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Relationship Skills Build Strong Businesses Not Just Superstar Sales Skills

Relationship Skills Build Strong Businesses Not Just Superstar Sales Skills

Relationships are the core of successful network marketing.It is true that sales produce the profits that we need. The MLM, multi level marketing and network marketing heavy hitters may tell you there are two important things YOU MUST learn to recruit, recruit and go recruit . They will also tell you that you must learn to sell, sell, and go sell. While it is true that MLM and network marketing systems rely on distributors and products. We are in the people business. Yes there I said it the people business.

Real success comes from understanding and developing relationships with people.

The heavy hitters that are able to recruit and sell massive amounts of products make you think that you should be able to replicate that. It makes you think that is the key to their success. The facts are that 90 percent of people will not be able to replicate the heavy hitters results, but can take the steps to build a large successful organization themselves by building relationships.

The facts are that any huge project in the real world, lets take a suspension bridge for an example, and no large networking business is built by one person. It takes a team of engineers, architects, fabricators, inspectors, laborers, and skilled workers to build a suspension bridge. It takes team work, people from many different walks of life and experience level. This is true of a suspension bridge and it is true of a large successful network marketing business. No one super duper iron worker has built an entire suspension bridge, and no super duper marketer has built an entire organization by themselves. The truth is it takes many people united in purpose to build any massive project whether it is a construction project or a network marketing business.
The best bridge construction teams and the best network marketing businesses work together! To work together they must have a plan, they must agree and work towards the plan together. The key of either of these scenarios is working together. To effectively work together we must have strong relationships. The most effective and profitable building and networking teams have good relationships, good communication and are a team.

It is important to have great products at a fair price. It is important to sell these products, to have a customer base for your companies products. The best most long lasting customers are ones that know and trust you. Customers that have a relationship are dedicated and loyal customers.
It is important to recruit distributors, business affiliates who will work with the team vision and goal to build a large, formidable network marketing business. The best business affiliates in your organization are the ones you have a strong relationship with.

For great information that is of no cost please join our Mentoring For Free site and use the endless resources to build once, build solid and build it right by helping others…
This has been powerful for me and I think you will learn from it also.
There are no businesses or products mentioned in any training or call!

If you have been told that your mlm and or network marketing business is a sales business, please check again because the strongest networks are ones that have strong ties. The trust and loyalty that only comes by building a relationship and spending the time it takes to help people. If you have not investigated the cooperative marketing model that is unique to TriVita you will want to, yet still it is about building relationships not just recruiting or not just sales..

Build your business by building relationships with great people and you will have a successful business every time! Build People and People will build your business..

8 Responses to “Relationship Skills Build Strong Businesses Not Just Superstar Sales Skills”

  1. Chuck Bartok says:

    A business has difficulty with staying power with out impeccable customer service, Thanks for your input CAE

  2. CAE says:

    that was spot on! customer relationship goes a long way into boosting a business.

  3. Chuck says:

    So good to hear from you Agnes.
    It has been a long time.
    Call anytime with questions
    and let’s share ideas

  4. Agnes Saam says:

    Hello Chuck, my dear friend I stump-led on your blog and this website, hope your doing well. I been learning so much in the past 5 months how to promote myself and products, still learning on word press and many other things. You have some great info here for me to learn.

    take care,

  5. Travel Offers says:

    Hi I love this comment and it was so fabulous and I am definitely going to bookmark it. One thing to say the In depth analysis you have done is greatly remarkable.No one goes that extra mile these days? Bravo! Just another tip you can get a Translator for your Worldwide Audience !

  6. Shondra Salvatori says:

    Having been simply browsing for pertinent blog content with regard to a project research and I happened to stumble upon yours. Thanks for the valuable material!

  7. Chuck says:

    Thank you Ken for the clear description of the importance of building relationships in all forms of Marketing, but especially True in Network Marketing.
    Regardless the product or business Venue, most sales are made because the purchaser has a sense of relationship with the “seller”
    I don’t have a relationship with the owner of our Local Supermarket Chain, but I choose to shop at the location that “makes me feel important”. The employees exude a sense of CARING about the customer.
    Interesting also, the prices are not always the lowest. If I am going to part with my money for good and services I want to know I am appreciated

  8. Mark "MKWeb" says:

    You hit that nail right on the head Mr. Ken!
    People will buy more from people that know what the issues are they deal with, not companies or Conglomerates.
    When you build a relationship with your customers, you have a pretty good idea of what their concerns are and how to take better care of them.
    Providing “Solutions” brings more value to the table than any amount of “Blasting” ads and emails ever could (not to mention repeat customers).


  1. Chuck Bartok - Relationship Skills Build Strong Businesses Not Just Superstar Sales Skills Great post by @mrken777
  2. Ken Kinstle - RT @MKWeb: Relationship Skills Build Strong Businesses Not Just Superstar Sales Skills @MrKen777 nails it here

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