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Use Tools that Best Fit the Job while Building Your Business

Use Tools that Best Fit the Job while Building Your Business

Right ToolsI was a Skilled tradesman for 30 years,  and during my time working as a wood and metal pattern maker for the foundry or cast-able products industry I found that you can build a pattern more than one way ,

For example If  a blueprint were to be place in front of  five different craftsman I know that the job would get done.  Five  patterns would be made and for the most part using the same tools.  However, the techniques used by each craftsman would most definitely be different

Same Goes for:

  • laying a roof
  • Machining a piece of steel, brass or aluminium
  • Building a house

Fact is:   It  is  the same for business building .

There are many tools to be used and each have a proper use . The hammer and saw to a Carpenter would be the same as a computer to a Internet based network marketer.  A nail or screw or some type of fastener.  Could be the same as a auto responder is used to keep your contacts together .

We all have tools that are needed.  They are used to make our job easier.  So use the proper tool and make sure you take the time to learn how to use it correctly .

An example that I would run into quite often would be . A new person in the shop would make a statement that they knew how to operate a industrial table saw. Knowing in their mind that they didn’t know how to do it,  however felt that if they were to tell the truth about it they may be looked down upon , so they would proceed with apprehension to the saw.

Look it over to find the on off switch, in finding the switch turn on the saw  . Confused as to how to hold the piece of wood, they would timidly place it onto the table of the saw. That is the point that I personally would step in and ask the question again.

Question re-stated: Do you know how to use this saw?  Now that they fully see the potential of removing a finger or hand to the power of this 14 inch spinning  blade with 120 teeth on it that are eagerly awaiting ripping something apart the new operator would reevaluate their personal knowledge.

And would say no I truly don’t know how to use this properly.  I then would give them a training lesson on how to use it.  Or if I didn’t have the time I would assign someone to train this person.  And the job would get done .

Now if that person were to have asked for the training in the beginning, we would have save time in getting the job done.  Also it would have allowed the person watching over to be at ease in knowing that their trainee does know what they are doing and allow for a relief in sending them onto their next assignment .

We have all heard the saying learn to walk before you learn to run . Utilize the Trainers around you as in to help in making the right tool choice and how to use it correctly and your Business and Life will grow.

There are no better people to learn from than those that have been there, They have studied the systems and know that the systems change on a daily basis and as a mastermind keep in tune with the changing social networking media to help keep you informed.

Lets all save marketing time,  and work together.

The Webinar Series is INTERACTIVE

Sam Camerano
Pattern maker/Entrepreneur

6 Responses to “Use Tools that Best Fit the Job while Building Your Business”

  1. Chuck says:

    Thanks for your comment David,
    One thing I have observed is many fail to take the time to Write It down also.
    The combination of Thinking and Writing seem to produce more results.
    Your thoughts and experiences?

  2. David says:

    The phrase ‘use the proper tool and make sure you take the time to learn how to use it correctly,’ is brilliant. Whether you’re talking about a literal tool used in construction, a paint brush or a computer used in an office, the most efficent way to receive a positive result in anything, I believe, is to head toward your objective in a prepared state!

  3. Bill Beavers Dog Crates says:

    Interesting post for sure. I can always be sure to find new info presented in original writing here on this blog. I need to spend more time hanging with you folks.

    It’s one thing to know you don’t know but, the scary thing is when you don’t know what you don’t know. Make sense. Hope so. Thanks for the great info.

  4. drjon says:

    Thanks, Sam, for bringing this concept of “coachability” to our attention.
    We learned a simple but profound formula in massage therapy school:

    How much you can learn is
    Percentage teachability x Percentage coachability

    Looks the same, but is not. One is how well/able/motivated to learn you are, the other is how willing you are to let someone else teach you.

    This is profound because the ideal is “1” or “100%” and the only way you can get there is to be 100% in each category. Even 90% in each category will result in an 81% ability to actually learn.

    This kind of puts it all out on the line and makes one really examine themselves!

    I love this environment where I can be open to being taught and coached without fearing ridicule, criticism or being made to feel stupid.


  5. Patricia Reszetylo says:

    Wow – that’s very visual!
    Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know, but I guess that’s when we get into overwhelm.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Chuck says:

    I was struck by your description of person being introduced to Table Saw use and nodding in agreement to Understanding.

    The consequences can be Dire as your personal experience proved.

    One of the REAL Powers Man is bestowed with is his ABILITY to Ask, Seek, and Learn anew.

    If we could just throw off the mantle of EGO and learn to be honest within and outwardly, learn to Ask and LISTEN with Honesty, Business would explode.

    Our Webinar series is Interactive and we encourage all participant to Acknowledge New information before moving on…

    There are no Silly Questions

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