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Seeking Buried Treasure, Christmas Season and Business Building

Seeking Buried Treasure, Christmas Season and Business Building

OK, you ask, “What is the relevancy of that long-tailed headline?” and what does it have to do with Business Building?”  Read further..

The world really is about Relationships, Sharing, and Prospering

Earlier this morning, December 20th,  Shirley and I were invited to our oldest son’s Church for Services in Orland, California. It was a pleasure to return to our “hometown for the past 30 years and see so many neighbors and old friends.

The enthusiastic music and  singing was led by the retired Police Chief, Bob Pasero, and he then conducted the Sermon.  Bob and I go back a few years.  He encouraged me to join the Glenn County Sheriffs Posse almost 30 years ago and I have always appreciated the honor to serve our Community and share the love and respect of the Horse with so many young people.

Bob has always been a fantastic “Story Teller” and his Sermon…Seeking StageCoachRobbery3-1911-locthe Buried Treasure was a real GEM. He spun tales of all of the REAL buried treasure and lost mines right here in beautiful Northern California, The loot from Stage robberies and “lost Mines”, today worth 100’s of millions of dollars,  has still not been found!

Telling a good story has always been one of the Key Skills of a Professional Marketer and Bob’s long time Law Enforcement career and Ministerial duties allowed him to become a Master marketer…

What! Am I being blasphemous!


The legend told from the pulpit spun right into the fact that although Man spends so much Time dreaming of finding the Buried Treasure’s, The REAL Treasure of Life is looking back to him in the Mirror.

LifestreasuresYes, when we realizes from WHOM we came and that we possess the power of thought, the maps to the Hidden Treasure of a Full Rich and Rewarding Life are unfolded before our eyes.  And all it takes to Achieve our Dreams is the application of honest effort and follow the TIME-Tested Plan of Action.

It is during this Season of Giving, known as Christmas in Christian Circles, that we become aware how much WE have to Give..

And it does not need to be material goods,  giving of yourself, your ideas, your beliefs, your convictions, and most important, YOUR LOVE for fellow Man can bestow on your Community and Family the Greatest Gift of ALL.

Where could this world be if, for the next year,  mankind DAILY set into motion the spirit of GIVING from the heart 365 days and longer?

Now for the CLOSE…

How does this lesson apply to those also seeking the FREEDOM and Joy of the Self-directed life of an Entrepreneur?

Make it a Habit daily:

  • Express Gratitude to all for what you have
  • Share, not force,  your Beliefs openly
  • Improve your Storytelling skills..with integrity
  • Apply Massive Action to the Life Plan YOU have drawn
  • Be Excited
  • Learn to say Please and Thank you

And the Buried Treasure, the Hidden treasure of peace and prosperity will unfold.

I’ll be back to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas Season

14 Responses to “Seeking Buried Treasure, Christmas Season and Business Building”

  1. Chuck says:

    Brilliant Statement John…
    Here is a copy of a favorite Book
    discussing the same thing
    Acres of Diamonds

  2. John Guanzon says:

    Great post Chuck, it’s very important to always remember that the gold that we try to mine often lies within, reason many come back empty handed when they go “out” to find it. 😉

  3. Ken Kinstle says:

    Thanks Chuck for your wisdom. I always have enjoined our talks and am always inspired by our chats and your insights.
    It is indeed life changing to embrace and practice the habits you outlined..
    The hardest may be to practice story telling with integrity LOL..
    A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all!

  4. Brad and Lori Pollina says:

    Hello everyone from snowy Chicago, IL where we’re spending time with Brad’s parents. We just finished watching a wonderful Hallmark Christmas movie. It’s main theme was stop spending tons of $$ on people you barely know and really just ENJOY the season with loved ones! That’s what we’re doing this year — my parents just invited the immediate family this year and we’re keeping things simple! Merry CHRISTmas to everyone!

    Brad and Lori Pollina
    “TO God Be the Glory!”

  5. Chuck says:

    Thank you son..
    My children have always been an inspiration to me.
    There are so many wonderful stories to tell about watching and helping you
    your brother and sister grow to the Sharing and caring adults you are

  6. Mark "MKWeb" says:

    Story telling used to be about the only way people would be able to know the history of their family. In the native American culture, the story teller was in fact the historian of the tribe. While there was no written language, the story teller did have either a story-pole or shield with various images carved or painted on them to allow them to remember important things that happened to the tribe. The year of good or bad hunting, the time they saw an albino buffalo, when the bear came into the village. All of these were added to the shield or pole through images much like we, as internet marketers, are doing with our websites.
    We add graphics for our headers and products because an image, whether real or imagined through our conscience while listening to a story, remains with us long after the words have stopped echoing in our ears.
    Graphics and images are important in today’s world just as they were hundreds of years ago. The ‘treasure map’ may have been words put to paper in the form of graphics. That is exactly what the weekly webcasts are, words put to pictures that make it easier to remember and follow.
    Great post Chuck and for everyone that reads this Blog Merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year!

  7. Jonathan Bartok says:

    Dad, Great job and a great story you always have a good way of putting things into perspective. Thank you for the knowledge you share and always keeping us looking forward to goals, life, and most importantly Love and our dreams…

  8. Chuck says:

    Kathy and Diane..
    I am honored with your comments. The world should know what great stories the two of you have to spin. I know Diane’s New Book will be Released soon. Can’t wait. And Kathy, we would be honored to have you join us on our Webinar Series.
    May you and all around you enjoy and share in the Season of Giving our greatest asset..Love

  9. Diane Stephenson says:

    Great post, Chuck. Your Daily Habit suggestions are powerful tools for searching out that hidden treasure. We each have treasures hidden within ourselves, but there are also many hidden treasures in the world around us. It’s our responsibility to find the treasure map and follow it to the end.

  10. Kathy Clark says:

    Hi Chuck,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story with us. We all love to hear a story, it captures our imagination and stirs our soul if told properly. You are one of the best Story Tellers I know. God Bless you and Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday Season.

  11. BradParler says:

    Very great points made here – when we decided to truly live for others (not to please self alone) we make choices differently than ever before!

    I love to listen to masterful storytellers one of my favorite sources for this it (live – true stories – told without any notes) they have a free podcast that releases every Monday.

    Also – when I was a Youth Minister I learned that excitement breads excitement!

  12. Chuck says:

    I appreciate your comment Joseph. You also a re a great Spinner of Yarns and

    I am very impressed with your Advertising Exchange with a Twist. I love the emphasis of Giving
    Readers should visit and join in the Fun at
    Forever Concepts

  13. Joseph Riley says:

    What a wonderful post, I’ve always loved the gifts of knowledge, wonder and enlightenment that the story tellers share with the world. Everybody has an abundance of gifts to share, a smile, knowledge, kind words a helping hand. Thank you Chuck

  14. Buckaroojohn says:

    Awesome post Chuck! Thanks for shareing with us. Always live by Give more Get more…. Heres a interesting story on my blog of Xmas in the 1800s on the praire. A simple life not based on material things…


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