayings, “It’s always darkest just before the dawn” or hundreds like that. They all come down to the basic belief that through faith and inner strength, we can do what we desire. As long as the desire is fueled with knowledge and action.
    I do the same thing with my goals too. Post-it notes and task list are in front of me whenever I sit down at the computer so I can have a clear picture of what I want to get done. As a task gets completed, I move the post-it over to the other side of the desk and at the end of the week, you would be surprised how big of a stack you can wind up with!

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