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Steps to Build MLM Marketing Success

Steps to Build MLM Marketing Success

We have not spent much

time on this

Business Building Blog

talking about MLM

Marketing Success

MLM Marketing has actually seen

an upsurge during these challenged

economic times and the pool of

mature work force seeking

supplemental or full time income.

A problem that many MLM Marketing
aspirants find when using the Internet
is they Lack a position of Authority and Recognition,

What do you think about that, sound reasonable?

We know the public typically chooses to BUY from those they know and trust and the Internet and Social media Tools allow many to gain that recognition quickly IF they are willing to invest Time and Energy and a small bit of capital. I have found one of the “quickest ” and surest way to OWN the Authority and recognition is to Create and Maintain a BLOG.

Experience has shown me that a self-hosted WordPress System has proved most effective.

An eager MLM Marketing developer can create enthusiasm and demonstrate Leadership qualities with a Blog focused on the “How to Build” and updates of the product need and quality. We discussed this concept in detail on our weekly Podcast Talk Show, You Can Build It, Business frrm Scatch

The following are two episodes of those Podcasts on setting up an

MLM Marketing Blog:

June 1, 2011


June 6, 2011

Many of our readers have found a real benefit in setting up one of our Networked Blog systems and enjoy the benefits of troves of Fresh Content through the Network and appreciate the quick high rankings and Search Engine Authority.
An MLM Marketer can benefit from this system and encourage their “associates” to also have a blog within the network and REALLY capture Internet Authority and dominate Search.

However, NOTHING beats face to face contact with phoning number 2. Blogging however CAN help in rounding  quality prospects if the engagement is don correctly.

Want to learn more how to expand your market?


5 Responses to “Steps to Build MLM Marketing Success”

  1. Hello Chuck,

    Sorry to say this but I wasn’t aware about MLM Marketing. I didn’t hear about it! I do appreciate your work to share this such a nice article to make clear understand about MLM Marketing 🙂

  2. Chuck says:

    Appreciate your comment.
    Your Business is growing in the right direction.
    Thank you for your support

  3. Curt Bizelli says:

    Hey Chuck, just checking out my links from my blog. I see you’re still up and running, doing great things. I agree that having a leadership position on the internet will ultimately help your online business. Most people sign up for “an opportunity” and think they are going to have ultimate success by just spamming their links like crazy. I “was” one of these. I’ve come a long way over the past 3 years and now getting a “signup” is no longer a priority. Instead, its building a genuine & authentic relationships with people like you. Thanks for all the great value you’re spreading around the world, Chuck. Stop by or get in touch sometime.

  4. Chuck says:

    I agree Mark,
    But all entering MLM need to remember that the solid Business Foundation for SELF is still required to enjoy a smoother Journey,
    many feel the Company and Upline will take care of the Mundane.

    This You Tube Video Might be helpful
    Sifting Through Marketing BS

  5. MKWeb says:

    More and More well-heeled mature members of society are starting to see the power of MLM as a method to add to their ‘bottom-line’.
    When even Walmart starts up an affiliate program, you have to see the power of the multi-level marketing system.
    Many people automatically associate MLM with Ponzi schemes of those ‘Fake it Till You Make It’ scams, but it is a viable (and VERY powerful) business model when done correctly and not created on a premise that cannot sustain itself (like the pyramid schemes where only the first few ‘levels’ actually make any money before the company goes broke).

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