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When You Build Your Business, Think Hard, and Create a System

When You Build Your Business, Think Hard, and Create a System

I loved building my business, so much so that I feel as though I could build businesses forever.

Denise McNerney

Denise McNerney

My name is Denise McNerney and I have a web design business and operate out of Australia. I built my business called Real Internet Business Solutions in 9 weeks after following the advice of my mentor.

I don’t like running the business or the marketing side of things much, so for this post I will only be talking about taking your idea and creating the system.

When we start out with an idea, our thoughts are all over the place, there are so many parts to the idea that it almost seems eratic and confusing. How on earth are we going to take that idea and make it into a constructive business that works.

I like to start with a whiteboard and write the idea down. The things that go on the whiteboard are the brainstorming of the idea, then we also write down all the things that we don’t like about the idea. If we also focus on the don’t like items then the final system will run a lot more smoothly because you will be doing only the things that you like.

Not all of your brainstorming ideas will come through immediately. Your brain will keep working on it overnight and you will have a few more ideas to add to the list for the next day or two. It also helps to Mastermind with your Alliance

The reason I use a whiteboard is because I can walk around the house and glance at the whiteboard when I walk by and come up with new ideas, or find issues within the existing idea. Make these changes to your whiteboard as soon as you notice them.

On day four start to categorise the ideas into sections. First we look at what the customer actually wants and does your idea match the market. There is no point in building a system that will not sell.

Start writing down everything that the customer wants and add that to the whiteboard. Leave it for another day for the ideas to come through.

Ok, day six, now we start matching the original idea with what the customer wants so that a system is created.

This part will be relying heavily on your existing knowledge. That means that you need to remember ‘YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THIS’ and ‘YOU HAVE ENOUGH INFORMATION IN YOUR HEAD NOW’. You don’t need to rely on anyone else at this stage. You know what the system is, combined with your idea, and with the market match as to what the customer wants.

You especially need to be confident and believe in yourself through this stage. You know enough about your own system to not have to rely on anyone else, believe in yourself or else!

Once the idea is complete you have ended up with a framework that has been created into a system.

At this stage I then apply two more questions. 1) Logic, and 2) Emotion.
Logical Questions

  • Is your system a sensible business idea?
  • Does the system have a high probability of being successful?

Emotional Questions

  • Now that you have created the system do you still like your original idea?
  • Given the amount of work involved, do you want to go ahead with the building the product around the system on your whiteboard?

You see, at the end of the day it needs to be of a sound business base, and you still need the enthusiasm to carry through the work that is involved in building the system. Its Ok to say no at this stage, at least you analysed it properly before coming to a conclusion.

But if is of a sound business idea, you still love it, there is a hungry market for your product and you have the enthusiasm and drive. You go for it! Don’t forget that there are monkeys on another island thinking up the same idea. Get in there before the other monkeys pinch your idea!

Good luck with your business building!

Denise McNerney

Focus Society Mastermind

8 Responses to “When You Build Your Business, Think Hard, and Create a System”

  1. magicofmakingupreview says:

    Hello there, simply become alert to your weblog through Google, and located that it’s truly informative. I’ll be grateful when you proceed this in future. Numerous other people can be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  2. Peyton Rivera says:

    Nowadays, you must be super creative to have a good business idea that works..“

  3. Denise-
    A great look into a logical thought process from conception of an idea to functional system. Some great points here for each of us to take note.

    Make it a great day!

  4. This makes total sense and it is presented in an understandable way. I do hope your business is doing well for you. Thanks so much for your ideas and input. All the best.

    Bill Beavers

  5. Ronel Spence says:

    Denise, It is great. You have captured it perfectly. When I started my business we talked about this concept of you all the time and you were really good at keeping me on track. You have a great ability to help people with action on ideas.
    You made it real to me!
    I love the idea you put forward:
    Best wishes.
    Bunbury Massage Therapies

  6. Diane Stephenson says:


    Enjoyed your post. Great info! I liked the statement:
    Its Ok to say no at this stage, at least you analyzed it properly before coming to a conclusion.

    Sometimes we have what seems like a great idea, but after leaving it for awhile it doesn’t look quite so good any more. Sometimes we don’t want to let it go so keep plodding along with it because we don’t want to admit it’s not right – at least for now. Maybe next year it will work. Maybe it’s best forgotten.
    We need to learn to let go of some things while we hold tenaciously to others – and to make sure what we keep is the right “stuff”.

  7. Brad Pollina says:

    Great Post, Denise. And welcome. Glad to have someone from the other end of the world! My best man in my wedding over 16+ years ago is a missionary to Papua New Guinea and is having his 2nd child soon in Australia (Karnes I believe he said). Nice to meet you!

  8. Chuck says:

    So good to hear from you Denise and your insights are always “spot on”. Congratulations on your NEW endeavor.

    I especially like the following:
    Logical Questions
    * Is your system and sensible business idea?
    * Does the system have a high probability of being successful?

    Even if we discuss with our Mastermind..
    It is the final decision of our “GUT feeling” and Belief in our self.

    I leave with the famous statement so popular with our Friend, Matt Geib..

    Don’t worry too much about getting it
    Just Get it Going

    A happy and prosperous 2010 to you and everyone


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