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What Social Sites are NOT

What Social Sites are NOT

Over the years I have had my share of ups and downs in my personal and business use of social networking sites, as I feel that most honest people would confess that some after registering my account I just didn’t come back.  There’s a multitude of great networks out there and you can find an audience on all of them and go crazy as you try to manage your workload and build a sustainable work flow of using all of these sites.

Over all I feel that most people who are trying to market a good or a service using Social Media & Networks forget these two  main things that Social Everything is NOT meant to be. I also understand that I’m going to be wrong in the eyes of many – and ask you reading this, tell me why and how Social Networks, Media, Site or Whatever are these things.

Social sites are your place to

Yell as Loud as You Can.

Shouting not NeededYes, social sites are a great way to broadcast your message to a wide audience very efficiently that does not mean it will be effective or actually reach the targeted audience you desire. Yelling into an empty room regardless of how eloquently you do such is still going out on to an empty room.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to speak to a nearly empty room with the same zeal and passion that you practiced in your head to have the wind sucked out of you when only crickets and empty chairs face you.  (It requires great amounts of guts to do such – trust me as a former youth pastor I know all too well.)

I would submit to you that Social sites are where the true test of a brand, business, or organizations listening skills should really be used.  In doing such you can really find the targeted leads and contacts that will spread your ideas for you.  Allowing your audience to yell for you in the spread of your ideas and having them become so deeply a part of the DNA that is your brand is both scary and organically beautiful.    Social sites are where you should Listen as deeply as possible to your target audience’s pain points, what makes them stay up late at night, what causes them to not buy from you, or come back to use your product again?

Social sites are your place to Spam

The lines of what is spam are blurring as we move deeper into an era of permission marketing and opt-in everything.  You need to understand the critical flaw of people who have given you permission to market to them, you ready as it’s really deep.

They can and will change their mind, when you are off-topic or irrelevant

As the consumer (the one who has given permission) holds all the cards, weNo Spam the marketers will have to understand that what we give them has to be absolutely focused and relevant to what they are expecting or we will loose every time!  We (the marketers) have to capture every opportunity to interact with our audience, social sites are not the space to but in and push our marketing message, but to foster a conversation with them.  For the brands and businesses that can figure out that intruption is no longer allowed – they will win huge on social sites.  The “I made you look” billboards of yesterday – are dead and sun bleached!  (Man I cannot stand those stupid things — yes you make me look, and now I’ll never pay attention to you as you forced my attention!)

If you can avoid treating Social Sites like this – You Win!

The saddest part of people who are just putting their business online and start to use sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – etc, is to see them doing the above – it’s good to get yourself out there and in the faces of everyone – but make sure that they will like you after they run aground of your messages!  And please don’t, for the love of God and Country please don’t use Social Media to point out your Traditional Marketing.  I’m on Facebook – I know that the new phone books are coming out, but I’m not going to look you up just to see your need advert!

I know that there are more Social Site blunders that have been accosted to the public – what’s your favorite!?

11 Responses to “What Social Sites are NOT”

  1. Chuck says:

    I have sold a lot of High end “widgets” through the contacts developed through correct
    Social Networking and knowing HOW TO find the prospects.
    Brad is genius at that side

  2. Chuck says:

    Brad, my experiences have proved to be the same.
    Social Networking is a way to MEET and establish real relationships with potential customers/clients
    regardless the product.
    I believe the secret is knowing HOW TO effectively use this valuable asset, and so many refuse to take the time and Energy to Learn

  3. Brad Parler says:

    Greg, I respectfully disagree – I’ve moved from selling my personal services (SEO / Web Design etc) to selling very high end widgets (AV & Broadcast supplies – ranging from $100 home movie cameras all the way to $60,000+ camera that are used at major news networks).

    In the past 5 weeks my social media efforts resulted in $28,770.00 in gross sales on ONE product alone! Believe me it’s not about what it IS, it’s HOW you use it.

  4. Greg Cryns says:

    I think a lot depends on what your business IS.

    If you sell widgets, I’m not at all sure social networking is the right path.

  5. Brad Parler says:

    Actually, social media is a very great place for business! It’s driven my sales for the last 5 – 6 months!

    My goal for the post was to show / rant about what most people are on Social Media sites.

    I guess I should write a followup, “What / How you should use Social Sites FOR!”

  6. Greg Cryns says:

    Let’s be honest here.

    Social site suck for most businesses.

    In my opinion, of course. 🙂

  7. Curt Bizelli says:

    Hi Chuck, Thanks for the kind reminder. I completely agree with you in regards to this article/blog post about attraction marketing (I would call it). As I pointed out on my own blog“once”, There are two business men that walk into a large ballroom party of about 500 people. The first man immediately begins yelling out, “You need to do business with me” while the second man has already walked around shook hands with everybody, AND is in the BACKROOM discussing a million dollar deal. AHA! That 2nd man is you and me! Isn’t it great? God Bless, Chuck! Curt Bizelli

  8. Chuck Bartok says:

    Thanks Brad for this Post.
    The “rules of Engagement” in social media Networking are the same as all Rules of Business Engagement.
    I think the reason we see so much abuse and ineffectiveness is because the On-line marketers are constantly putting the Cart before the Horse.
    Before they write the Check and follow a “replicated Advertising system”, they should take the Time and Energy to clearly define their Plan of action and learn the Skills of effective Marketing.
    Everyone CAN succeed, if they follow the Time tested systems….
    And using those systems correctly increases the speed of the Success Process.
    Just Ask Buckaroo John at

  9. Brad Pollina says:

    Awesome name! 🙂 Awesome article. I couldn’t agree more! Keep it comin’!

  10. BradParler says:

    Your right on the money there John!

  11. BuckarooJohn says:

    Great Points here Brad, hit em hard and often, often, often…
    Must create posts to engage interaction. fun, interesting, etc…
    checkout our facebook page, It has become my best avenue for time & money spent..


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  2. Brad Parler - "What Social Sites are NOT" would love your thoughts on this. (pls RT)

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