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Why Perfection is Your Worst Enemy in Internet Marketing

Why Perfection is Your Worst Enemy in Internet Marketing

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Matt Call PerfectionI want to thank Mark Coll for this post
I have always enjoyed a quote from Friend Matt Geib. “Don’t worry about getting it right, Just get it Going” and Matt’s post is right on that Thought

In some cases,  it’s good to try to seek perfection.

Let’s say you’re a doctor performing surgery.  It is your obligation to make sure that everything is as close to perfect as possible (after all someone’s life could depend on it).  However, in the business world, it is different.  The reason why is that how your products and service will impact the marketplace are virtually impossible to estimate, even if you’re an expert marketer.

A much better approach is just to put something out there — anything — and analyze the feedback you get from it.

In Internet marketing or even writing books, this is known as the “ready, fire, aim” approach.  I like to think of it like this — it’s easier to make decisions right after the fact than to make the right decisions.

Whatever you put out in the marketplace, you can always improve upon it later.  The first draft is always the worst.  That’s good news.  So you create a product that averages one sale a week.  Now you have feedback.  Tweak elements of your sales page, your marketing schemes and the value you offer, and see what happens.  Eventually, if you keep at it, you will find a way to make two sales a week.  Then four, then eight.  Eventually, through testing, you will find what works best.

One of the quickest ways to make money in Internet marketing is to create a product and sell it to a hungry crowd.

However, many people never ever create a product, even though they know that this is one of the best methods to making money on the Internet.  The reason why is because they spend too much time perfecting their product, instead of simply finishing it and putting it out there.  You cannot make money on a product that is not for sale.  However, you can make money even on a product that is only 70% perfect if it is for sale.

For example, let’s say you release a product and there is, god forbid, spelling errors in it.  Your business is not going to come crumbling down.  Simply correct the spelling mistakes, and then upload the new product.  Problem solved.

When it comes to getting an operation by a surgeon, the patient is very unforgiving of mistakes.  However, the marketplace is extremely unforgiving of mistakes.  Forget about perfection — just make it good enough, get it out there, and then improve on it based on the feedback you get from the marketplace.

The most IMPORTANT thing is DOING!


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This Article is being published with permission from the author – Mark Call.
Mark Call is a Full Time Internet Marketing Coach, Author & Motivational
Speaker. He specializes in Home Business and Work From Home Mentoring.

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11 Responses to “Why Perfection is Your Worst Enemy in Internet Marketing”

  1. Chuck Bartok says:

    Appreciate your comment Veronica. You site is awesome. Nice job and we are sure your coaching business is thriving

  2. online business coach says:

    Thanks Mark for this awesome article. I really enjoy reading it

  3. Chuck says:

    Appreciate your comment, LeRoy.
    Would have rather seen your name instead of “Pinterest Mass Follower”
    We all know the power of blog commenting the proper way and most will follow links of those commenting, but over the decades I gave always found it more rewarding to have MY Name in front of material.
    Your thoughts?

  4. Pinterest mass follower says:

    Marketing is an essential component for product proliferation and adoption across the targeted audience. Conventional marketing strategies have always been associated with a hefty budget and market research requirements. As the world is becoming smarter and more efficient people across the globe have started realizing the benefits of Internet Marketing. Internet has been able to penetrate all parts of the globe. Businesses and humans are not limited to a particular geography and all corners of the world are facilitating from the ease and use of Internet marketing initiatives.

  5. wbeckett says:

    Sometimes those mistakes can give you an opportunity to make points. Once we shipped to several distant stores and the product had to be relabelled. Fast reaction and personal attention to each store manager’s position, resolved the problem and impressed upper management which secured us the account.

  6. DA Riley says:

    Well, this is very re-assuring. I sometimes thought I was impatient in releasing or announcing products and services.

    I am always seeking feedback allowing for improvement… and since I consider myself of being incapable of being perfect I am always doing improvements 🙂


  7. Dave Riebe says:

    In internet marketing,constant testing is the key to higher conversion rates.The more you refine your marketing pieces the better.Always find what works and then retest endlessly.Matt,your right,we must keep our egos in check.

  8. Mattgeib says:

    Hey Chuck!

    I have found at least for me ‘Perfection’ is a trait of the fearful and those with ego issues. I know I had them as well!…LOL.
    Just like a child you gotta Love to put it out for the world to see…LOL. I am laughing as I write this as my 3 yr. old Granddaughter has discovered coloring. She is constantly and Proudly showing us her work…
    she is proud of her work and overjoyed to share it!…
    It is too bad many adults have lost this child-like trait!…
    doesn’t matter if it even Bombs big time at least you applied action, learned something and will be Better the Next time around for having taken the chance

    Matt Geib, The Great

  9. Chuck says:

    I am glad you mentioned conversion rates, Mark.
    If everyone would take the time to understand the NUMBERS, they may not be discouraged.

    There are too many ads and “GURU” chat that would lead one to believe conversions are close to 100%.
    All marketing is a factor of numbers and the Statistics have held for Years.
    A simple consistent MASSIVE action plan of telling your story to the Target that wants to HEAR will assure success.

  10. Dave Riebe says:

    If you work for someone else then you are basically putting your future in their hands.You lose control over your life whether you realize it or not.

  11. Dave Riebe says:

    Great advice,if you spend to much time thinking without taking action then nothing happens.Don`t suffer from the analysis of paralysis.

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