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Who is YCBI?

Who is You Can Build It and what it is all about?

Through the Business Building Communities of Beginners Marketing Class and the Focus Society Mastermind the membership though it would be a FUN and Rewarding project to collectively BUILD a Web based Business From Scratch through a series of Interactive  Webinars

The Principle Organizers are:

Chuck Bartok,
ChuckBartokA 50 year veteran of marketing and sales, plus involvement in the building and managing Businesses off -line. He has found a comfortable niche in helping others Create, Implement and Grow Their Business through One-on-One Coaching and Joint Venturing. He has only been on the Internet a few years and has found a following of Business builders who enjoy the personal contact in a Mastermind environment.Chuck office phone is 530-798-0245. leave a message and calls are returned within 4 hours

Read what a current Client has to say about Chuck’s expertise and drive for Success. Find out more about Chuck Bartok Here

John Brand here from Buckaroo Leather. As a small business owner for 30 years, I realize to continue to prosper and surpass competition, one must continually be open to New marketing Ideas… Mr. Chuck Bartok pointed me to other avenues of New Customer Acquisition, Communication and Follow Up by Integrating Social Networking on the Internet with the Traditional Marketing Tools… With Chuck’s suggestions and guidance, our Sales have Increased appreciably, better Profit margins and our Customer Base growing daily. Interested in doing the Same? I would Highly recommend at least the 1/2 Hour Free Business evaluation. Chuck Understands Retail, Manufacturing and Marketing all of the above by being involved in these areas for almost 50 years. Chuck combines old school work ethic with cutting edge marketing tools. He is a wealth of marketing and motivational information!

Mark ‘MKWeb’ Hultgren
Mark ‘MKWeb’ Hultgren is one of the “behind the scenes” techies that helps keep running smoothly. He also offers some outstanding bonuses to members of the community in areas of Hosting, Domain registration and Program or Product management through several of his websites. Mark currently owns and operates over 200 domains, several affiliate programs and membership sites along with managing the numerous Twitter and other Social Networking memberships of which he is an active member. An avid WordPress Blogging aficionado, MKWeb runs WordPress on almost all of his websites due to the ease and flexibility of the scripts that run WP.

Many people ask me why I do not use my first name more online and the reason is I have spent over five years building the ‘Brand’ of MKWeb and it can be found on every one of my websites. If you run a Search on Google, you will find I currently hold two of the top ten spots for that keyword. So will I change it? Probably not unless the search engines drop me off the front two pages ;-). There are several Mark Hultgren listings, but only a few MKWeb. Those who know who I am know my Brand, integrity and open willingness to help. That means more to me than having my name plastered all over the net.

Brad Parler   Creative Genius at Powered Production

With more than a decade of practical experience building, growing and maintaining web properties for clients that range from small home based businesses all the way to enterprise projects, Brad’s unique experience in design, and broadcast production coupled with his passion for internet culture yield a home run for any organization he works with.  He has a unique view of what websites can be, and knows just how to leverage powerful community projects like WordPress and other open source projects to fit any budget.  Brad Parler is the creative genius behind Powered Production, a Houston, Texas based media production company, focusing on offering a wide range of services and on-site training.

Brad’s personal branding often proceeds himself as “that guy with the mustache” to the point that the the Reddit Alien wore Brad’s Mustache for a day, the interaction and traffic generate from this placed Brad in the “The Inner Circles of 10 Geeks Heroes on Twitter” listed as #1 on Alexis Ohanian’s (Co-Founder of Inner Circle.